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When going on vacation, there are a lot of essentials for your adventures that you don’t want to leave home without. But there are also quite a few things you shouldn’t bring with you, either.


For instance, leave your good jewelry at home. Themed vacations are a great time to break out the costume jewelry. It can be cheap and is still nice to look at.


But it shouldn’t be too nice to look at because vacationers are tempting targets for muggers and pickpockets. A thief hardly needs much talent to yank a necklace and run. Leave it behind.


Also, if you own more than one tablet or laptop, consider bringing the less expensive one. Even if you’re not worried about theft, there’s the likelihood of damaging a device while going through airport security, sliding it in and out of a carrying case, and so on.


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Experienced travelers also know that you should probably leave the expensive photography gear behind too. Due to the resale value of camera equipment, it is a very tempting target for thieves.


Expensive photography equipment also immediately identifies you as a wealthy vacationer. Even if they don’t take the camera, they will have you in their sights as a fat pigeon waiting to be plucked. 


And unless you’re a professional photographer (and, in some cases, even if you are one), you can get better than great photos from your smartphone. If you don’t believe us, try a Google image search for “amazing iPhone photos.”


Another pro-tip is that, if your phone happens to be an iPhone, put it in a case that makes it hard to identify. The iPhone is more likely to be targeted by thieves than Android phones. 


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Essentials for Your Adventures


As you can see, there are many things you will want to leave behind. However, there are essentials for your adventures that you don’t want to find yourself without.


Vitamins and Supplements


A few glorious days from home is a lot less glorious without your meds. And your med bag is not complete without your custom supplements.


You already went through the process of filling out the questionnaire and tailoring your supplement mix to your specific needs.


You probably even have a monthly delivery schedule to make sure you don’t have to go even a day without them because you remember how yucky you felt before you started taking vitamins regularly.


So be sure to take all those prescriptions and supplements with you when you are packing for your trip. 


There are also other things that are easy to forget such as hearing aid batteries. It is no shame to have to use hearing aids. That’s a natural part of life.


What is less natural are hearing aids with dead batteries because you forgot to pack extras.


If it is going to be a very active vacation, be sure to bring a few first aid supplies. Don’t count on the hotel or theme park to have your favorite bandages and sterilizing solution.


You don’t need the whole medicine cabinet with you. But you do need to bring the appropriate essentials for your adventures, including your vitamins and supplements.


Marvel Universe Live


Reservations for Special Events


If your plan is just to get to the hotel and discover the shows and special events that are on offer, you will be very disappointed. Those events like Marvel Universe Live will be sold out long before you arrive.


What you have to do is check the listings at the time you make your reservations and pre-purchase your tickets when you reserve your room.


Even if you could find tickets to the show, you will likely not be able to secure tickets for your whole family sitting together.


Attending a special event will be less fun for everyone if you are not together. That is one of the best reasons to plan ahead.


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You really need to take special precautions when carrying cash. For many trips, you shouldn’t bother carrying it at all.


But for themed adventures, half the fun is the vendors of treats and trinkets that can’t be purchased with Mastercard, or any other plastic. 


What you need is a wad of cash in small enough bills so that you can take out just what you need to pay. You never want to flash a Benjamin when all you need is a Lincoln.


Cash purchases are almost always emotional purchases. Honestly, no one needs cotton candy shaped like a superhero. But you really, really want it. And that is okay because you are on that kind of vacation.


You would be a supervillain not to get it. 


It surely goes without saying that you shouldn’t even think about leaving home without your sense of adventure


Along with that sense of adventure, be sure to bring your vitamins and supplements, your reservations to all the shows and excursions you want to enjoy, and enough cash in small bills to take advantage of all the serendipitous madness of a themed vacation.


Knowing what items are best to leave behind and what can be considered essentials for your adventures will help you make the most of your time away. 

Carissa Shuman

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