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Wedding Anniversary Ideas for the Hopeless Romantic

Thinking up wedding anniversary ideas can be tough. For every man and woman who either are married or about to get married, marriage is a beautiful yet complicated concept for them. A marriage holds two individuals under serious commitment irrespective of how long you have been together for. The couple vows on the marriage day to stay together through thick and think not just on the wedding day, however for eternity.


It is a one-day ceremony where people meet together and rejoice the special day of the couple. However, after that everyone gets caught up in their own daily life. This means that some may or may not have sufficient time to spend with their families or loved ones. As a married couple, it is important to spend quality time together. Over the years, there are a few special occasions that the couple can cherish together. One of them is wedding anniversary, especially the first one. There are numerous gifts and ideas that you can implement to make your better half feel special. However, it this hectic life, most people are looking to spend ‘more’ time with their loved ones.


Wedding Anniversary Ideas so You Can Spend Your Day Perfectly


Go To A Special Place


One of the things that every couple wants to do is go somewhere special where they can spend a day or night with each other. This could be anything such as the place where you first met or the place where you first kissed each other. Most couples prefer going to the chapel where they got married, while others love to go on a picnic to unwind and enjoy.


Relive Your First Date Ever


Every couple has a first date! You can spend your wedding anniversary by reliving your first date with your loved ones. Did you meet at a local fast food chain? At a park? Or a fancy restaurant? Try recreating the same memory on one of the most special days of your lives. In case you could not access the same place due to unknown reasons, try to come up with a plan that is closest to how your first date went. If you met at a local burger joint which is no longer accessible or you do not live in the same city anymore, go to another burger joint and cherish how long you have been together with your better half.


Go For A Vacation


Another good idea is couple vacations. It may be a long time since you both have taken a break or have gone on a vacation. If you are employed at a company, apply for a leave of few days or weeks and think of somewhere nice to go. It does not necessarily have to be a vacation where you have to break your bank. A quick weekend getaway would suffice the need as well. List down all the options that entice you and mention how much a trip would cost you in full.


Traditional gifts


In today’s digital era, people rarely give traditional gifts to their friends, family, or loved ones. Long gone are the days when men used to gift their wives discount coupons or flowers with chocolates. On this wedding anniversary, let’s go back in time and rejoice the years you have been together. Every cocghuple starts with an inexpensive gift – for men: flowers, movie tickets, flowers with a keepsake box, love letter, flowers with a note or jewelry while women used to gift fragrances or ticket to favorite sports. Think of something out of the box and come up with a gift that is not usually given these days.




Your wedding anniversary is one of those days where you and your partner reminisce the time you have spent together. Therefore, it deserves the extra love-and-care making it a day worth cherishing.

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