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Engagement Travel – 12 Ultimate Destinations To Pop The Question

Alright, guys and girls who want to pop the question, I’m talking to you. You’ve found the love of your life, your soulmate, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You have planned the perfect words to say when you get down on one knee, you’ve chosen the ring – if not you might want to start somewhere like Diamonds Factory or your local jewelers. The only thing left before popping the question is picking the best place to propose. No pressure. None at all.


Your engagement story will be shared for years to come among friends and family – strangers too! So if ever there was a time for you to up the romance factor and go all out, it’s now. To help you out, I have put together the ultimate destinations to propose where your partner most certainly will say, “yes!”


amazing places to get engaged a proposal they will say yes to


Here Are a Few Ideas for the Best Place to Propose 


Finding the best place to propose can be a challenge. It has to not only be a place you will remember, but it must be special for both of you. Of course, the act itself is special, but the scene in which forever begins must be EPIC!


Where you first met: This is a location that is close to the heart and will be one of the most romantic places to propose in, as it brings your relationship full circle. This is where your love story first began whether you knew it at the time or not, it was the first time you laid eyes on one another. To celebrate a new chapter in your life in the place it all began. You should incorporate details from the day you met and do a little recreation of your memory. Whatever and wherever this place maybe it will be perfect.


Venice, best places to propose


Venice: Nothing is more romantic than the show-stopping streets and canals of Venice. Book a gondola for you and your partner and glide along the beautiful Great Canal embracing the beauty of the city passing medieval villas, historic landmarks, and stunning mansions. Together you can sit back and relax while taking it all in and calm your nerves before popping the question. Ask your gondolier to serenade you with some favorite Italian love songs.


Your favorite date spot: If you regularly visit a certain location for date night – it could even be the place you had your first date – propose there! Whether it be the cinema or a local pub, they won’t be expecting it, it will be a huge shock to them and it already your favorite date spot, make it the spot where you have planned to spend the rest of your lives together.


Santorini, Greece: Fancy going somewhere hot for your proposal? Santorini, Greece is arguably the most enchanting of the Greek Islands – with its white and blue colored churches, beautiful cliff towns and jaw-dropping sunsets that sit above the turquoise Aegean Sea. Stay at the Mystique Hotel that is located on top of a cliff overlooking the Santorini caldera. Here you can watch the sun slowly sink into the shimmering sea and in the 150-year-old wine cellar you can enjoy complete privacy and feast on mussels and sea urchin washed down with a vinsanto wine before asking that big question. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect place?


Santorini Greece, things to do


Paris, France: While this might not be the most unique of all places – nothing beats a Paris engagement. Head to the Eiffel Tower or the City of Light’s ancient bridge or Pont Neuf which means ‘New Bridge’ – despite its name it is one of the oldest standing bridges on the Seine River in Paris. It has been a very popular spot for couples and romantics since it opened, so a proposal here would be magical. Wait till dusk before getting down on one knee, as the setting becomes breathtaking with its fading light that casts a beautiful golden glow over the riverside buildings.


most expensive travel destinations, paris


Rome, Italy: There are opportunities for romance throughout the whole city. It is famous for its amazing sunsets, domes and churches towers. Make this proposal magic by finding a spot that isn’t jam-packed with hundreds of other tourists. While Trevi Fountain looks ideal, you will find yourself bumping elbows with many people. A much better option for you will be to visit the Colosseum just before sunset, or heading to the Arch of Titus just before the Arch is Via di San Bonaventure. If you follow this street, just after the left turn, make a right and about half way up before the next left stop, and stand next to the wall. Your partner can stand uphill looking down at you with the temple of Venus, Rome and the Colosseum all lit up in the background.


Rome, best places to propose


Isle of Skye, Scotland: Here you can enjoy a fantasy style landscape that looks as if it has been painted upon the sky. It is filled with some of the most dramatic mountain and coastal scenery that you will ever set your eyes on with its Fairy pools, a collection of flowing pools that cascade down through the River Brittle with azure crystal clear waters. Alongside this, there are some other idyllic places that you can pop the question in such as, the Old Man of Storr, Dunvegan Castle and Eilean Donan Castle that is located on the other side of the bridge from the Isle of Skye.


Isle of Skye, best places to propose


The Shard, London: This has developed into one of the most romantic places in London. It is almost twice the height of any other point in the city, offering you some panoramic views of the city that stretch up to 40 miles. Proposing here will allow you to enjoy the views with champagne in hand watching the city sparkle – the perfect proposal setting.


London, best places to propose


Morocco: From the sounds to the sights, Morocco is a truly intriguing city. Get lost in Jemaa el-Fna and stumble across musicians and storytellers, seek out the city’s natural side too by taking a trip to the beautiful Atlas Mountains and Jardin Majorelle, which is one of the most well-known gardens in Marrakesh. Enjoy the sunset or sunrise on a hot air balloon ride which will take you across the mountains and Moroccan desert. Cascades d’Ouzoud is also a great proposal spot here, as it has the highest waterfalls in Morocco. It is a little bit of a journey from Marrakesh but well worth it for the perfect proposal destination. We advise you take the path down the bottom for the best views. Another amazing sight is the Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has been the backdrop to many films and is a wonder to the eyes.


Morocco, best places to propose


Northern Lights, Iceland: It will be hard to find anything that is more memorable that proposing under the Northern Lights in Iceland – but planning is required here. The best time for you to see the lights is from September to April when the skies are clear, this means that the longer you stay the more of a chance you will get of seeing them. Head out to Landmannalaugar, which is a beautiful area featuring geothermal baths and a prime Northern Light spotting area.


Iceland, Northern lights, best places to propose


Maze Park, Barcelona: This is one of Barcelona’s oldest gardens. Within the maze, you will find the statue of Eros and the Greek god of Love – who might just bring you some luck. If you follow the labyrinthine paths you can find small temples that have been built in the classical style. An unusual spot for a proposal but some people love it and it is very unique.


Barcelona, best places to proposePhoto Kris Arnold CCL


Budapest, Hungary: A beautiful city to propose in. with the Buda Castle in the back, the Hungarian capital’s first bridge is one of the places to get down on one knee. With a proper walking path, you will be facing the chain bridge and across from the parliament. It has some truly breathtaking views but be prepared for a few crowds here, which could be quite nice and add to your magic and special moment. If this doesn’t take your fancy head to the Fisherman’s Bastion where you can see all of the lit up architecture across the city if you head here in the evening. It will be quiet too so you’ll have some privacy. There are so many beautiful spots to choose from in Budapest.


Budapest, best places to propose


So there you have it – 12 ultimate proposal destinations for you take your pick from. Find that perfect ring, pick the best place to propose and simply enjoy your special moment together.

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