Giant's Causeway

Northern Ireland’s only world heritage site, Giant’s Causeway is 60 million years old and is still preserved for tourists to visit. Legends say that the 40 thousand interlocking basalt columns are a work of a giant, Finn Mccool who paved a way to fight another Scottish giant.


However, expert geologists have labeled it a myth. According to them, these stepping stones and columns were formed due to a volcanic activity that caused cracks in the surface and gave it the shape that it has today.


The popularity of this site is off the charts and it is now the most visited site in the region, followed by the famous Titanic Belfast.


When it comes to traveling to Giant’s Causeway, there are many options available. While there’s no restriction to self-drive, still, it may cause problems and threaten your safety. Hence, booking a bus tour guide is your best option here.


Giant's Causeway, Christa Thompson
Giant’s Causeway is not to be missed!


But first, you need to figure out which bus tour is the best for traveling to Giant’s Causeway


Looking for these features in a bus tour guide will help you determine how good it is:


Safety Records

Safety should be your first concern, and you can find out how safe a company is by doing a bit of research.


There are forums and reviews on bus tour pages where customers leave reviews and share their experience with a specific bus tour company. This can be of tremendous help in getting to know how safe a company is to travel with.


Safety includes everything from the kind of buses used to the past history to the routes selected by the bus company.


Tour Guide

A bus tour without a tour guide is a disaster. Tour guides can make any trip exciting with their knowledge and wit.


Experienced tour guides are known to speak many languages because of visitors from all around the world visit Giant’s Causeway. Apart from that, tour guides have an important job on bus tours, to educate in a fun way. They do this by telling interesting stories, facts, and legends about places.


Therefore, it is essential that the bus tour company you’re wanting to travel with offers a tour guide.



Another important factor that shouldn’t be neglected is the money you are being charged for the bus tour. There are a plethora of bus tour companies like Allen’s Tours that make trips to Giant’s Causeway but they differ in prices.


You should look for an affordable option, but remember that some cheap companies may not provide the best of services, so make sure to do your research.



Make sure to pick a company that cares about your comfort. This means to go for a company that has luxurious buses with comfortable seats and proper arrangements for extreme weather conditions.



Looking out for these things in a bus company while traveling to Giant’s Causeway will help you a great deal in finding the right tour company.


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