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Pup Star Better 2Gether – My Interview with Tiny on Her Life of Fame

From the creators of ‘Air Bud’ and ‘Disney Air Buddies’ comes an all new family film, ‘Pup Star Better 2Gether’. Following the (2016) popular film Pup Star (now available on Netflix and airing on the Disney Channel), Tiny has won the ‘Pup Star’ TV singing competition and now has the challenge of dealing with new found fame. The franchise continues in Pup Star Better 2Gether when Tiny is suddenly launched into an adventure after she’s replaced by a street Yorkie, Scrappy. The two swap lives in a Freaky Friday-like debacle that demonstrates life truly is ‘better together.


Get it on Digital and VOD August 29th!





My Interview with Tiny of Pup Star Better 2Gether


I had a chance to meet Tiny earlier this year and had a few questions to ask her about her new-found fame. You can watch that video here:



Pup Star Better 2Gether is truly an adorable film and great for the whole family to watch. My eight-year-old son loved screening the film and thought mom’s interview was funny. I was lucky enough to meet Tiny and she is just as adorable in real life as she is on camera. Check out Pup Star Better 2Gether August 29th on Digital and VOD.


Pup Star Better 2Gether, christa thompson, tiny

From the Press Release


Pup Star is back for an all-new adventure! After winning the canine competition show ‘Pup Star’ and becoming an international pup sensation, Tiny, the adorable Yorkie, has her world turned upside down when an evil rival switches her out in competition with a street pup named Scrappy. The two pups find themselves living the others’ very different life and an incredible journey through iconic cities ensues in this fun and hilarious dog-out-of-water adventure! As they prepare for the Pup Star competition to reach its finale, each experiences life through a very different collar and discover the importance of family and being true to yourself. At the finale, both Yorkies claim to be Tiny leaving everyone, including the judges, wondering – who is the real Pup Star? A huge, fun musical adventure, ‘Pup Star: Better 2gether’ is filled with incredible singing pups, fantastic new paw-tapping songs, and an action-packed heart-warming story that will have audiences of all ages howling for more!”

Get it on Digital and VOD August 29th!


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