Nintendo Miitopia Review

Hey everyone, recently I was sent a review copy of Miitopia to play on my Nintendo 3DS. I was super excited when I got my Nintendo package for my Miitopia review (you can watch more of my Miitopia stuff on my YouTube channel). Miitopia is a new RPG from Nintendo about finding a Dark Lord who has a bunch of minions. He steals faces from Miis and puts them on his minions and then you have to battle them.


 Nintendo Miitopia Review


Getting My First Ever Package from Nintendo was AWESOME


It was cool when I opened the package that Nintendo sent me because I saw the Miitopia game and I was like, “Dan TDM plays this! This is awesome!” Nintendo sent an 8-bit Link Amiibo for my game which I can also use on my Zelda Breath of the Wild Game on my Wii U. I was freaking out cause this was my first Amiibo AND it was Link! I love Zelda so much!


They also sent me a super cool magic wand which, by the way, it doesn’t clean my room or make my bed. I got a Link hat which I’m going to wear when I play with my Master Sword and Hylian Shield and probably at Christmas because it looks like an elf hat!


 Nintendo Miitopia Review

81LCzZ UlnL. AC SL1500Get your 8-bit Link Amiibo here!


Check out my Vlog on me opening my package from Nintendo:


My Nintendo Miitopia Review Here

About Miitopia

So this is how the game goes, you spawn into the world and you’re walking around and then encounter a monster. It looks like a nice butterfly at first, until it attacks you. And then you choose your character when you get the first attack. You can be a knight, a chef, a thief, a mage, a cleric or most funny of them all, a pop star. Then you have to defeat the monster and go into the village.


 Nintendo Miitopia Review


So then you have to build the Dark Lord’s face and give him a name. Then he steals everyone’s faces and the ultimate mission is to get the faces back and defeat him.


My Take

From the beginning, I thought it was kind of boring because I was spawning in as a boring Mii character. But then I got to choose my character, make my team and put my friends in the game (I named my teammates after my real life friends which, by the way, would be totally cool if this game was co-op and I could actually really play with my real life friends).


 Nintendo Miitopia Review


After all that, I thought the game was super cool and I played it for a week straight (which was nice cause I didn’t have any new fun games to play on my DS). I think the graphics were cool. I think the missions were a little easy, but you know I’m still in the early stages of the game so that might change. I’m still only in the third world.


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Get your copy of Miitopia here



Get a Nintendo 3DS here!


Watch My Full Video Review Here:


I’m excited to keep playing it. If you want to check out more of what I’m doing, hop over to the Kid Friendly YouTube channel out where I post gaming missions, toy unboxings, reviews and my vlogs.



We were given a review copy of Miitopia for the sake of this review. There is an affiliate link on this page at no cost to you.

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3 thoughts on “Nintendo Miitopia Kid Review with Videos

  1. Awesome review! Love how you really described every part of the package No the do sent over. Sorry the wand didn’t help clean your room though.

  2. Gauge! I freaking love these! The link hat and figure are fully awesome. I agree. that Miitopia lost out on an awesome opportunity for being a co-op game. It seems like they should have thought of that from the first It does look pretty fun though. I’ve recently gotten into a simper type of game, and I think it looks pretty sweet. Loving the new gig you’ve got going, man.

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