Silk Plants – The 30’s Something Traveler’s New Best Friend

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I kill plants. No matter how many times I have tried to buy that beautiful garden or hang up that beautiful hanging plant, 100% of the time I kill them. Maybe I’m just not cut out to take care of green things, or maybe I just travel too much to give them the attention they need. No matter what the reason, I like greenery just as much as the next person so, I had to find a way to brighten up my home with beautiful greenery without the responsibility. That’s why I chose to use silk plants, but not the cheesy fake ones. I discovered a company that makes life-like, commercial quality silk plants at wholesale.


green silk plant, silk plants, silk succulent


Silk Plants – The Chic 30’s Something Go to for that In-home Earthy Vibe


So here’s the deal, silk plants aren’t cheap. We all know you can pay a ton of money for fake plants, especially when they look real. I took some time to price out the Commercial Silks website and found while some of their stuff seemed to be a little pricey, there were actually quite a few things that weren’t that pricey at all, you just have to dig.


green silk plant, silk plants, silk succulent

With my other flowers on my dining room table, This plant came as a set of 2.


Commercial Silks actually sent me a couple of their beautiful succulents to try out in my dining room. As soon as I got them out of the box I was amazed as to how sturdy and heavy they were. The base looked like real wood but is actually made from ceramic. The succulents are thick and firm but still soft just like real plants. The color is very natural. If you stood by the table you definitely would not know that these are fake plants. I’ve had them on my table for several weeks now and every person who comes inside compliments me and how beautiful they are, and I couldn’t agree more.


green silk plant, silk plants, silk succulent

From the top

green silk plant, silk plants, silk succulent

Detail of the base

green silk plant, silk plants, silk succulent

Up close details


Silk Plants for the Busy Traveler


Every traveler needs silk plants in their home. There’s no other way to bring nature indoors and brighten up your living space then by having beautiful silk arrangements in your decor. You can find your own favorite silk plants online here. If you are looking for a topiary, take a moment to check out my last review of their topiaries which I have by my front door. 


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  1. We have lots of faux plants in our house. We’ve all got allergies and silk ones are much safer.

    Robin rue / Reply
  2. I love silk plants. They add such a nice shot of softness to a room, and these days, it’s hard to tell them apart from real plants.

  3. Wow I love how real these silk plants look. I must add some to my home for decor. I love flowers but right now admit all I have is hung dried roses 😉 These will make the home feel more beautiful.

    Brandy (@brandyellen) / Reply
  4. I love plants but I have such a brown thumb! I love that these silk plants don’t look like they are artificial.

    kellyhutchinson37920 / Reply
  5. I kill every plant and love silk plants! These are beautiful. You do need to be picky when getting silk plants because some do look fake

  6. Wow, those succulents are really pretty! I think it would be super nice to decorate with some silk plants!

    Liz Mays / Reply
  7. I absolutely love succulents. These would be a great alternative to living plants.

    Meagan / Reply
  8. Those silk succulents are beautiful. I would have never guessed they weren’t the real deal.

    asouthernceliac / Reply
  9. I kill plants even when I’m not traveling. I love how elegant these silk options look!

    Crystal Bowley Reagan / Reply
  10. That looks amazing! It’s tough to take care of plants indoors and outdoors if you’re a busy bee. I think these silk plants are the perfect solution for that! So awesome!

  11. They really don’t even look silk. I love the succulents. I would get these if we still traveled a lot. Perhaps in the future. 🙂

    Rosey / Reply
  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who destroys plants! This sounds like an amazing option!

    Adrianne Betz / Reply
  13. I am a plant killer too. I had one plant for years, then it died a slow death. Now as a busy wife & mom, my attention is all focused on my men, not plants. Silk plants are a great go-to!

  14. Wow these look so real! I need to find some of these for my house!

    briannemanz / Reply
  15. This is a great idea, to be honest. It’s perfect for people who would love to have plants indoors but can’t really maintain them because life gets too busy. I’d consider getting these for decor, why not!

    AnnMarie John / Reply

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