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Silk Plants yes or no

I Travel Too Much to Keep Real Plants Alive – Silk Plants Direct Review

Dude, mad props to the ladies and gentlemen out there sweating their junk off making their garden look pretty. I’m like, “nope”. Not only does everything green that comes in contact with me turn brown, shriveled and dead, but I am not the type to get territorial with snakes, bees, ants or spiders. I’m all about that air conditioned experience if you know what I mean. Shopping for flawless silk plants to make my home feel all earthy is my happy place.Plus, I’m gone all the time. No one has to water silk plants!


So, recently I was asked by Silk Plants Direct to test out one of their topiaries. And since that fits my whole “fake is better” motto, I was all in. They sent me this gorgeous topiary shrub where it found its home right beside my front door. So what did I think of it? Here’s my low down:


My Silk Plants Direct Boxwood Cone Topiary Review


I chose to review the ‘Boxwood Cone Topiary Green’ which stands at 3′ tall. It’s commercial quality for long use and is great for hotels, restaurants, or any place that you really want something to stand the test of time.


Silk Plants yes or no


My first impression of the Boxwood Cone Topiary was that it was super heavy. There’s no way this thing is going to blow away unless you have a hurricane come through. It was well shaped and a nice enough size for an entryway or a patio.


Silk Plants yes or no


I loved the trunk of it, very realistic. Overall it looks very nice at the door.


Silk Plants yes or no


I didn’t like that the leaves were shiny, but that’s just me. I wish they had a matte option. In comparison to Silk plants at Michaels, this one hits the same price point for the quality and size right around $120.


Silk Plants yes or no


I added a little light behind it for a more dramatic feel. You can find this tree and a wide range of commercial quality silk plants here at: Silk Plants


Disclosure: Silk Plants Direct provided me with a free product to test for this review. It in no way shaped my opinions in this post, it just makes bringing you the deets affordable and I’m okay with that. 

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