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haunted places in tallinn

Most Haunted places in Tallinn – One of Europe’s Oldest Cities

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Many travelers find a great curiosity in places which are haunted. Such is the case with the haunted places in Tallinn. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most well-preserved medieval cities in Europe, Tallinn, Estonia also happens to be home to plenty of ghosts and ghouls according to local lore and legend. Considering that this historical city has experienced plenty of violence, not only are the spooky stories of haunted buildings and demons terrifying but plausible if you are even just a tiny bit superstitious.


Prepare to be spooked!


Haunted Places in Tallinn


Visit Rataskaevu 16, Site of the Devil’s Window


On Rataskaevu street in the heart of Tallinn’s “Old Town” is a haunted house, street number 16 to be exact, where centuries ago a desperate landlord was offered a handsome sum to rent a room to a stranger.


The room can be seen from the street and stands out because it is the only one bricked shut from the outside with curtains painted on the inside. The mysterious renter demanded only privacy for his generous payment, who was cloaked and difficult to see according to legends. When paying he claimed all he wanted was to use the room to throw a party.


Harmless, right?


During the evening when the party took place, loud sounds and festivities were heard in addition to hundreds of footsteps rushing up the stairs to join. But what made the event so strange was that the minute the clock struck 1 am, all noises and signs of life disappeared.


The servant of the renter was, according to the stories, looking through the keyhole to spy on the activities out of curiosity. Afterward, he had mysteriously fallen ill, and before dying of his sudden ailment, he claimed to have witnessed the wedding of the Devil; hence the building’s nickname.


Spot the Drunk Monk at Neitsitorn a.k.a. Virgin’s Tower


Rumored to have been used as a prison for prostitutes, Neitsitorn in located in the city center of Tallinn and has now been repurposed as a modern café and museum visited by locals and tourists alike. It has been known throughout the years as an eerie site, and according to testimonials from café staff, it still very much is.


Not only have employees heard strange sounds like walls scratching and footsteps all over the building, particularly during darker hours of the night and early morning, but a monk-like figure has been spotted throughout decades. He is usually found in the cellar of the building; often while drinking wine.


You can find most of Tallinn’s best tourist attractions in the city’s Old Town, meaning that nightclubs, cafes, and restaurants are often reported as haunted by staff and visitors. You would think at least the casinos would be safe, and just to be safe you can play online with a bonus instead, but in a place like Tallinn, no building is safe, including Cathedral Restaurant.


“Dine with the Dead” at Cathedral Restaurant


Directly behind Tallinn’s Toompea Castle, you can find an adorable restaurant with a murky and supernatural past. The Cathedral Restaurant as it’s called is rumored to be haunted not by one or two, but dozens of restless ghouls.


Restaurant staff has had the pleasure, or rather the traumatizing experience, of witnessing bizarre figures during late shifts roaming through the restaurant in addition to frequent sounds of pacing in empty rooms, knocking, and door slamming in supposedly empty areas. Some have even claimed to have been shoved and touched by ghosts; as if the sounds weren’t terrifying enough!

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  1. The spooky places of the world take some courage to visit, but mostly I think it is human curiosity that would bring me to a place like Old Tallinn- and I’d be sure to spend the night!

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