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Hearing Atlantic City brought up in conversation may bring to mind differing images, but a list of the most haunted locations probably isn’t one of them.


Some might think of the area as a popular summer getaway for those in New York City and other metropolises. Others may think of the HBO series, which immortalizes (and dramatizes) the area’s earliest years in Boardwalk Empire. 


Others may think of the seaside resort town’s long history as a vacation spot for East Coasters. As one of the country’s most famous summer destinations throughout the 1900s, plenty of wayward tourists visited the seaside town. Today, Atlantic City is famous for being the center of New Jersey’s bustling betting and gaming culture. 


However, now that New Jersey free bets from sportsbooks and other gaming deals can be found online, Atlantic City is enjoying a cultural revival. Many still stay at and visit casino resorts like the Borgata, but boardwalk offerings have become more varied in recent years for visitors of all types—spooky tours included.  


Those heading to Atlantic City (AC for short) may notice that the boundaries of the city itself are rather small. Neighboring areas like Ventnor City, Margate City, Longport, and Ocean City border the area and include similar sites and attractions. In our review of Atlantic City’s most haunted locations, we’ll include destinations in these additional areas. 


most haunted location, atlantic city, absecon lighthouse


Most Haunted Locations

Absecon Lighthouse 


The Absecon Lighthouse is 150 years old, making it the third oldest lighthouse in the continental U.S. Originally built in 1857, the lighthouse is no longer active, but serves as a tourist destination—guests can even scale the building as part of their “climbing” package. 


Absecon Lighthouse also offers a “sleeper keeper” tour package. The overnight tour allows guests to step into the shoes of a lighthouse keeper—and even includes optional ghost stories. Back in 1905, one keeper claimed to have seen spirits, including the Jersey Devil. 


Since then, others have claimed to see doors opening and closing, heard sounds of creepy laughter, and even smelled old cigars and smoke. The location has been covered in SyFy Network’s Ghost Hunters series


Ocean City Mansion 


Though not technically located within Atlantic City’s boundaries, Ocean City is a short ten-minute drive from the coastal town—and it’s worth the trip. Ocean City Mansion is a bed and breakfast nestled inside an 1896 mansion, including seven guest suites and two full apartments. 


During a 2004 renovation, owners Nancy and Scott realized there were spirits dwelling in the mansion. It’s thought the renovations were causing some spirits to become more active. However, it’s unclear who these friendly, curious spirits may be or what they want.  


Those looking for extra scares can stay in the Honeymoon Suite, where most of the activity occurs. Guests have reported seeing floating objects and hearing disembodied voices and footsteps. 



Flanders Hotel 


The Flanders Hotel is located a short distance from the Ocean City Mansion. Built in 1923, the Flanders Hotel had an immediate association with the other side, as it was named after Flanders in Belgium, where poppy fields covered the graves of soldiers. 


Throughout the years, the hotel transitioned from a guest house to an apartment building. With its 100-year history, the location isn’t home to paranormal activity in general—it has its own ghost. Her name is Emily. She’s been seen disappearing into walls, playing with door locks, unscrewing light bulbs, and singing in the hallways.  


Want to meet her yourself? Apparently, Emily is most often seen in the hotel’s Hall of Mirrors location, the lobby, and on the second and fourth floors. 


most haunted location, atlantic city, board walk


Haunted Tales Shop 


Not quite ready to head into a truly haunted location? Atlantic City is also home to two haunted houses and retail shops, perfect for visitors with an interest in the occult but no real desire to come face-to-face with a ghost. 


Haunted Tales is located right on the Atlantic City boardwalk. The ghost tour includes a fictionalized tale about a local ghost, complete with sound and video production that adds to the spookiness. 


Zombie House 


Zombie House is a similar attraction located on the boardwalk of Ocean City. With a higher level of production value than Atlantic City’s Haunted Tales Shop, tour guides lead visitors through a literal house that combines historical intrigue with shocking twists and turns. With a cheap price tag, it’s a great deal for those interested in spooky tours. 


The attraction located on 10th Street with the Boardwalk is an adapted version of a famous video game. The attraction tells the story of two brothers Cletus and Connor, who are victims of an invasion of their own home after a zombie apocalypse.


Upon entering the Zombie House, guests pay $10 per person and are guided by a tour guide. They gain weapons that are used to hit all targets and score points. In this home, guests can see and hear zombies scratching windows, banging on walls, and much more. The house’s trackers are stored under the floorboards, which make the floor shake in a frightening way. 


Atlantic City and the surrounding area certainly has its fair share of creepy places, and if that’s your forte, then you should definitely check them out. You can also look at some of the most haunted locations in other cities around the world, including haunted castles

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