Take a Vacation to the North Pole Any Time of Year

Each of us has an ideal plan for celebrating holidays. Family dinner for Christmas, going out for the beer at St. Patrick’s day, having crazy fun with friends every birthday, etc. Have you ever considered going to the North Pole? Today, various companies offer individual or group tours there. What can be cooler than settling at ice station there, where the population of people can be counted on fingers? Work out your holidays in a new way and make some new memories.


Holidays at the North Pole



Ever thought of celebrating Christmas at Santa’s place? There are several companies that help with organizing North Pole holidays every year. They are located in Canada, Norway, and Russia.


The party goes with no Christmas tree or abandoned dinner. One can enjoy marvelous sceneries, skiing, and tobogganing all around the never-ending snow.

New Year


Experienced travelers know when visiting new destinations that a few days are less than enough. Same with the North Pole. This is why they prefer 19-day cruises that let them celebrate the New Year onboard some of the most magnificent icebreaking liners.


Such expeditions run in absolute comfort to the most memorable places of interest not only in the North Pole but Antarctica and the Arctic as well.


Despite all other travel means, ships are good for companies. Regular on-land or on-air guides never take more than two people. Onboard expedition ships, there is enough space for everyone.




No matter what your tastes are – you can hardly regret an opportunity to discover another continent on the day you were born. Regarding the fact that only a few people did that before you.


And even fewer managed to run a real party at the coldest station in this world. Of course, there is not enough room for the crowd of people you friend on Facebook. But a few closest friends will be enough for a warm atmosphere and unforgettable adventure.




Stop looking for tours to the Emirates of Spain. It is time to have some rest from sun heat, crowded beaches and cheap nightclubs. Discover the magnificence of icebergs and snow dunes – the true magic of the North Pole.


Book your expedition to the least explored land all over the globe. Here is why most who dare to do it stay happy and proud of themselves on arrival:

  • Wow effect. They enjoy the reaction of their relatives and friends when telling them where they were.
  • Been there done that. Only a few more people in their countries can boast with this experience.
  • Just like real scientists, tons of equipment and atomic liners make them feel as if they are true explorers.
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