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unique road trips, UFO locations

Unique Road Trips – Mysterious, Road Trip Worthy UFO Locations

If you’re looking for unique road trips, look no more. You don’t have to be a UFO enthusiast or a major conspiracy theorist to want to visit UFO locations around the world. Places with UFO sightings come with a whisper of mystique that appeals to most, even the hardest skeptics. And the best of them are worthy of an adventure on the road. Hit the highway in your car or RV rental, and get ready for an awesome and possibly daunting experience. Who knows? You might just have your first brush with UFOs!


Unique Road Trips – UFO Locations


Extraterrestrial Highway (Route 375), Nevada


The stretch of road in Nevada—passing none other than the infamous Area 51—has been officially dubbed the Extraterrestrial Highway. It’s not just because of this secretive base that is said to harbor Roswell’s secrets, but also because many have claimed to witness sightings along this desert highway.

unique road trips, UFO locations
Extraterrestrial Highway
Photo Tom CCL

The centerpiece is Little A’Le’Inn, an alien-themed motel, restaurant, souvenir shop and UFO mecca in Rachel, where many enthusiasts swap stories and firsthand accounts. Area 51 is off-limits, but venture along on your motorhome rental onto Mail Box Road for a closer glimpse of its vast property. Another fun little stop: the Alien Research Center near the highway’s southern terminus.


unique road trips, UFO locations
Extraterrestrial Highway
Photo Chico Boomba CCL

Broad Haven Triangle, Wales


In the 70s, an area in the Welsh village of Broad Haven became a den of UFO activities. A number of residents, including a group of kids, witnessed an upside-down saucer and humanoid creatures as well as a cigar-shaped craft. From then on, it became known as Broad Haven Triangle and so, a mecca for UFO enthusiasts.


At the center of the Broad Haven Triangle are a former hotel and private property. But you might be able to walk around the area to see if you can witness an unexplained event. If you’re in an RV rental, there are campsites for a bit of glamping, which can also serve your purpose if you want to hunt for UFOs!


Kingman, Arizona and Roswell, New Mexico


Why not continue east to Arizona and New Mexico? They are, after all, known hotbeds of UFO activities. From Crystal Springs, drive your RV rental to Kingman, Arizona, the site of multiple UFO incidents and a crash in the 50s. You might even hop on a private two-hour UFO tour with historian Harry Drew.


unique road trips, UFO locations
Kingman, Arizona
Photo J. Stephen Conn CCL

From there, head to Roswell—arguably the most famous UFO location. See some of the original sites connected to the Roswell UFO Incident of 1947 as well as the International UFO Museum and Research Center, possibly on a tour with a local UFO researcher. Also drop in at the Robert H Goddard Planetarium.


unique road trips, UFO locations
Roswell, New Mexico
Photo Jennifer Pickens CCL


Wycliffe Well, Australia


Wycliffe Well, UFO Capital of Australia, is another destination worth ticking off your UFO list. This small community is a roadhouse as well as a popular location where UFO sightings are allegedly very common. It is, therefore, definitely worth pulling over for when you’re driving through the Outback.


Sightings here date all the way back to the WWII era and continue today. Pack your RV rental with camping chairs, a DSLR with a powerful lens and plenty of snacks. Then get ready for an all-nighter under the stars; folks here guarantee a sighting. Also pop into the local restaurant to check out the book they have on reported activities.


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San Clemente, Chile


Outdoorsy types should head straight to Chile in the Andes Mountains. The small town of San Clemente has had its share of UFO phenomenon since 1995. In fact, it gets enough sightings that the Tourism Board decided to establish the UFO Trail, the first of its kind in the world. Many have also declared it one of the best places for a sighting.


unique road trips, UFO locations
San Clemente, Chile

While your car or RV rental might not be of any use on this trail, you will certainly spend plenty of quality time on horseback. Four hours, to be exact. This 19-mile trail includes close encounter sites, the UFO hotspot Colbun Lake and rumored UFO landing spot El Enladrillado, not to mention pretty spectacular views.


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