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batman hoodie

So the Batman Hoodie Left Gotham and Went Viral to Buy or Not to Buy

Since last year’s blockbuster film (which most were painfully disappointed with), there’s been an increasing demand for the Batman hoodie. I mean, just because the film sucked, doesn’t mean there isn’t a deep appreciation for Batman. And since we’re all still bundling up for the rest of winter (and part of spring), it’s not such a bad sell either.

Naturally, being the comic to film geek that I am, I had to get one. I fought over it with my eight-year-old son in fact. I’ll save the suspense, I won.

batman hoodie

Batman Hoodie the Breakdown

So let me break it down… another spoiler alert, it’s a hoodie. There’s no lasers, kevlar bullet proof vesting or bat-shaped throwing stars that project from the wrists. It’s just a hoodie with a Batman logo. It’s not cheesy though, it has the same quality of a team hoodie you would buy in the store. I took some up close pics of it for you.

batman hoodie

batman hoodie

Not true to size, so keep that in mind…

It’s not true to size though. Kids will under 12 won’t be able to wear the small. My partner is 6’1″ and he almost fit in the small. He’s 190lbs. He would have fit the medium well. The small actually fit me perfect and I usually wear a large. They have a sizing chart on the site.

batman hoodie

Screen printing is durable…

The Batman logo has a durable enough screen print to last. It’s not flaky and won’t break down any time soon in the wash. I recommend however, you wash it with like colors the first few times.

batman hoodie

Overall I’d buy it…

If I saw this on a hanger in the store I would buy it. I gravitate towards black and I love Batman so this would be a sell for me. It’s comfy and just the right bit of nerd for my taste. My partner would argue that Superman wins, but let’s be honest… Happy wife happy life. MUWAHAHAHA!

The Batman hoodie is a perfect cool weather layer for going to the movies, hitting cons and casual shopping/dining. I think you will find it to be a staple in your wardrobe. And of course, it would make a great gift for anyone who loves Batman. If you want something a little less casual but great for all affairs, check out the leather jacket.

Batman Hoodie

Special thanks to Celebs Clothing for sending me this product to review. It in no way shapes my opinion of this post.

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