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Single Girl Perspective – The Most Romantic Places in Krakow

Krakow is one of the best preserved European cities. It managed to avoid destruction during WWII, so now it can boast lots of buildings that look the way they looked centuries ago. Beautiful architecture and the spirit of history create a charming atmosphere, perfect for romantic couples. If you travel to Krakow with your partner, then seeing the following places is a must.


Best Romantic Spots in Krakow

Wawel Castle, romantic, krakow

Photo Mickey Bo

Wawel Castle

Located on the Wawel hill by the Vistula River the Wawel Castle is the main tourist attraction and a sacred place for every Pole. It’s often called a microcosm of Polish history and culture. Take a walk in its courtyards to enjoy the stunning views of the ancient architecture. The castle’s walls and turrets provide fascinating views of Krakow.

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romantic, krakow, Wieliczka Salt Mine

Photo Tomasz Łabuz

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Located 10 km away from the center of Krakow in the Krakow metropolitan area, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the world’s oldest salt mines in operation. Maze-like passages, giant caves, underground lakes, statues and chapels carved out of the rock salt – the experience is unforgettable.

romantic, krakow, Main Market Square

Photo A.Currell

Main Market Square

The main square of the city dates back to the 13th century and is one of the largest town squares in Europe. Being a must-see attraction, it’s a great place to start your romantic date in Krakow. The square is a mix of medieval buildings and modern open-air cafes where you can sit and relax.

romantic, krakow, Planty Park

Photo Xavi

Planty Park

The park encircles the Old Town and is a perfect place to escape into from the nearby bustling streets. The park was set up in place of the walls that once surrounded the city. It consists of various small gardens and features numerous monuments and fountains.

romantic, krakow, Kazimierz

Photo HRS Poland


Kazimierz is Krakow’s Jewish Quarter. It’s less crowded than the Old Town but it’s known for its bustling nightlife. Being an oasis of Jewish culture, it differs from the architectural pattern of the main city. Explore the traces of this culture that are still present there: visit an old synagogue, enjoy traditional Jewish klezmer music, or visit an annual Jewish Culture Festival. There are also a lot of bars and cafes where you can eat, drink, and talk.

romantic, krakow, St. Mary’s Basilica

Photo Nico Trinkhaus

St. Mary’s Basilica

One of the attractions of the Main Square is St. Mary’s Church. It’s famous for its St. Mary’s Altar, the largest Gothic altarpiece in the world created by Veit Stoss. It is about 13 m high and 11 m wide and it consists of 200 fine limewood sculptures depicting the scenes from the life of Virgin Mary. The carved figures are exceptionally realistic and the whole altar is magnificent.

romantic, krakow, Las Wolski, Wolski Forest

Photo Arcadiuš

Las Wolski (Wolski Forest)

Nature always evokes romantic feelings. Las Wolski is a massive protected green area in the western part of the city – another romantic place for couples. With 8 marked hiking trails, a cycling path, and horse-riding trail it’s a great spot for an active rest. For those who want just to take a stroll and enjoy the nature, there are some interesting attractions including the Krakow Zoo, Przegorzaly Castle, Pilsudski Mound, and the Camaldolese Monastery.


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