Exploring Antalya with Kids – Things to do in the Turkish Riviera

Families book Turkey flights and flock to the shores of Antalya for the resorts, the beaches and the weather. But what are the best activities you can do during your stay there? Perhaps you and the kids want to experience a bit of culture or you fancy seeing more of Turkey’s landscapes? Maybe it’s all about getting an adrenaline rush? We’ve got some killer ideas that should help keep your children – and you – entertained on a week or two in the ‘Turkish Riviera’.

Antalya with Kids

Exploring Antalya with Kids

Ride the cable car at Mount Olympos

Turkey’s scenic Tahtali Mountains are home to the Olympos Teleferik cable car, which offers a unique window onto the scenery here. Peaks dusted with pure white snow, crystal blue seawater and verdant green forests combine to make a setting that looks as if it was taken straight from an artist’s easel. The blend of colors could literally have been painted with masterful brush strokes to create the view.

Several tours pick visitors up in Antalya hotels before driving through Beydaglari National Park to arrive at the base station. Alternatively, you can hire a car and drive yourself. Kids will love the novelty of the cable car ride, and the fact that it’s only 15 minutes long means that they won’t get bored! Pack a picnic or grab some food at the on-site restaurant.

Seek out turtles at Cirali beach

Just one hour from Antalya by car, your family can look out for loggerhead turtles on Cirali beach. This arc of sand is overlooked by the mountains of southern Turkey. Turtles roam the beach during the summer months to lay their eggs. Be careful not to disturb them as you watch from a respectful distance. The beach is a bit pebbly, so get yourselves a couple of sun loungers and enjoy this peaceful spot.

Walk to the Chimaera

From Cirali beach you can also access the famous Chimaera – a spot where flames literally spring from the ground. After an afternoon on the beach, try the walk in the evening and get some marshmallows to toast on the fire.

This one is for the adventurous families with older kids, since it involves a climb up some fairly steep steps and a walk of about 45 minutes. Take sturdy footwear to tackle the terrain and a torch so that you can see where you’re going. Well worth it for the magnificent, ancient spectacle.

Hear the roar of dinosaurs

Your mini dinosaur fans can go on a hunt for the Tyrannosaurus rex at the Dino Park close to Antalya. It’s a bit like stepping onto the set of Jurassic Park, with working models of the dinosaurs lurking around the park. Kids will love the climbing wall, petting zoo, some rides and a sandpit where they can dig for fossils! Bit expensive but worth it for a day of adventures.

Antalya with Kids

Tour some Antalya churches

If you want to teach your children about the history of Turkey, then a wander about the town of Antalya should be on your activity list. Tour some churches, like the Yenikapı Greek Church, to experience the different styles and religions represented here. A large portion of Turkey’s population is Muslim, but many other faiths are also present.

Whether you try all of the above activities or you just select a couple for day trips, we think you’ll agree that there is more to Antalya than meets the eye.

Images by Dave LonsdaleElena Pleskevich and Brandon Atkinson used under Creative Commons License 2.0

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