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The Future of Luggage is Here – TraxPack

Whether you travel once a year or once a week you know the very act of traveling is stressful. With airports at an all time high number of travelers, you can really work up a frenzy getting to the gate. Trust me, in the last 2 months I myself have gone from Atlanta to Mexico to LA to Chicago, Scotland, Germany and Florida. I face challenges when traveling all the time like charging my phone, getting my case up the stairs (when the escalator is inevitably broken), weighing my bag, keeping it secure, keeping tack of it (so I actually get it) and just moving the damn thing. What if I told you there’s a brand new case in town? And it solves all these problems.

TraxPacks luggage

TraxPack Next Level Luggage

And when I say this is next level, I mean it. The TraxPack Luggage just launched its Kickstarter campaign  as the world’s first luggage system with complete maneuverability in every direction and even up stairs. Um hello… STAIRS!

TraxPack luggage

Are you kidding me? This is like the Holy Grail of luggage… I mean the only thing it’s really missing is a time machine.

It is a new kind of suitcase that deploys a track system, similar to a tank’s, to effortlessly roll up stairs.

TraxPack’s mission is to make travel safe, secure, and smooth. When you combine the Track System along with many other incredible features you have the TraxPack 360 line of luggage, the game changer! With the help of some very talented people we have met and surpassed our goals for the initial prototype and created a product that solves the travel pitfalls of the past.

  • Tracks – Makes traversing stairs as simple as walking
  • Built in Scale – Eliminates overweight baggage
  • Phone Charger – No more waiting in line to charge phones
  • Baggage Positioning System (BPS™) – TRACK your luggage
  • Tilting Handle – Gives added maneuverability
  • TSA Locks – added security
  • Mobile Device Stand – Comfortably use your mobile device hands-free

This thing is super cool and surely handy whether you travel a little or a lot like me. As far as I’m concerned, one stressful travel experience is one too many. Check out the TraxPack here for more information and help support this awesome innovation to travel on their Kickstarter page!

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