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In the Footsteps of Vikings Exploring Wildlife in Norway

This week on season 4 of the History Channel’s Vikings we saw Bjorn back in what represents Nordland. Of course, this is just my take on it, but seeing as how he’s in a blizzard while the rest of the family is seen without snow, I think it’s a logical conclusion. Last week we talked about the Lofoten Islands in Nordland based on Bjorn’s opening scene. This week (episode 3), on account of that gnarly bear we (don’t lie ladies) all secretly enjoyed watching him wrestle, we’re touching on the wildlife in Norway. (And ignoring the fact that he was wrestling a bear in winter when they hibernate).


Watch the Battle Here:



Wildlife in Norway


Reindeer, Utvikfjellet, Sogn and Fjordane
West – Reindeer at Utvikfjellet, Sogn and Fjordane, photo courtesy of Visit Norway


I’ll keep this short and sweet since for one, I’m not a zoologist and for two, internet readers have the attention span of a gnat. Here are some of the more common wildlife in Norway.

  • Bears – Brown bear, live in the forests (and wrestle hot Viking men)
  • Squirrels – Live and play in the forest (and warm my heart and soul)
  • Elks – Often called “King of the Forest”
  • Lynx – Look like big cats and live all over Norway except for the south
  • Hares – Forest, countryside and mountains
  • Deer – In the forest, all over Norway
  • Reindeer – Are domesticated but can be found in the wild in Hardangervidda, Dovre and Rondane
  • Roe Deer – Have spread to almost all of Norway from the forests and meadows of the east
  • Foxes – Live in forests in lairs(an underground hole)
  • Wolves –  Live in forested areas, primarily in the regions bordering Sweden
  • Adders –   Only type of poisonous snake native to Norway
  • Musk Ox – Dovrefjell National Park is the only place in Norway (and one of the few places in the world) to see them





Here are a Few Great Places to Explore Wildlife in Norway:


Lovatnet/Lovannet Sogn and Fjordane, Norway
West – Lovatnet/Lovannet Sogn and Fjordane, photo Frithjof Fure –


Enjoying Wildlife in West Norway


West Norway is beautiful with its deep fjords, high mountain tops and beautiful vistas. A hike in this region will leave you breathless as you find yourself surrounded by majestic mountains and fairytale-like sleepy villages.

Sogn & Fjordane: Great for seeing reindeer, deer, and other forest creatures.


Reindeer on Utvikfjellet Sogn and Fjordane, Norway
West – Reindeer on Utvikfjellet Sogn and Fjordane, photo C H –


More and Romsdal: Canoe or take a cruise along the breathtakingly beautiful Geiranger Fjord.

Cruiseship in the Geirangerfjord, West Norway
Cruiseship in the Geirangerfjord, West Norway, photo Fredrik Schenholm 





Møre and Romsdal, Goats, Norway, Wildlife
West -Møre and Romsdal, Goats, Photo courtesy of Visit Norway


Enjoying Wildlife in Eastern Norway


Lynx, baby lynx, Buskerud, Norway
East – Lynx with baby lynx Buskerud, Oppland photo by CH/


Eastern Norway is full of picturesque tiny towns near the Swedish border. Surrounded by nature, look for moose, deer, elk, lynx and small forest creatures. You can also enjoy the country mountain farms where you’ll find beautiful domesticated sheep, goats and horses.



Musks, Dovre mountains, Norway
Musks at Dovre mountains, photo Asgeir Helgestad/Artic Light AS/


Oppland: Go hiking at Beitostolen.


Hiking at Beitostølen Oppland. Norway, Goats
Hiking at Beitostølen Oppland, photo courtesy of Visit Norway


Hedmark: Look for moose and mountain farms.


Moose, Elgå/Femunden Hedmark, Norway
Moose, Elgå/Femunden Hedmark, photo courtesy of Visit Norway


Hedmark, sheep, Glittersjaa Mountain farm, Norway
The hostess and the sheep at Glittersjaa Mountain farm, Hedmark, photo Tina Stafrèn/


I packed more fun with the Darth Vader hard case carry on from American Tourister!
I packed more fun with the Darth Vader hard case carry on from American Tourister!

Enjoying Wildlife in Nordland

Hiking, skiing, water activities and fishing are all very popular to do in Nordland. There is plenty of wildlife, Viking history and outdoor activities to do in this region of Norway.

Lofoten: In the Lofoten Islands you can see llamas, massive seagulls and reindeer. You may even spot a whale!


Llamas, Lofoten, Norway
Llamas in Lofoten, photo courtesy of Visit Norway

Norway truly is a magical place filled with ancient stories, breathtaking scenery and wildlife. It offers the best for both the cosmopolitan and nature lover’s lifestyles. In a place where you can explore Viking heritage and nature by day then fine dining by night, where can you go wrong!


Watch Episode 4 Preview Here:



For more trip-planning information visit Norway’s Tourism site and start planning your next bucket list adventure.


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