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Disney Jewelry DIY

Creating Fairytale Disney Princess Jewelry

I don’t know about you but when I was growing up I had a big old trunk that was filled with all my make- believe costumes. It had ratty old wigs my mom bought at thrift stores and “princess dresses” out of old prom dresses and other strange exotic clothes. My mom didn’t sew but she sure knew how to find treasures at a thrift shop.

The other exciting thing my “magic trunk” had in it was fantastic costume jewelry. Whether it was old pop beads from the 60s that she kept for me or brightly colored plastic jewelry from a thrift store grab bag, they were all treasures as far as my six year old mind was concerned. One way to keep this tradition going is by ordering the right parts in online stores like the wholesale jewelry supplies Los Angeles as they offer a wider range of choices.

Creating a Princess Worthy of Disney

While other kids may love getting the store bought Disney Princess outfit, we love making it ourselves complete with glittery jewelry from some of our favorite suppliers. The cool thing about heading out to (or ordering online) the Wholesale Jewelry Market here in LA is that in addition to the great real stones and pearls, there are suppliers for costume jewelry in the same area. Little girls love the variety of beautiful paste rhinestone tiaras the area has to offer and making them feel like a princess every day of the week.

Adding to the Legend

Because we love to make up stories, sometimes we will take the Disney story, let’s say Mulan, and take it one step further. After all, if Mulan could be a warrior in order to take her father’s place in the great battles in China, she could have had other adventures! We make them up, costume them and then she acts them out with her friends. It is better than theatre and more fun than watching another Disney film for the 15th time.

Disney Jewelry

Find Your Magic Craft

Not everyone has a cool jewelry market nearby like we do, but you do have bead shops and thrift stores. Why not buy old junky jewelry at yard sales, break them up, and have your kids remake them into whatever they want? Yes, our house gets a bit messy with the constant crafts we have going, especially in winter. But it is worth it to be able to encourage my kids to use their imagination to be anyone they want. Disney has mastered the art of the kid’s film, and given us all a lovely backdrop for renewed play and invention. The possibilities are endless! What is your favorite Disney character to reinvent?

I love this YouTube video on Ariel’s Starfish Clip:

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