Learn Like a Ninja with a Muay Thai Wellness Trip

Ever think it would be super rad if you were a ninja. I know, me too. But seriously though, how cool would it be if you could take a trip and train like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill? Okay well maybe not that extreme, but those type of trips exist! So it got me thinking, because I think about my sweet ninja skills (or lack thereof) about which places would be really cool to do this in. All arrows led me to Muay Thai training in Thailand


Thai Wellness Trip

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About Thai Wellness Trip


Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia. In the recent period, Thailand has become a very popular travel destination. Numerous movies and TV shows that were filmed in Thailand has caught the attention of travelers from all over the world. This Asian country is known for the natural beauty – sandy long beaches, beautiful clear seas, excellent night life and many ancient buildings. These are some of the reasons why people decide to spend their holiday in Thailand.


Muay Thai in Thailand


As we have mentioned before, traveling is an activity that can also be very beneficial for the health. This is another field in which Thailand can help you. For those who don’t know, Thailand is the home of Muay Thai. This interesting and exciting sport is the national sport of Thailand. People here have been practicing Muay Thai for centuries and with the increased number of tourist, the interest among foreigners has grown too.


Muay Thai was a martial art at first. This combat set of skills was used by Thai men for protection and attacks of foreign enemies. In the 20th century, Muay Thai became an official sport with rules similar to Western boxing. Starting from the 21st century, Muay Thai is a fitness activity that is practiced by both men and women. Both genders can enjoy the health and social benefits of this sport equally.


Where can you find Muay Thai in Thailand?


Muay Thai training classes take place in a Muay Thai training camp. This is a specialized facility managed by professional trainers and a facility with suitable equipment, training areas and in some cases – accommodation. Camps like this can be found in every place in Thailand especially in popular tourist places like Bangkok, Phuket Island, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.


Muay Thai training is an excellent way to improve your health fast. This physical activity will improve your body physically and mentally. It is good for the cardio system, immunity, digestive system, respiratory system, muscles, joints and all body parts. Muay Thai is also good for the inner peace and discipline. Muay Thai training has helped many people to protect themselves against unprovoked attacks too.


What is the training like?


A single Muay Thai training class lasts for about 2 hours and consists of different sets of exercises which make this activity challenging and fun. Although 120 minutes sound like a long time, you will be surprised how fast they can pass. The professional Muay Thai trainers in these camps will evaluate your strength and condition and propose taking adequate classes/program such as www.suwitmuaythai.com. Muay Thai training will leave long-term effects on your body and mind and you will just need to continue with moderate exercising when you are back home.

You can only impress your friends so much with a trip to New York or the Grand Canyon, why not come back from your vacation with the coolest story of all like training Muay Thai in Thailand. With Thailand being such an affordable destination for U.S. travelers, there’s no doubt you’ll bring back plenty of awesome experiences beyond your wellness adventure.

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  1. I tried Muay Thai once. It was fun! I would really like to do it again if I had enough time.

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