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The Ultimate Thailand Tourist Guide for Sightseeing Fans

Thailand Tourist Guide

In the recent past, South Asian destinations, especially Thailand has emerged as one of the biggest tourist magnets. The cheap cost of travel, pristine beaches, a diverse range of attractions and tropical climate make it one of the most favourite destinations for most tourists. Interestingly, Thailand has always enjoyed attention from beach lovers, honeymooners, bachelor groups or solo trippers looking for some party or solitude on an exotic island. Most people take the regular routes towards Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui and wander around the islands and party spots.


However, rarely anyone tries to experiment and explore the hidden gems that are located off the beaten path. If you have checked out Thailand from your travel bucket list because beaches and parties are not your things and you like to explore history and culture, Thailand is precisely where you need to go. Here are some of the most amazing tips for you to explore Thailand that will take you into never-seen-before places, intriguing cultures, and hauntingly beautiful temples without getting into scams and tourist traps. The best part is that unlike beach-trippers, you will not even have to fly out of the capital for most places.


Here are some travel tips for your upcoming trip to Thailand that will help you plan ahead for a safe and fun experience.


Go Off the Beaten Path


Pattaya is famous among the tourist circuit for its notorious reputation as a party place with a beach town dotted with pubs and nightclubs. Sightseeing enthusiasts tick Pattaya off their list for this reason. Interestingly, Pattaya is heaven for sightseeing and history lovers. However, it for you is one of the most underrated destinations in that regard. There is a massive variety of Pattaya sightseeing tours available to suit your moods. These tours include both day trips and overnight or extended stay tours. You can explore the hidden temples, the raw jungles, fish feeding and dips in clear waters of some of the most beautiful waterfalls. You can move around villages for an insight into the rich and deep Thai culture and click some different Instagrammable pictures.


Ayutthaya is a historic park that is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites today but was once known for being a great capital of the ancient Siamese kingdom. Explore the ruins of old Buddhist temples that now stand as the symbol of one of the most majestic domains. Talk to the locals and move around the villages and you will get to know some of the most exciting folktales and legendary stories. You would want to explore Kanchanaburi and the infamous Death Railway Bridge.


Animal Tourism


Wildlife is one of the most amusing and attractive tourist magnets, especially for nature lovers. You will find everything from animal safaris, zoos, and sanctuaries to natural jungles. It is advisable to carry out some research over animal treatment in zoos and sanctuaries and stick to jungles and forests if wildlife interests you. When you are out in the open bushes, you will spot monkeys as a common sight. Avoid feeding them as they can attack you. Keep your backpacks and kids safe.  


Beware of Tourist Traps


Despite attracting a considerable volume of tourists throughout the year, it is still relatively busy and you will find locals trying to scam tourists everywhere. There will be tour operators, taxi drivers, and shopkeepers who will try to overcharge you. Do your research, and bargain as much as you can to get the best possible deals.


As always, as a Thailand tourist be sure to travel safely, be alert and be sure to plan well ahead so you can get the most out of your trip to Thailand.

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