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St Patrick's Day 2015

35 Killer Parade Photos of St Patrick’s Day in Dublin Plus Giveaway

There I was in the center of Dublin Ireland for St Patrick’s Day 2015 as I had been for 2014. It was a typical gray, chilly morning, and the streets were beginning to fill with green hair and hats of all shapes and sizes. I had just spent the past two days taking in all Dublin has to offer for city breaks and day trips (more on that soon). Everyone was in an epic mood and couldn’t wait for the parade to begin. I knew from last year that the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin is one not to be missed. It is to date the most creative, artistic, and cultural parade event I have personally ever experienced. And it’s right dead smack in the home of St Patrick’s Day.


The St Patrick’s Day 2015 parade was all about the present and full of vibrant pageantry and bands from the USA, Mexico, Germany and Ireland that brought dramatic and whimsical sounds through the air. The parade made its procession through the city of Dublin surrounded by thousands of spectators dressed in green.



Last year’s Festival Parade theme, ‘Let’s Make History’drew on ‘the past’ and was the first of three exciting themes in the creative journey through past, present and future.

2016 will explore ‘the future’, asking the question, ‘who do we aspire to be in the next 100 years’?, completing the three-year theme and narrative of ‘past, present and future’.

-St Patrick’s Day 2015 Festival site


Why I Love the Event Beyond the Parade Line


For me, I knew St Patrick’s Day 2015 would be better than ever before. Being in Dublin for the big event was becoming a tradition for me, and traditions only get better with time. I’ve grown very fond of exploring all that Ireland has to offer adventure, culture and history seekers like me. Of course, we can’t forget the magic.


Last year I explored fairy sites, castles and beautiful landscapes along the Wild Atlantic Way. This year I went back to Glendalough to the place where the very first Irish legends were transcribed from oral tellings. With the festival parade being the big finale to epic adventures across one of the most magical places on earth, why not spend March in Ireland?


Some of Our Favorite Day Trips from Dublin

Of course there is much more where that comes from. You can always get the best information on fun things to do near Dublin on the Tourism Ireland website and the St Patrick’s Day Festival site for up to date event info.


St Patrick's Day 2015
Photo courtesy of St. Patrick’s Day Festival


St Patrick’s Day 2015 Parade, Dublin


Let’s get to it. You came here for the pictures right. These photos were shot by me on the parade line as a guest of Tourism Ireland and Failte Ireland. While they are always very welcoming and provide complete travel expenses, that in no way shapes my opinion of Ireland as being one of my favourite places on earth, and my favourite place to have spend St Patrick’s Day 2015.


St Patrick's Day 2015
Photo courtesy of St. Patrick’s Day Festival



St Patrick's Day 2015
Photo courtesy of Jaimee Rachelle of


St Patrick's Day 2015
Photo courtesy of St. Patrick’s Day Festival


St Patrick's Day 2015


St Patrick's Day 2015
Photo courtesy of St. Patrick’s Day Festival
St Patrick's Day 2015
Photo courtesy of St. Patrick’s Day Festival

St Patrick's Day 2015

St Patrick's Day 2015

St Patrick's Day 2015


The St Patrick’s Day Festival in Dublin was yet again a hit. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016! Till next year!


St Patrick's Day 2015


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84 thoughts on “35 Killer Parade Photos of St Patrick’s Day in Dublin Plus Giveaway

  1. Those photos are amazing and the parade looks spectacular! I was able to visit Ireland a couple years ago but i would love to be able to go back and spend more time there, especially during St. Patrick’s Day. Awesome!

    1. And it’s SOOOO different than what we’re used to here in the states. It’s a must see if you love art and culture. Dublin in general is just a fascinating place. It’s my favorite place truly.

  2. Visiting Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day is definitely on my dream list of must-do things! How amazing it must be!

    1. It’s a pretty attainable dream. Unlike visiting some other European countries, Ireland has very reasonable flights from the U.S. which makes it a place you can visit again and again!

  3. Ireland been on my bucket list for years! I have friends thats been and they all said how beautiful and re-freshening it is. I think I would lose my mind if I went for St.Patricks day. That would definitely be my most memorable trip to date!

  4. Wow, what gorgeous photos! Looks like a ton of fun. It’s been a lifelong dream to visit Ireland… One that’s finally coming true this summer 😀

  5. I’d love to visit Ireland and that parade looks fabulous! My guy is 2nd generation Irish-Australian and my great great-grandmother, was born there, I think? It’d be fun to find out if there’s any distant cousins there.

  6. I would love to go to Ireland. I have several family members that have already gone and hopefully will plan a trip again soon. The parade looks amazing.

  7. I think it would be more than amazing to visit Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day or any time of year. I have Irish in my background and would love to go!

    1. Another REAAAAAAALLLLLLY cool time of year to visit is for Halloween. Just slightly north of Dublin is where the first Halloween ever took place. There’s also a STUNNING castle not far, and they have the Bram Stoker Festival that time of year as well. But May and September are the most beautiful if you’re looking for scenic trips. I say these months because they are at the beginning and end of the peak season and still have all the pretty blossoms and weather to go with it.

  8. I am half Irish and I always dreamed of visiting Ireland . I enjoy an adult beverage on occasion also so visiting during St. Patrick’s day is probably the best possible time to visit !!! Everyone looks so happy in the photos and I would love for that to be me one day

  9. All the best and gr8 beauties u hav as giveaways. All the best for ur future and hope I win Also the blog is awesome with colors culture people and happiness all around

  10. My daughter lived in Ireland for 6 months..she loved it and talks about going back, I would love to go and visit the Emerald Island..looks amazing..Wedgewood crystal, wool blankets and sweater..awe take me away

  11. This looks like it would be a ton of fun not only th parade but all the things that are short drives around you.Looks like you had a blast.

  12. My best friend lives in Ireland, and I have wanted to go for years. To be able to visit on St. Patrick’s Day, and see all the gorgeous sights of the parade with her would be wonderful! We have spoken before, and she thinks that Americans celebrate even more than the Irish do.

  13. My mother managed to achieve her lifetime dream of visiting Ireland, and she loved every minute of her time there. If I were to somehow be able to afford such a trip, I think I’d rather tour the countryside rather than the crowds of the major cities. I’m not sure St. Patrick’s Day would be my favorite time to visit, as my understanding is that it’s really more of an American holiday.

    1. It’s actually Ireland’s holiday. You’d be surprised though. It’s not like our parades (filled with sloppy drunks and rude people) it’s very much a happy place to be. Families and friends gathered to see the creative floats and street performers. It’s all very theatrical. But yes, there is much to explore beyond the city. Ireland is truly fascinating.

  14. Wow, luv these pics! I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day & now I think next year is my year!

  15. I think going to Ireland for one would be a dream come true, but to be able to visit on such a holiday would be unimaginable! What an amazing culture and festival to be able to see!

  16. Ireland looks like it would be an amazing place to visit! I wouldn’t even know where to start if I were to go there.

  17. My wife and I have been wanting to visit Ireland for about 4 years now! Although I imagine St. Patricks Day would be intense, we would probably spend most of our time out in the countryside! It is more our style… but I would definitely throw St. Patty’s in there as an extra!

    1. You know, the parade is thick but it clears out well. It’s all a part of the experience. Everyone is in such great spirits. People from all over with their fantastic flare. The streets get busy mid day from lunch all the way into the wee hours, but it’s very much a good vibe. Everyone is having a great time! Land a SPD on a Monday and you’ve got yourself a weekend to remember. I’ve been twice, it gets better every time. I’m with you, more of the scenic stuff for me. So if it can win me over I’m sure you;d love it too.

  18. I would love to visit Ireland especially at St. Patrick’s Day . I have family roots there and I’d love to research them and immerse myself in the culture!

  19. I didn’t know St Patrick’s Day was so big in Ireland, it would be fantastic to be part of such a celebration.

  20. Would love to see the culture& try the food. Hopefuly one day I would love to see Ireland It’s on my bucket list.

    1. My favorite food in Ireland, the stuff I crave, is their fish chowder. It’s amazing. And, depending on where you get it, it’s a little different in each place. There is great cuisine in Dublin, not so much traditional Irish but other yummy foods you can’t resist.

  21. The photos are beautiful..the Irish drink like us Canadians and all this
    The Game of Thrones Tour in Northern Ireland – 1.5 hour drive
    The Wicklow Mountains – 1.5 hour drive
    The Hellfire Club – 35 minute drive
    Newgrange in Co Meath – 40 minutes drive
    Loughcrew in Co Meath – 40 minutes drive
    Trim Castle – 30 minutes drive
    Howth Island – 20 minutes drive

    is so easy to visit

  22. I’ve always wanted to go to Dublin and travel around the whole island. I think my 6 year old would have a blast too. These photos are amazing.

  23. That right there is my DREAM trip. Until it happens in reality I’ll keep dreaming! Thanks for the beautiful story & photos.

  24. My mom is from Ireland – loved this blog post! Would love to take my family there – definitely on the list : )

  25. I have always wanted to visit Ireland! I hope to go with my husband soon. I’m sure it would be awesome for St. Patrick’s Day, but I crave quiet villages and landscapes more than the party atmosphere.

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