The Best of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Dublin 2014

Behind the Scenes and the Big Event

A Photo Journal of the Most Enchanting Parade in the World

This is the best day of my life, I have never been so happy before!”

These were the words that I heard from Spain’s Vero4Travel, international press correspondent, Jesús Martínez, as we stood there snapping photos of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin. Standing there we had no idea what to expect from the home of one of the world’s most celebrated holidays. As it unraveled before our eyes, it had become apparent that this was the most interesting, cultural, and artistic parade we had ever seen. With this year kicking off a three-year theme of Past, Present, and Future, the 2014 St. Patrick’s Festival Parade was teeming with Irish history, legends, and folklore.

Behind the Scenes on St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin








The St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Dublin





















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  1. Great Pics! Almost felt like I was there. But that Intro left me wanting more. I know there must be more to follow so that must be a ‘Teaser’. ;-}

    Dovess777 / Reply
  2. Wow! What an incredible experience. The streets are nothing but GREEN! People had such a great fun. How long did it last for?

    agnesstramp / Reply
    • It was an amazing experience indeed. My time is a bit off you know. We had to arrive really early to meet with our media group and take photos with important people that I don’t know lol. We loaded onto a media bus and waited a while at the staging area. My concept of time was way off. My day started at 7am and ended at 2am. lol.

  3. Ha! Love the green skin suit with hair patches.

    grimmreport / Reply
  4. what a great day!

    ztevetevans / Reply
  5. So many great photos! I could feel the energy and vibrance of the parade.

    Elena Sonnino / Reply
  6. This looks really like a fun parade, Christa! Knowing St. Patrick’s only from my time in New York and Boston, all I remember is endless marching bands with kilts and bagpipes. This parade in Dublin seems to be almost like a green themed carnival and much rather about interesting costumes than marching in formation. It’s quite interesting to see the difference. Thanks for sharing these nice and colorful impressions… 🙂

    Dennis Kopp / Reply
    • Awe Dennis thank you! The parade is so different. You know they push their own floats! This event was very much based around mythology and the past. Next year is about the present and the following the future. I am interested to see what is in store for the next two years. As the Fairytale Traveler, I really enjoyed and for the most part understood, all of the mythical references in the parade. It was amazing.

  7. Love Love Love these shots! Especially the up-close ones of gals dancing. Neato…

    Lindsay / Reply
  8. I didnt know you were back in Ireland 🙂 Awesome photographs! I was in the crowd that day! 😀 how did you manage to get into the media?? So cool!

    jessicaGlynn / Reply
    • Thank you Jessica 🙂 Yes I was in Ireland for a bit, just returned not too long ago. If you were in the crowd then maybe you saw our media bus on the parade line. I’ve been in the media since you’ve known me. It’s been my career for quite some time… Just promoted to Senior Travel Writer too WOOOOOT! Yeah it was pretty sweet 🙂

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  10. […] was my first night back to Dublin since the St. Patrick’s Day Festival. This time I was coming back to explore a much darker side of this great city, starting with the […]

  11. I love this! Beautiful photos. I’m officially way too excited to be in Ireland for the St. Patrick’s festival! It looks like everyone is having the time of their lives. The Irish really do know how to party, don’t they?!

    Lexie / Reply
    • Lexie, you will love it. One thing about the Irish is they know how to have fun but they don’t cause a fuss like people do over here. It’s all happy goof vibes everywhere. #Immovingthereoneday LOL xx

  12. I’m irish i love it all!

    Wendi / Reply
  13. This looks like the most amazing time ever! I love the photos.

    Kim Heintz / Reply
  14. The butterfly float was so whimsical! Wonderful photos!!

    Xan Angelovich / Reply
  15. […] I was in the center of Dublin Ireland for St Patrick’s Day 2015 as I had been for 2014. It was a typical gray, chilly morning, and the streets were beginning to fill with green hair and […]

  16. […] the biggest parade may take place in Dublin, my friends and I decided we would celebrate in the city I consider to be my second home, Galway. […]

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