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Ben Aycrigg of Marvel Universe on Becoming a Superhero

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Here I go again! I was super excited to get to go with my mom to the very first ever Last night we went to the Marvel Universe Live opening at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. I was thinking of my big questions the whole way there. What do you ask a superhero anyway? My mom helped me think of a couple cool questions that we thought you might like. When I finally met him, I could only remember one. Then, I just kinda started talking to him. He’s really cool and friendly. I think he likes kids which is awesome. Here’s my interview with Ben Aycrigg of Marvel Universe Live.

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Marvel-Universe-Live-Feature-300x225The Little – How did you get to become a superhero?

Ben Aycrigg – Okay well I always ate a lot of vegetables, I listened to my mom and I always paid attention in school.

The Little – In school I got up to a hundred.

Ben Aycrigg – You got up to a hundred? Well you’re pretty much a superhero now because I didn’t get too many hundreds.

The Little– I’m actually a ninja. I could teach you a couple moves.


I wish I had more time with him to ask him about the show. We ended up play fighting instead. That was cool. He taught me how to do a real stage punch just like all the Marvel characters in the show! I think that was more fun than asking questions anyways cause now I know how to do it and I can show all my friends and tell them that Cyclops taught me how!

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