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Marvel Universe Live

Ben Aycrigg Marvel Universe Live, Tampa

Ben Aycrigg Marvel Universe Live

Tampa’s Very Own Fairytale Stunt Man, Ben Aycrigg

Is that a giant gun Ben or are you just happy to see me? Meet stunt performer Benjamin- Ben Aycrigg joining the Marvel Universe Live team from Tampa, Florida. The Fairytale Traveler just fell in love with this once Prince Charming turned Cyclops.


With a career ranging from Disney World’s Prince Charming, A Durmstrang performer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a Pirate at the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, and Knight Apprentice at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, this Tampa Bay performer is the most fairytale of them all.


Watch out ladies, he’s a handsome prince- knight in shining armor, bad-boy combo! Not too many women can say their man can wield a sword upon a brawny stead. See Ben Aycrigg for Marvel Universe Live starting in Tampa, Florida July 10-13th!

Performer Ben Aycrigg of Tampa, Florida
Performer Ben Aycrigg of Tampa, Florida

Marvel Universe Live Coming to Tampa


Behind the scenes at Marvel Universe Live rehearsal.
Behind the scenes at Marvel Universe Live rehearsal.


Marvel fans! If you haven’t heard that the first ever Marvel Universe Live is starting its debut tour in Tampa, Florida then let it be known. This is an event that you won’t want to miss featuring more than twenty-five Marvel Superhero characters that will engage in a live story that battles good versus evil to save the world before your very eyes. I am literally getting nerdbumps just writing this.


Thor behind the scenes.
Thor behind the scenes.


The story will include The Fairytale Traveler favorites like marvel Superhero Thor and Villain Loki, based on the characters of the Nordic legend in the Volsunga Saga. We are heading to the press opening of Marvel Universe Live and we have our eye on our new favorite!

The event in Tampa runs July 10th-13th with tour dates all over the U.S.A for the next two years!

For more information Marvel Universe Live showtimes and ticket prices click here!

Hope to see you there!















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