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Travel Hacking, Travel Tips for Airline Glitches and Killer Deals

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Travel Hacking Tips for Cheap Travel

Some times an airline will publish a price so low that it seems unbelievable. They are. They are system glitches usually attributed to either human or computer error.

Two facts about airline glitches, they are random and they don’t last long. While they’re typically limited to just one airline at a time, they can be for specific city pairs or several city options. Regardless, once found the airlines work fast to resolve the problem. You have to act quickly. What everyone wants to know is…

How Can I Find Out About Airline Glitches?

The obvious choices would seem to sign up at a notification site. They’ll send emails when prices go down. The problem is these don’t work too well for glitches. The notifications are usually city pair specific.  Unless you submit every possible combination, you’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities.

If You Have a Bit of Time to Search Airline Glitches

There are better ways to find these deals. The easiest? Sit at a computer and look up flights all day, every day, until you find one.

Don’t want to do that? Go where the people who are looking at flights all day go. A popular option is the Flyer Talk forums. Anytime a glitch appears their members post about it immediately. Twitter is another great source. When ridiculously low prices are being booked, you can bet the airline will trend on there.

If you want to be more proactive, think about what causes the glitches. It’s often when major sales are being announced, or airlines change their GDS systems, add new routes, or when they merge with another airline. If you learn about major shifts within any airline, keep an eye out. You may stumble upon one yourself.

If You Don’t Have Much Time for Travel Hacking

Don’t want to commit so much time to find this very random deal? Find a good travel agent that works for a larger company. Between their own clients and their coworkers’ clients, they’re more likely to come across a glitch when they happen. Use a local travel agent over one at an 800-number because they’re more likely looking for flights out of your main hub already. Throw other businesses their way and have a good relationship with them and they’re more likely to think of calling you when that deal comes up.

If you don’t like working with a travel agent or spending so much time scouring the internet then you will have to rely more on luck.

As with most “travel hacking” options flexibility is key. They don’t last long. They sell fast. Make a decision immediately and go with it. Be prepared for the airline deciding not to honor the glitch. Otherwise, have a great trip!

Do you have any travel hacks that you’d like to share?

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Ann Belle

I'm Ann, an American expat living in Germany with my husband and two kids. I worked in the travel industry for years and share some of the hacking tips I've learned along the way here on The Fairytale Traveler. I write about family travel on Travel Turtle, focusing on encouraging other families to get out and explore the world - whether a ten minute walk from your home or a ten hour drive.

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