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Top 8 Kansas Attractions for Itinerary Planning

If you’re planning your Kansas travel itinerary and looking for things to do while you’re there, we’ve come up with a few places we think you’d like. Especially Kansas attractions for families. 


Our choice of Kansas attractions are suitable for just about any type of traveler. So, keep reading and get ready to start planning. 

Kansas attractions

Kansas Attractions for Your Upcoming Trip

While Kansas City presents a great appeal to any backpacker, the city offers so much more than expected. There are plenty of natural attractions and historical exhibits that are guaranteed to enthrall any member of the family regardless of their age.


Since you’re here, you’re probably looking to fill up your itinerary. So here are 8 amazing things to do in Kansas that you should consider adding to your itinerary.

Kansas attractions

1. The National World War I Museum

This museum is popular among Kansas attractions. Situated near the Liberty Memorial, it was established in 1928 to honor those who served and died during the war.


The museum itself showcases a wide variety of letters, films, artifacts, and other historically significant pieces which were collected since 1920. The various exhibits and galleries offer a comprehensive view of the impact of war globally.


Some offer walkthroughs and re-creations of the period, complete with both visual and sound effects.


Other exhibits showcase the stories and recollections of persons who experienced World War I, whether civilians or soldiers. There are many other notable items that the museum displays, such as a genuine Renault FT-17 tank that sustained damage from a German bomb, uniforms, weapons, and soldiers’ personal items.


As such, the museum boasts a total of over 75, 000 artifacts, one of the world’s largest.

Kansas attractions, Greek pottery

2. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

This museum hosts an impressive collection of cultural artifacts, namely North American, Asian, European, and African in nature. There are also items from Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Near Eastern cultures on display as well, dating from as far as the 2nd millennium BC.


This collection represents the culmination of about 2,500 years of craftsmanship, showcasing over 400 varied media pieces from wood to ivory.


There are a variety of Native American pieces, distinctive in the use of intricate beadwork, basketwork, pottery, and ornate quills. The European art collection is quite expansive, dating from medieval times into the 1800s, particularly highlighting 19th-century Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings.


The museum’s additional galleries display Japanese, Chinese, and American artworks, while others focus both on contemporary and modern art. Also contained within the museum is a sculpture park, where visitors can peruse the incredible sculptures on display.


The grounds are also a great spot for walks, picnics, and sports. Art enthusiasts or not, anyone would appreciate the numerous adventure opportunities this museum provides among Kansas attractions.

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas attractions
Arrowhead Stadium Kj1595, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

3. Arrowhead Stadium

Home of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium is truly a feat of human design and a favorite among Kansas attractions for families. Just ask the fans present at the 2014 Chiefs versus New England Patriots game.


The noise generated from their shouts and chants set a Guinness World Record of 142.2 decibels, and for reference, that’s louder than the sound of a jet plane taking off. The stadium is also the fourth largest NFL stadium in terms of capacity.


Thanks to its amazing sound engineering, the stadium also makes it the perfect place for concerts and many other events.


For sports fans, Arrowhead Stadium also hosts guided tours of the grounds, Locker Rooms, Press Box, and Chiefs Hall of Honor. Here visitors and fans can learn about the history of the franchise, its players, and its achievements.


There are plenty of exhibits and videos located throughout the Hall that provide further information about the team, as well as a Ring of Honor that features every Chiefs Hall of Famer.


On game day, there is also an exclusive tour available, which offers behind-the-scenes views of the production team and a 15-minute stay on the sidelines during game preparations. To complete your gameday experience, you can also place your bets using online sportsbooks such as Caesars sportsbook Kansas.


To the delight of many sports fans, sports betting was made legal in nearby Kansas last year, hence it’s now possible to place wagers online or at any retail sports lounge or casino.

Legoland, Kansas attractions

4. Legoland

Another of the top Kansas attractions is Legoland. Legoland Kansas is guaranteed to entertain all members of the family, both the young and forever young. It features many exhibits, the most iconic being a replica of Kansas City, which took approximately 1.5 million LEGO bricks to build.


The miniature encapsulates all the major landmarks like Arrowhead Stadium, the World War I Memorial, and the Crown Plaza. There are workshops available for aspiring builders, and visitors are also offered the opportunity to talk with LEGO masters.


Of course, there are plenty of photo-ops throughout the establishment, where the family can strike a pose with many of their favorite LEGO characters. Legoland also offers various shows at the 4D cinema, which stimulates all the senses.


There are also many interactive rides, virtual reality games, and a Ninjago training camp which consists of a laser maze obstacle course.

Kansas attractions

5. Kansas City Zoo

Thanks to recent renovations and upgrades, the Kansas City Zoo has made a name for itself over the past few years. The zoo holds over 200 different species from all over the world, with each habitat thoroughly detailed and highlighted.


Its 1,700-plus inhabitants include rhinos, leopards, African elephants, giraffes, wallabies, and various primate species such as orangutans, chimpanzees, and blue monkeys. There is also plenty of ocean life such as jellyfish, stingrays, sea lions, penguins, and many more.


The Helzberg Penguin Plaza is undoubtedly the zoo’s most popular exhibit and is quite an amazing habitat constructed of ice and stone. The habitat even features fresh snowfall, to mimic the penguin’s natural environment as much as possible.

Kansas attractions

6. The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

Another favorite among Kansas attractions for families, this museum hosts an impressive collection of fine-scale miniatures – one of the world’s largest – many of which are perfectly scaled duplications of actual art pieces and artifacts.


There is also an extensive assembly of antique toys including games, model trains, figures, and dolls. Among the pieces are a small ornate ebony and gold chest and a 1955 Singer sewing machine.


Most notably, the museum offers adults a chance to relive their childhood by hosting marble tournaments and showing Saturday morning cartoons, complimented by a large bowl of cereal.

Aquarium, Kansas attractions

7. Sea Life Kansas City

Sea Life Kansas City is home to a 260,000-gallon tank, complete with a walk-through ocean tunnel that offers views of the various ocean dwellers contained within its walls. The tank’s residents include sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, and many more.


Of the exhibits, the Sea Turtle Rescue center is among the most popular. The exhibit is home to many rescued turtles, and an Interactive Touchpool allows visitors to interact with ocean life such as sea urchins and starfish.


Doodle Reef is also a rather impressive feature of the exhibit which young artists will appreciate as they watch their drawings come to life.

Westport, Kansas attractions
Westport User:Iknowthegoods, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

8. Westport Neighborhood

If you’re on the hunt for a nice neighborhood to explore, look no further than Westport. This is the city’s oldest yet most popular sightseeing destination and is also the site of the Battle of Westport, which was a crucial victory to end the Civil War.


The community is sure to offer many shopping opportunities and great restaurants while it also hosts concerts, holiday celebrations, and festivals.


To Conclude

There are plenty of Kansas attractions to explore, no matter your age. There is plenty to learn, see, and experience and these are definitely places you should consider on your next trip down the yellow brick road to the Sunflower state. 


While you’re Kansas City vacation planning, consider a few of the options above and get the most out of what Kansas attractions have to offer.

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