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Mojave Desert, las vegas off strip

Las Vegas Off Strip 8 Epic Places to Explore

Most people associate Nevada with the Las Vegas Strip, its most iconic gambling mecca. But there are many places to explore beyond the city. Las Vegas off strip experiences can be adventurous, historic, and nostalgic.

We’re going to give you a balanced overview of what you can expect to find if you’re willing to venture off the beaten path with these Las Vegas off strip places to visit.

las vegas off strip

Explore Las Vegas Off Strip

Old Vegas (Downtown)

Our first and closest Las Vegas off strip place to visit is Old Vegas, also known as Downtown Las Vegas.


Old Vegas offers plenty in terms of relaxation, dining, entertainment, and cultural inspiration and its lights and vintage flare are an attraction all on their own.


To get a glimpse into the history of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, the Mob Museum is the place to be. It tells a story of how US policemen fought organized crime throughout the years.


For a somewhat less heavy theme, there’s the Neon Museum which houses a collection of neon signs.


And for some good old-fashioned entertainment, you can definitely have some fun at the best Nevada casinos, and at you’ll find an extensive list of the top-notch ones. For example, Plaza Hotel and Casino is your best bet.


Being one of the most popular casinos in Nevada, it gives you a glimpse of what Vegas is all about at a fraction of the cost. Plus, it hosts live bingo events, so what’s not to love?


Alternatively, stop by The Golden Nugget casino, one of the top casinos in Nevada, an establishment that dates far back to 1946. With plenty of accommodation options, live entertainment, and 1000+ slot machines to pick from, including the ones with progressive jackpots, you won’t get bored anytime soon!

REd Rock Canyon, las vegas off strip

Red Rock Canyon

Our next Las Vegas off strip place to explore is Red Rock Canyon is a rewarding experience for those who aren’t afraid of the scorching desert sun. Its rock formations are something unique and inspiring but don’t forget to bring your best outdoor shoes and other outdoor essentials outlined in this comprehensive guide.


Once you get accustomed to the environmental conditions, you’ll find that natural surroundings like these make for the perfect escape from day-to-day stress and are very much rejuvenating. You are quite likely to find a suitable spot for camping as well.


When walking along the distinct orangey and red rock formations, don’t forget to take a picture. Better yet, if you can find a safe way to hike on top, some of them are way over a thousand feet in height, which is another reason to bring a good camera with you to eternalize these memories.


You will be stunned to learn these rock formations are well over 180 million years old.

Mojave Desert, las vegas off strip

The Mojave Desert

If you’re looking for a rugged and exciting day trip from Las Vegas, take your desert exploration up a notch in the Mojave Desert, the hottest desert in the US.


But it’s much more than that! This Las Vegas off strip highlight is where you will find landscapes and national parks that lend themselves perfectly to a wide assortment of off-road activities. It’s where you will find the glorious Joshua Tree, a species that cannot be seen anywhere else.


Visiting its two national parks and a national preserve makes for a perfect family trip. You won’t need to exert yourself too much to find plenty of hiking and camping opportunities as well.


For something a bit more spooky, head on over to the Calico Ghost Town; it truly gives you that haunted vibe at night.

Ghost Town, las vegas off strip

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Speaking of spooky, Rhyolite Ghost Town is another tourist attraction that continues to grab the attention of those who like cool and creepy history. It’s a fun Las Vegas off strip site to see for most ages.


The story goes that the area achieved rapid growth in the 1800s and 1900s, but demise followed shortly thereafter in a similar rapid fashion.


In 1906, the furious San Francisco earthquake brought it down to its knees, which shortly brought about the closure of miles and various businesses packing up and moving their operations elsewhere, along with employees who were making their living there.


In 1914, the town no longer had access to electricity, gradually driving every last inhabitant to greener pastures. In the process, many buildings were left behind, some in a better state than others.


These now serve as a hotspot for tourism, especially for those coming from the big city. Las Vegas off strip adventures like this can really add to a Vegas vacation.

las vegas off strip, Lake Meade

Lake Mead

Do you love watersports and nature? Then Lake Mead is bound to have plenty to offer, especially if you’re looking to improve your scuba diving techniques.


The 1.5 million acres of land hide a wealth of opportunities for swimming, boating, camping, fishing, and hiking, and all that is merely 40 miles away from the heart of Vegas if you’re planning to travel by car.


If you don’t know where to start, why not take a tour of the Hoover Dam? You can rent a kayak and see where the flow takes you from there.


If you prefer to travel on foot, its hiking trails will guide you through the rich ecosystem of 900 plants and 500 animal species that inhabit these lands.


Once your feet start hurting from all the walking, pick a fishing spot to relax.

Lake Tahoe, las vegas off strip

Lake Tahoe

This Las Vegas off strip destination makes it hard to believe you’re even in Nevada. If you just can’t get enough of outdoor activities while feasting your eyes on pristine blue waters, here’s another natural jewel – Lake Tahoe.


It’s hidden right in the middle of a mountain ring and it stretches 22 miles long.


People come here to explore one of its several hiking trails and if the weather is right, sunbathe on the beach. You could even find a campsite that suits your liking and spend the night in these beautiful natural surroundings with a family member or loved one.


What’s even better is that the area is worth a visit the whole year round, even during the winter when various ski resorts in its vicinity resume their operations.

Reno, las vegas off strip


It seems Nevada has a thing for decorating its cities in the style of Vegas. Reno is a Las Vegas off strip destination that in many ways resembles its mother city, Vegas.


It’s relatively small in terms of its population which currently sits at about 250,000.


Still, it might be the place to visit if you’re looking for a similar vibe. Here, many tourist attractions and special events can be found, including The Great Reno Balloon Race, the Hot August Nights car convention, and the National Championship Air races.


There are plenty of museums here as well, an example of which is the National Automobile Museum.


You’ll be glad to know that Reno is just an hour away from Lake Tahoe if you’re driving by car, so you could easily plan a weekend getaway with your family. At the end of the day, who could say no to an indoor + outdoor exploration combo?

Great Basin National Park, las vegas off strip

Great Basin National Park

Venturing about 300 miles north of Las Vegas is the Great Basin National Park and its countless natural wonders. Unlike a typical natural park you might be used to, its charms also stretch way below the surface in the form of underground caverns that are suitable for exploring.


In particular, the Lehman Caves are where many dare to venture underground and explore its organically-formed labyrinths and geographical formations. The guided tour lasts about an hour and a half.


It’s a good idea to bring a good pair of walking shoes with you.


Outside, there are plenty of hiking trails and stopping points ready for you when you need to take a breather and admire the vistas. To snap a particularly stunning landscape photo, climb atop the Mather Overlook. It’s near Teresa Lake.


In Conclusion

Although the Nevada gambling scene is thriving in the state, there are plenty of things to do besides gambling, so it’s best to diversify your experience. We’ve given you the rundown of the region’s top tourist attractions and hotspots; now, it’s on you to treat yourself to the trip of a lifetime.


Start planning your Las Vegas off strip adventures so you can have an epic Nevada experience.

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