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best nightclubs in Barcelona

7 of the Best Nightclubs in Barcelona

If you’re looking for the best nightclubs in Barcelona then you’ll be happy to know that the city full of bars, pubs, and clubs that liven up the nights every day of the week. It is a city full of alternatives for you to go out with your friends and enjoy a good session of music, dancing, and maximum fun.


In this article, we have reviewed the best nightclubs in Barcelona so that you can find out which are the most outstanding clubs of the moment and which clubs best suit your style of Barcelona’s nightlife!

best nightclubs in Barcelona

The Best Nightclubs in Barcelona

Sutton Club Barcelona

First on our list of the best nightclubs in Barcelona is the Sutton Club. Since its opening in 2001, Sutton Club Barcelona has become one of the trendiest clubs in Barcelona.


Frequented by the most sophisticated people in Barcelona, it’s not unusual to see celebrities, famous athletes, and the rich partying there. The people who usually frequent this club are between 21 and 40 years old and are looking for the best parties and good music.


The dress code is elegant. You are not allowed to wear sportswear, and if you are wearing jeans, you must wear smart dress shoes. Boys must wear a collared shirt.


Sutton has two rooms, both with different styles of music; in one, you can enjoy house music, and in the other, you can enjoy commercial and reggae music. It is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive clubs in Barcelona.

best nightclubs in Barcelona

Second on our list of the best nightclubs in Barcelona is the former Celeste club, now known as the Razzmatazz. It’s one of the essential venues of Barcelona’s nightlife.


Here you’ll find that it’s a large factory divided into different atmospheres where you can dance to the rhythm of pop, electronica, alternative rock, and so on.


And, of course, Razzmatazz also has a large outdoor terrace where you can smoke and enjoy a refreshing drink overlooking the Marina area. A perfect venue for music lovers, and also for live music lovers, as they offer a varied program of outstanding concerts.

best nightclubs in Barcelona

Sala Apolo

We cannot talk about the best clubs in Barcelona without mentioning one of the best-known and most popular alternative venues at the moment: Sala Apolo.


This former theatre converted into a party and concert hall is a mecca for many locals who want to go out any day of the week. Apolo is open absolutely every day to fill your nights with the best parties and the best atmosphere.


Such is the success of Apolo that they now also have La 2 and La 3, two more rooms that have been built on the ground floor where you can dance to a variety of music and enjoy an outdoor terrace to smoke or have a drink in a relaxed way.


Opium Barcelona

Another favorite is the Vila Olímpica. It is one of the most exclusive party areas in Barcelona and is home to Opium. It is a nightclub near the beach where you can enjoy a select and international atmosphere.


At Opium you can not only dance on the dance floor but you can also have a cocktail on its large terrace overlooking the Mediterranean.


It is one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona for electronic music, as the most famous international DJs of the moment have played in its mixing booth: David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and Tiesto.


Pachá Barcelona

Also next to the beach, we find another of the most emblematic clubs, not only in Barcelona but in the whole country: Pachá. This discotheque, which became well-known in Ibiza, opened its headquarters in the city of Barcelona.


At first, it was located in the university area, but nowadays it is located in the Vila Olímpica, in an idyllic enclave overlooking the sea.


Pachá is a restaurant, cocktail bar, and nightclub, all in the same space. So, here you can dine, drink and dance until your body says “Enough”. This nightclub is also open every day and has an Ibizan atmosphere that pays homage to its origins.

best nightclubs in BarcelonaCity Hall

City Hall is a classic among those who love nightlife and has become one of the best clubs in Barcelona. This club, located in the heart of the Rambla, is the perfect place to vibrate to electronic and dance music.


Due to its location, it tends to attract an international audience of all ages.


The atmosphere in the room is very lively and fun, and they also usually offer live concerts by some of the most important bands of the moment. Undoubtedly, a place of reference for anyone who comes to Barcelona and wants to spend an unforgettable night.



Finally, one of the temples of electronic music in Barcelona that is open on Mondays is Moog, a venue located in the city center, very close to Las Ramblas and in the Raval neighborhood.


It offers good music and a good atmosphere making it one of the best clubs in Barcelona for locals and visitors.

best nightclubs in Barcelona
In Closing

Barcelona is a magical place both by day and night. Whether it’s a party you’re looking for, or if you just want to soak in the culture by night, the above is a great way to start. Just start with one of our recommendations for the best nightclubs in Barcelona and you’ll be well on your way to dancing the night away.


Don’t forget to always be smart when going out, especially if you’re a tourist in a place you’re not familiar with. While there are amazing clubs in Barcelona, you can never be too cautious when it comes to staying out late. 


Don’t leave drinks unattended, leave with strangers, or drive. There’s no point in searching for or experiencing the best nightclubs in Barcelona if your night ends in disaster. Stay safe!


With all that we’ve listed above with regard to clubs in Barcelona, you have plenty to choose from and much fun to have. 

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