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Game of thrones filming locations in northern ireland, tollymore forest

5 Top Film Locations In Europe You Can Visit This Winter

Europe is what you would call a travelers paradise. But, apart from travel, it has also inspired tons of filmmakers and artists the world over. The landscapes simply are so stunning you can’t give them a miss. So, if you’re planning a winter holiday, why don’t you consider some of these iconic locations where some of the most popular movies in the world were shot?


Belfast, Northern Ireland (Game of Thrones)


With the HBO TV series being the number one watch show in the world, I think it’s fair to say it’s one of the most popular film locations in Europe to explore. The Antrim Coast, Tollymore Forest, Castle Ward and surrounding areas are home to hundreds of scenes from the show. And with the northern coast of the emerald isle being known for its astounding natural beauty, the Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland is a must see for everyone. Even if you’re not a fan.


Pembrokeshire, UK (Robin Hood)


Pembrokeshire already has the title of the best beach in Europe. But, apart from the natural and wild coasts, you can find a lot more at Pembrokeshire as well. The Freshwater West Beach was also the backdrop for the Robin Hood movie with Russel Crowe. So, you don’t just have beautiful beaches to enjoy you could also spend some time trying to figure out which exact locations the movie was shot in. If you’re not a fan of Robin Hood or Russel Crowe, you can head down to Tenby which is the backdrop for the hit BBC series Sherlock. Now, everyone’s a fan of this show aren’t they?


Paris, France (Inception)


Paris is perhaps the most popular city in Europe as far as film locations are concerned. It’s the capital of culture, of love, and is a city of impressionists, Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Manray, and many others. But, among all the famous films that were shot in this city, none are more popular than Inception with Leonardo Di Caprio. Perhaps it’s time you got a Netflix VPN and watched Inception again? When you make your way through the city, do not miss the Bir-Hakem Bridge and the 15th arrondissement where the movie was shot. The bridge is quite a feat in modern engineering by itself. Just add to that the fact that it can be seen in Inception. It’s a movie buff’s dream come true wouldn’t you say?


Alnwick Castle, UK (Harry Potter)


Alnwick Castle is quite famous among film lovers. There are a lot of movies which have been shot in the castle, but the most famous movie has got to be Harry Potter. A part of the castle is still occupied by the Duke of Percy, but the rest of the castle is open to all. There is no better way of immersing yourself in the Hogwarts universe than by walking down the halls of this castle.


Skellig Michael Island, Ireland (Star Wars)


While this island might seem like it’s really far off, you can get to it quite easily by plane or boat. The island is where the Force Awakens was shot with Mark Hamill. It’s also being used in the upcoming The Last JediThe movie helped boost tourism in Ireland quite a bit, and the best part is that no unwanted effects have come from the movie’s shooting. The place has been preserved well and nature’s raw power still awaits you at the island.

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