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7 Fantastic Ski Vacation Destinations Across the World

Are you trying to organize your next ski trip but you just can’t decide on where you want to go?


Or perhaps you’ve always secretly dreamed of learning to hit those ski slopes and never made that final decision to go through with it?


Well, no matter what the reasons for your interest in a ski vacation may be, you’ve come to the right place. 


When it comes to finding a ski destination, there are hundreds of different options out there to choose from, so it can be tricky to narrow down where is best.


And if you don’t have all of the information at hand, it can become a little bit overwhelming. But this is about finding the ultimate ski destination, and you should be excited! 


To help you find the perfect ski vacation, we have compiled seven great destinations dotted around the world for you to consider, as they are all highly recommended. Let’s get to it!

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ski vacation

7 Key Ski Destinations to Visit on Your Next Vacation 

Banff, Canada

This ski vacation destination has so much to offer – you’ve got 1,500 km (932 miles) of hiking trails, lakes, and of course, plenty of ski courses to enjoy throughout the day.


Plus, Canadians are famed for their friendliness and politeness, meaning you’ll get the benefit of stunning views and a welcome that’s unlike any other.


What’s not to love? It’s truly a nature lover’s dream. Are you hoping to get a little taste of what the local cuisine is like in the place you visit?


No problem! Grab yourself a plate of poutine at the end of the day after hours of jam-packed activities and adventures. 


It’s the perfect ski vacation destination for any winter-sport fanatic. 

ski vacation

Dolomites, Italy

This ski vacation destination is so moving and incredibly beautiful that it’s easy to see why Dolomites in Italy is such a popular tourist destination.


Of course, Italian food is always a winner, with delicious cheese and wine offerings to help toast a great day on the slopes.


The Dolomites is actually even home to the world’s largest ski area, the Dolomiti Superski, so you’ll have lots of ground to cover!


One of the most interesting features of Dolomites is that it’s also a great option for those who prefer to pay a visit in the warmer summer months, Dolomites has mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, and more for you to get your teeth stuck into. 


For outdoor lovers, especially those looking for an exciting ski vacation, Dolomites is perfect. 

ski vacation

Aosta Valley, Italy

If the sound of a whirlwind adventure to the slopes of the Dolomites doesn’t fill you with wanderlust, then the Aosta Valley ski area certainly will. It’s a great ski vacation destination that’s still in Italy. 


Featuring three of the highest peaks Europe has to offer (Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, and Matterhorn), this is a must for any true fans of high-altitude adventure.


Fortunately, the resorts in the surrounding areas of Aosta Valley offer a wide range of runs, so that skiers of all ages and abilities can enjoy their visit.


There’s even a children’s ski area to let little ones learn in a fun and supportive environment away from experts and high-risk slopes. An ideal destination for novices, intermediates, and experts alike! 


It’s family-friendly, making this a great ski vacation destination for you and your loved ones. 

ski vacation

Three Valleys, France

With 180 lifts and 600 km of skiing on 330 marked pistes, you’re going to be able to keep very busy when visiting the Three Valleys in France. There are so many different places to ski, making it a great ski vacation destination. 


Based in the northern French alps, there are incredible panoramic views for people of all kinds of skiing and snowboarding abilities.


What better place to experience an adrenaline rush than in the breathtaking beauty of the French alps? 

ski vacation

Park City, Utah

Considered to be one of the best-looked-after ski areas in the whole of North America, Park City in Utah is definitely a destination to give some consideration to for your ski vacation. 


It’s a great choice for people who are looking for some family-friendly facilities, desirable powdery snow, and lots of fun options for members of your party who may not want to hit the slopes.


That’s right, Park City offers a wide range of shops, nightclubs, hot springs, forests, and more, right on its doorstep! A surefire winner for ski lovers and those who like a little retail therapy on their vacation. 

ski vacation

Niseko, Japan

Whether you’re looking for tree runs or open slopes, Niseko in Japan can accommodate you on your ski vacation. 


It’s the most famous ski resort in Japan and has definitely earned this title, as it is renowned around the world.


It’s well known for its light, fluffy snow with below-zero temperatures to maintain its quality.


Due to this incredible attention to detail, Niseko attracts visitors from far and wide to sample what it has to offer – and after one visit, they often come back time and time again! 

ski vacation

Whistler, Canada

This ski resort has a reputation for incredible views, awe-inspiring pistes, and world-renowned skiing opportunities and amenities for all visitors.


Considered something of a winter wonderland, many keen skiing enthusiasts have this destination as one of the ultimate dream places.


Once you’ve experienced the unforgettable tree routes and snow parks at your disposal, you’ll soon see why!


Whistler Mountain, Couloir extreme, and the Big Bang are just some of the stunning places for adrenaline junkies to test their nerves on.


And what better way to celebrate a day on the slopes than enjoying a range of worldwide cuisines at one of the fine eateries the resort has to offer?

ski vacation


And there you have it! These are just a handful of the options for a ski vacation you have out there. There are incredible ski slopes all across the world, so if you’re wanting to get into skiing, check out where is nearest to you. 


Remember that everyone starts somewhere and that no one is an instant skiing expert. Nonetheless, getting some fresh air and experiencing the thrill of a snow-covered slope is about as good as it gets!


Even if you’re a novice, don’t worry. On this list, there are options for a ski vacation for any skill level. Novice, intermediate, expert- you name it!


There are options that are thrilling, as well as options that are more relaxing. Consider who you’re bringing on this next ski vacation- your family? No worries! There are options for that as well. 


Skiing can be intimidating, even for experts, but no worries. This winter wonderland activity can be made very simple as long as you nail down where you want to go, what you want to see, and what you want to do. 


If you’re looking for more wintry activities to do this winter season, consider checking out some of our other winter-wonderland guides. 


It’s an amazing hobby to have and your vacations will never be the same again. In fact, don’t be surprised if you end up planning to visit one of these ski destinations every year! 

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