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Top 5 Places To Go if You’re Traveling on a Budget

Traveling on a budget can seem daunting, and many people aren’t really sure where to start.


Think about it. What is your dream vacation? Many people will start planning months in advance for a dream vacation.


In fact, many people start wondering where to go in summer while it’s still snowing and everyone is singing carols inside the cozy house.


And we can’t lie, this is a good approach because the choice for the summer vacation is a responsible step. You want everything to be perfectly planned to have the best emotions and memories. 


There’s a question from many. How to choose a unique destination, have fun and save money? If you try tips and destination ideas from the article, this is not a complex task.


It’s a common stereotype that traveling is expensive and not worth it. You have to forget about it because it can open your eyes to life in other parts of the world and change your mindset. 


And summer traveling is one of the best experiences for many. So whether you enjoy warm weather, strong rains, or fresh air in the mornings, you will find your best place in the following list.


The destinations in this list are great because you can spend as much or as little as needed. They have options for high rollers, and they have options for new travelers or travelers on a budget. 


As we like to say… sightseeing is almost always free! These destinations have a wealth of things to do in nature or just look at the beautiful views. 


Some of the destinations are quite common, but they still have a lot to offer for inexperienced tourists and picky travelers. So let’s get into it and see what destinations are worth trying. 

traveling on a budget

Traveling on a Budget: 5 Places to Try 


For those who think traveling to the UK is a bad idea for a summer vacation, it’s time to break all stereotypes. Being a relatively expensive country to reside in, the UK seems to be a budgetary choice for travelers.


However, you can buy business class flights to the United Kingdom with VOYAGU and enjoy a reasonably priced vacation for you or your family. So what can you see in England? 


First of all, you can enjoy some time on the beach. Also, there are many extreme and adrenaline-junkie options for dedicated risk-taking tourists. 


You can breathe in its history and get observed by the multinational country within a couple of weeks. There are so many things to see!


And it doesn’t have to be a costly adventure. If you buy low-cost tickets and plan everything to book the best hotel room, you will come up with a cheap check for your trip. 

traveling on a budget


 Let’s switch from the regular European-like vacation and try what the island can offer you. 


Bali is a magnificent place for many. It’s a place with a specific energy that helps people find themselves, develop strength and have some rest from the fussy city life.


Cheap food, tasty seasonal fruits, welcoming locals, and the most picturesque landscapes await you. You won’t need to pay more for the tickets, because there are Bali flights at a reasonable price


Bali can be the trip of a lifetime without necessarily draining your bank account! Definitely consider Bali f you’re looking to travel on a budget. 

traveling on a budget


If you are a real foodie and enjoy trying something new, it’s time to visit Portugal and add some more tasty dishes to your collection.


You can spend days enjoying the ocean breeze, eating your favorite seafood, and speaking to the locals. It’s one of the best experiences for inexperienced travelers.


If it’s one of your first summer trips, and you want to make it memorable, Portugal should be your option. It’s a great starter location if you’re newer to traveling and don’t want to take on a large, daunting country. 

traveling on a budget

South America 

Are you a jungle lover? South America is your next option if you can’t stand hot temperatures and need some fresh air during your vacation.


There are surely places with extreme temperatures, but you can also find supreme spots with high humidity levels.


Traveling alone or with a group of friends, you will nail this trip and remember the experience forever. But be careful with the snakes and mosquitos!


The sights alone are worth a million! Make sure you bring your picture camera, you’ll need it! 

traveling on a budget


Let’s finish this list with one of the most desirable and thought-for trip destinations this summer. Why Italy?


The history of the country, its art, and its food can make you see the world differently. Of course, if you decide to travel to Italy, you should check out the most popular places.


But going somewhere out of the tourist’s track is worth it, too. Unique nature landscapes and fresh air will make you fall in love with the country even more. 


Italy has so many options for traveling on a budget. It’s possible to have a dream vacation all while spending smart!


If you focus your money on finding a place to stay (try an Airbnb) and your transportation costs, most of the sightseeing in Italy is completely free. 

traveling on a budget

How to Travel on Budget: Top 3 Tips 

You can choose what destinations to visit this summer. How do you travel without spending your monthly budget? Here are simple tips to follow. 


First off, check out cheap flights to save on the trip. It’s no wonder that flights might take the lion’s share of the trip budget. So, you should look for cheap flight tickets. 


Plan everything. If it’s a spontaneous adventure, you can still make it a cheap one. Luckily, at the Fairytale Traveler, we are experts in everything related to vacation planning and we’d love to help! 


But when you have loads of time ahead, it is easier to check out the details, find the best options and choose what you like the most to have an exciting experience in a new country. 


Don’t go alone. If you prefer traveling alone, it might be pricier. So, it’s always better to go with friends and share this experience. 


Traveling is affordable if you choose the trip wisely. There will be no money issues if you choose a low-cost flight or plan your staying options ahead. 

traveling on a budget

Final Words

So, are you still considering where you should go on vacation this summer? If you’re traveling on a budget, you can still plan your dream vacation!


Of the 5 destinations located in the article, any of them will work for your dream vacation. Whether you’re choosing Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, South America, or Bali, you have plenty of options. 


What makes these options so great is that you can tailor your vacation to fit your needs. Spend as little or as much as you want, there’s something for everybody. 


Traveling isn’t expensive with cheap flights. You can see the most picturesque places while keeping things on a budget. You can find low-cost tickets and see the places listed in the article. 


Often, the plane ticket or transportation to the destination is the most expensive and frustrating part of the vacation process. However, as mentioned above, cheap flights can be found in this article!


We hope you’re feeling more than ready to hop on a plane and not be afraid to plan your dream vacation this summer! 

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