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Romantic Experiences in New Zealand, Summer in New Zealand

Have An Awesome Summer in New Zealand

If you are looking to discover the summer in New Zealand and know the best places to visit in the summer, you are on the right place, in this post I explain it to you. First of all, tell you that New Zealand has everything for this season.


This country has a temperate climate and you will enjoy many hours of sunshine. The summer in New Zealand is full of backpackers and travelers who want to experience everything from sunny weather, landscapes, and adventure with activities of pure adrenaline.


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Summer in New Zealand


New Zealand’s summer ranges from the months of December to February and temperatures range between 21 and 32 ° C (70 to 90 ° F). Long days of rest and warm, clear nights are the hallmark of New Zealand’s vacation.


With its beautiful landscapes, sociable people and a temperate climate, this country is the perfect option for the sunny season. You can make trips to the beach, as well as some incredible views that you can only see in summer in New Zealand.


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Why Summer in New Zealand is a Great Destination


A large number of beaches and lakes in New Zealand are perfect to cool off and take a dip during the summer. The summer activities revolve around the sun, the sea, and the sand.


Also, if you organize it well, you can celebrate Christmas, New Year and many festivals, you will get to make a special trip that you will not forget. No matter where you go from New Zealand, you will see that any place is a picture postcard.


From the snowy peaks to the white sand beaches, the shimmering coves and the rainforests, New Zealand is a paradise that is waiting to be explored by you.


The best reasons to summer in New Zealand is that the days are very long, you will enjoy pleasant temperatures, you will have fun with little money, the rainy days are not going to be a problem, you will enjoy the beach without being on the coast, you can make camping without going cold and enjoy incredible views.


Moving around this country is quite easy. Vacations by car is usually the most popular and what gives more autonomy for the flexibility to stop and admire the beauty of each place you see, is something that you can’t do on a bus.


Facts about New Zealand


Places and Things to Do


Bay of Islands

It is called the ‘north without winter’, if you are looking for high temperatures, Bay of Islands is the best place to go. Temperatures can go above 30 ° C.


It is known for its pristine beaches, abundant marine life and idyllic climate, this portion of paradise meets all the requirements. You can go to the beach, surf, swim, sail and dolphin safaris.


And in just 4 hours you are at the northernmost point of New Zealand, Cape Reinga and the huge sand dunes and the giant trees of Kauri! The Bay of Islands also hosts one of the major historical events in New Zealand, where Europeans and Maoris signed the Treaty of Waitangi.



Auckland is one of the entrances to New Zealand, where most travelers come and go. There are many things to do and it is much cheaper in Auckland.


Auckland is also home to the Hauraki Gulf, which has some impressive and unique islands to visit, you can’t miss the Waiheke Island!


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Hot Water Beach

The hot water beach is the most popular beach in New Zealand, visited by 700,000 tourists every year. It’s an amazing place to be and you just have to dig in the sand to get hot water.


In a few minutes, you can create your private jacuzzi. The ideal time to enjoy the hot water beach and have more chances of having your jacuzzi is within an interval of two hours before or after low tide.


campervan road trip, New Zealand



The best surf in New Zealand is in the beautiful city of Raglan and is known as the surf capital. Raglan is a very small city that you can walk from one place to another in 20 seconds.


The Ocean Beach is a good place to swim, for a bodyboarding session or even for a surf lesson.



Located in one of the most active volcanic regions in the world, Rotorua is surrounded by hot springs, steaming geysers and boiling mud pools.


Although it is not a traditional place to spend a vacation, summer in New Zealand, Rotorua has a spectacular lake and the oldest mountain biking network in the country: the Whakarewarewa forest.


If you are planning a explore summer in New Zealand or are simply looking for inspiration for new places to visit, you really can’t go wrong with these places. Remember that UV levels in New Zealand are very intense. Make sure you use sunscreen!

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