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7 Ways To Make Sure They’ll Love The Clothes You Buy Them!

As far as timeless and thoughtful gift ideas go, gifting clothes remain a popular option. A well-chosen piece of clothing is always a delight to receive as a gift.


Additionally, the recipient will be grateful for a gift that they can ideally use more than once and has practical use in their everyday life. Who doesn’t enjoy a brand new pair of socks or a thoughtful sweater? 


If you’re gifting clothes on a gift-giving occasion like Christmas, a birthday, a housewarming, or a wedding, there are some unwritten rules that would be wise for you to follow.


Given that people are often very particular about clothing, you should put in the extra effort to buy them a gift that they’ll actually appreciate and use as often as possible. You wouldn’t want to spend your money on a clothing-related gift that’ll be received out of politeness, but otherwise never see the light of day.


Make it worth your while, as well as the recipient’s, by being careful about the clothes you choose to give as gifts. To that end, here are seven tips that you should follow when gifting someone with clothes. Keep these in mind the next time you go shopping for women’s pajama tops and other clothing gifts.

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7 Lifehacks To Follow When Gifting Clothes 

When in Doubt About Your Gift, Ask Them First

The first item on our list of gifting clothes is simple. Before anything else, think about whether your intended recipient would appreciate getting a clothing-related gift from you in the first place. 


Don’t discount the possibility that they may want or need something else more than they need new clothes, or that other people (like their immediate family members) may be in a better position to buy clothing items for them.


If you want to be extra sure, there’s no harm in asking them outright. And if they’ve expressed interest in a clothing-related gift, find a tactful way to ask them about important details like their size and the fabrics they feel comfortable in.


It may take away from the element of surprise, but there’s a better chance that the person will be happy about their gift because they’ve received exactly what they needed or wanted. That, of course, should be the most important consideration when gifting clothes. 

gifting clothes, gift

Take Their Personal Style and Interests into Consideration

Another thing you should do before gifting clothes and adding them to your shopping cart is to get to know your gift recipient’s personal style. They will be most appreciative of a gift that already fits their tastes.


A clothing gift that doesn’t match their aesthetic, on the other hand, might be relegated to the back section of their closet not long after it is received. 


Does your recipient like to wear bright colors, or are they the type to rock more neutral hues? Are they daring about the clothing cuts and styles they wear on the regular or do their everyday looks lean more on the conservative side?


Find the answers by paying attention to what they regularly wear when you see them, or what they show in their photos on social media. Need help nailing down names of aesthetics? We’d recommend this article. 

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Go for Useful and Adaptable Clothing Basics

Though everyone has their preferences, there are certain clothing items that a broad range of gift recipients will like due to their versatility and all-purpose nature. Examples include basic solid-colored tees, socks, and joggers. 


You can never go wrong when gifting clothes if you choose thoughtful basics. Who doesn’t need a quality white t-shirt or comfy socks? 


For no-nonsense gifts that recipients will find extra handy, go for clothing basics in adaptable colors like black, gray, beige, or navy blue. They’ll thank you for giving them something they can use for multiple outfits of the day or something that they always need an extra of.

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Base Your Purchase on The Season

If you’re set on treating someone to a clothing-related gift, it would also be a good idea to choose an item suitable for the season. When gifting clothes, consider where the person lives. Is it usually very hot? Very cold?


For example, if your recipient’s birthday is in the summer months, you can gift them with a breezy kaftan that they can use during a beachside birthday bash. Conversely, you can give scarves or gloves during a white Christmas celebration.


The awesome thing about receiving a seasonal clothing gift is the ability to use it right away. Delight your gift recipient by giving them something timely for the season that will make their life easier and more comfortable. 

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Ask for Advice from People Who Have Similar Styles 

What if your gift recipient is into a certain fashion subculture? What if they’re a dedicated fan of a particular fashion trend, like athleisure? How do you go about buying something that they’ll appreciate (and that they may not already have several iterations of)?


It’s often tricky to shop for someone who has very set tastes, but if you’re up for the challenge, consider asking for help from someone who has similar preferences.


Try to think of someone you know, like a friend or family member, who dresses similarly to the gift recipient. They may be the best person to tell you about which brands to explore, or how to get clothing items with that aesthetic at reasonable prices.


Your gift may be all the more enjoyable to your recipient thanks to that person’s knowledge. Gifting clothes can feel incredibly thoughtful and intimate. 

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Buy Clothing That’s Easily Adjustable

One of the risks of gifting clothes is the chance that they won’t properly fit the recipient. As stated above, you can offset this risk by asking the recipient about their size and what fabrics they prefer.


But all the same, if you can’t be completely sure, go for clothing that will be easy to have adjusted at the tailor.


In general, it’s best to err on the side of too loose as opposed to too tight, or too long instead of too short. Your recipient can then simply have these items cut or fit to size.


To be of even greater help to them, you can recommend them to a good tailor or seamster, or even include a free gift card or voucher for such a service with your gift. Additionally, if you’re looking for something sustainable, check out our guide on shopping sustainably in 2022

gifting clothes, clothes

Buy a Clothing Gift That Hearkens to the Occasion

Lastly, if you want your clothing gift to be a hit with your recipient, customize it or buy an item that mirrors the meaning of the occasion.


What does this mean? If you’re gifting a set of pajama tops at a bridal shower, for example, choose a set that fits the color theme of the wedding. You can also call back to the bride’s love story with her partner by buying pajamas with a print that references their mutual interest.


Buying clothes for a pop culture fan? Get clothing items that celebrate their journey with their favorite book, TV show, or film franchise.


To a high school graduate who’s moving away from home, get clothing staples in their college or university colors so that they can show off their school pride.


These are just a few among many possibilities that will make gift-giving occasions more fun and meaningful for both the giver and the recipient.

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To Conclude 

In summary, when gifting clothes, take the person’s preferences into consideration, ask for help if you need to, and go for items that your recipient will truly enjoy and make good use of. That’s a secret to giving the most memorable clothing gifts!

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