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Sustainable Fashion Ideas That You Should Try in 2022

A few months from now, the world of fashion will come out with different sets of trends. But are these sustainable fashion trends?




Keeping up with what’s hot in fashion might look trendy. Influencers alike are going to get a lot of likes with their wardrobe changes on social media. Looks cool to imitate them, but that’s not helping the environment.


In fact, clothes aren’t easy to recycle because of the materials they’re made of. If you collect tons of clothes but don’t wear most of them, you might become part of the problem.


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It’s either they’re going to stay in your closet or end up as donations. There might be something you can still do to save some of them. What are you doing to be a part of sustainable fashion trends in 2022?


85 percent of clothes go to trash yearly, according to reports. That’s a considerable chunk of textile ending up in landfills. This is why it’s essential to switch to a more sustainable type of textile consumption.


That’s the only way to protect the environment against the harmful effects of wasteful fashion practices.


So how do you start getting into sustainable fashion? Here are some ideas you can try for yourself:


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Sustainable Fashion Trends to Look for In 2022

Look Posh in Repurposed Clothes


When we think about sustainable fashion, we think about reusing and frugal shopping. You might have a lot of clothes left unused inside your closet right?


Make them see the light of the day by repurposing them. Transform your old clothes and make them look trendy again.


There are a lot of videos on social media that show how easy it is to upcycle old clothes.


You can find tutorials on the internet about almost anything. From turning dresses into bodysuits to making rips on jeans, they’re all online.


That’s the beauty of the online community. You can get a lot of inspiration from people who promote upcycling clothes and be a part of the sustainable fashion trends movement, not part of the problem.


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Choose Consignment


One of the best bets for sustainable fashion trends is consignment! It used to be so hard to find the perfect clothes for you if you’re shopping for preloved ones. That’s the situation until the popularity of consignments for clothes has reached online.


In case you don’t know, consignments are stores that buy secondhand items for them to sell at a later time. If you purchased the item, they’d get a percentage of the sale. The rest goes to the person who sold them the item.


Consignment for clothes has become a source of secondhand designer fashion items. If you’re into signature brands, you might score some good ones in a consignment store.


And yes, they’re online so you can browse the items on your computer and have them delivered to you. This practice reduces the risk of having some clothes end up in the dumpsters.


Be fashionable and environmentally friendly at the same time by buying preloved clothes. This is the ultimate sustainable fashion trend for 2022.


sustainable fashion


Avoid Fast Fashion


The internet can be a source of inspirational practices in fashion and sustainability. However, it can also promote harmful trends that aren’t recommendable.


There are people on social media who like to do “fashion hauls.” They’d buy a bulk of clothes from the same brand and unbox them on camera. Most of these clothes come from fast fashion brands.


These brands have clothes that are notorious for having a poor quality that shows over time. This makes them unsustainable.


Not to mention the harmful textile wastes factories of these fast fashion brands produce. This is why it’s essential to know that you should not emulate everything you see fancy on the internet.


Avoiding these dangerous trends can save not just you but also the generations after you. And it keeps you in the sustainable fashion trends circle that cares for and protects the environment.


Wear Sustainable Accessories


Aside from clothing, accessories are a part of people’s fashion statements. Some manufacturers create items made from plastic and other harmful materials.


They might be small, but their collective impact on the environment can be damaging. To help reduce waste, you can start patronizing brands that are environmentally conscious.


Some brands sell plant-based accessories. There are also ones that make masks and hats from recycled fabrics. Durable silicone rings also look good and sleek compared to plastic ones.


Sustainable fashion eyewear is also trending now. These types of accessories are the ones you should start to wear.


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Stick with That One Tote Bag You Have


This is a gentle reminder about something you might have learned from the past but isn’t correct anymore. It was once known that tote bags are environmentally friendly, until today. 


Reports say that a cotton-tote bag crisis is happening because of overproduction. So if you have tote bags that you like bringing outside, just stick with them.


Stop buying another tote bag until yours isn’t usable anymore.


Final Thoughts 


Some people have been accustomed to trying new fashion trends every time the year changes. Maybe this coming year is the best time to try something new and bold. Supporting sustainable fashion should be the latest trend. If it isn’t yet, you can help promote it for a better future.

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