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Top 10 Best Summer Getaways For This Year’s Trip

With travel restrictions easing a bit and summer right around the corner, it is time to take a much-needed break from your monotonous life and go on a relaxing summer vacation. You need some summer getaways!


Whether it is about locating an ideal holiday destination amid the calming national parks and beautiful beaches for a perfect tan or walking your way through a few adventure parks, there are various fun summer getaways in and around the United States. 


Furthermore, visiting these summer getaways will help you get that perfect break from the scorching summer heat and create memories with your loved ones that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Without wasting more time, let us get straight to the top ten fun summer getaways that you can explore with your friends or family this season.


So, let’s get started, shall we?

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Top 10 Summer Getaways in the United States 

Savannah, Georgia

If you are searching for the perfect summer getaways to visit with your loved ones this summer, Savannah, Georgia, should always be on top of your list. Home to the biggest historic district in the country, there is so much you can do in Savannah.


Furthermore, you can always glimpse exquisite villas and historic cottages, churches, restaurants, shops, and 22 historic squares when in Savannah. It’s a fantastic one of our summer getaways. 


In the southern part of the city, you can explore Forsyth park, the largest and oldest park in Savannah. This park is the perfect place to chill, picnic, and make new friends.


Also, to make your summer getaways in Savannah more memorable, do not miss visiting the stunning Forsyth fountain at the north end of Forsyth Park. 


This fountain is an iconic place in Savannah and one of the most photographed spots in the city. Apart from that, one of the best parts about this historic Savannah city is that you can legally explore the town with any of your favorite alcoholic drinks here.


So get your drinks from the famous Wet Willie’s on River Street and embark on your sightseeing tour. 


With the exception of admiring the beauty of Forsyth Park, you can also cover a variety of Savannah ghost tours, as Savannah is renowned for being the most haunted city in the United States. Thus, it is the perfect place to ride around in style to some of the spookiest spots or hit an adults-only haunted bar crawl. 


You can also explore the hauntingly captivating Bonaventure cemetery in eastern Savannah or satisfy your taste buds by dining in some of the best restaurants in town.


Also, after dinner, do not miss to savor the most lip-smacking ice creams at Leopold’s that will always leave you wanting for more. 

summer getaways, louisville

Louisville, Kentucky

Besides the Bourbon Trail and the Kentucky Derby, Louisville is a hidden treasure worth exploring on your summer vacation. One of Kentucky’s largest cities, Louisville is an up-and-coming city ideal for a brief summer getaway, enchanted by Southern and Midwest culture.


There are numerous things to do in Louisville to keep you entertained if you want fun summer getaways with your family and friends. Furthermore, when in Louisville, you can plan a trip to museums like the Louisville Slugger Museum, explore downtown, or the tour free art museum in the 21c Museum Hotel. 


Additionally, Louisville is a perfect city for food lovers. Some of the favorite restaurants in Louisville town include Hammerheads, Mussel & Bourbon Bar, The Irish Rover, and The Eagle, situated in the Highlands area.


Moreover, the Highlands area remains home to Louisville’s finest nightlife that you can explore to grab a couple of drinks with your friends and family.


So if you are looking for an ideal vacation spot to unwind this summer, Louisville always makes an easy destination to drive to for a quick weekend getaway. It’s one of our top summer getaways! 

summer getaways, new york cityNew York City 

New York City is another one of our fun summer getaways to refresh your senses and get that much-needed break from everyday life.


Well-known for its towering skyscrapers, famous Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and other attractions, there is a lot you can explore when in the city. Once you reach and settle in here, take a stroll over to Times Square and enjoy this lively area’s electric, magnetic hue. 


Also, immerse yourself in the theatrical experience that New York has to offer. Finally, start your mornings with a delicious bagel from Ess-A-Bagel, and drive to Grand Central Terminal. The bagels alone put NYC on our list of summer getaways! 


Take in the spectacular exhibitions here before glimpsing the famous Bryant Park, New York Public Library, and eventually up Fifth Avenue. You can enjoy the delicious New York specialty at Lady M Confections and Takumi Taco during lunchtime. 


Once you are done satisfying your taste buds, visit Central Park, enjoy ample green space, and take pictures for your Instagram near Bethesda fountain before heading uptown to the MET and the Guggenheim Museum, followed by savoring some of the best lemon ricotta pancakes at Sarabeth’s.

summer getaways, las vegasLas Vegas

One of the most well-known cities in the United States, Las Vegas undoubtedly has something for everyone, making it ideal for summer getaways.


When visiting Vegas, there are myriad classic pursuits to partake in, including partying at famous clubs, gambling at casinos, and seeing live nighttime performances.


Apart from partying in Vegas, you can learn more about the history of this vibrant city and the renowned Las Vegas museum with an extraordinary collection of donated items. Furthermore, whether you bet or not, the themed casinos on the Strip are not to be missed as these are the main attractions there.


Also, if you are an art lover, do not miss visiting the famous Seven Magic Mountains, a public art facility on the outskirts of Vegas city. This is what truly makes it great for summer getaways. 

summer getaways, bostonBoston, Massachusetts

Next on our list of summer getaways is Boston. One of the most historic cities in the United States, Boston is another wonderful summer getaway you can explore with your friends and family.


Filled with stunning buildings and fine dine-in restaurants, Boston has everything to make you fall in love with this place. Also, when in Boston, you cannot miss taking a stroll at the Freedom Trail that drives 2.5 miles throughout the downtown city, encircling 16 Revolutionary War-era locations. 


Begin your summer vacation trip to Boston at the common Visitor’s Center and end near the North End, Boston’s Italian neighborhood. The North End is a fantastic spot to grab a delicious dinner.


Loaded with authentic Italian restaurants, you can delight your taste buds at Fiore and Trattoria Il Panino or head straight to Mike’s Pastry afterward for a cannoli. Sounds perfect for summer getaways!

summer getaways, austinAustin, Texas

Next on our list of summer getaways is Austin. If you always remain on the lookout for fun-filled outdoor activities, outstanding restaurants, and incredible nightlife, Austin is the place to be.


Austin is ideal for a romantic couples getaway, family summer vacation, girls’ getaway, bachelor/bachelorette party, or even a solo travel experience! The diverse art scene in Austin is ideal for going mural hunting! 


You can explore SoCo (South Congress Avenue) and street art downtown, so grab your camera and click some gram-worthy pictures of attractive murals.


Also, the most famous murals of the street art downtown say ‘I love you so much’, ‘Greetings from Austin’, and “You’re My Butter Half”. Furthermore, Austin is one of the few places to leave you feeling spoiled for food choices.


Between the impressive variety of food trucks to some of the finest BBQ locations in Texas, you can always fill your stomach and heart with delectable dishes here. You will always find your soul food at the Austin food truck, from Jamaican food to breakfast burritos, gourmet grilled cheese, and vegan dishes.


And you know the best part? It is an affordable choice for everyone.  


In addition to that, Austin is also famous as the live music capital of the world, which means you can enjoy the best nightlife here with your friends and family!


So during your family trips, do not forget to try out the famous Rainey Street or 6th Street for dancing, music, and more nightlife.


Before you leave Austin, never miss out on hiking up Mount Bonnell, where you can climb 106 stone steps to take you to the tallest point in Austin to glimpse the Colorado River. Likewise, Mount Bonnell is an ideal spot to witness the sunset or get a splendid view of the Austin skyline. 

summer getaways, philadelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

The first capital city of the United States, Philadelphia is well-known for its vibrant history. With its innovative museums and iconic historical monuments, the city of Brotherly Love is one of our top summer getaways you can explore this year.


Moreover, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is an iconic symbol of American freedom, situated in Independence National Historical Park within the Liberty Bell Center.


So when on vacation here, visit Independence Hall to witness where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were debated and signed. While there is no ticket fee here, you have to make a prior reservation to visit this place. 


After visiting the Independence National Historical Park, the run-up to the famous Rocky Steps in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum


. Next, get fascinated by the history of notorious criminals at the Eastern State Penitentiary and glimpse where Willie Sutton and Al Capone served time, which gives you an eerie and fascinating experience. 


Another enthralling place to visit in Philadelphia is the Benjamin Franklin Museum. You can explore the legacy of one of Philadelphia’s most prominent residents and learn about the lives of early Philadelphia citizens in Elfreth’s Alley.


Likewise, a hop-on-hop-off bus excursion is a fantastic way to get to know the town better and to have an effortless way to find all the prominent landmarks and attractions.

summer getaways, utahNatural Bridges, Utah

A fascinating and uncrowded summer vacation getaway, Natural Bridges National Monument in southeast Utah will mesmerize you with its scenic natural beauty. While this hidden gem may be smaller than Utah’s national parks, it will undoubtedly give you the most surreal sightseeing and vacation experience. 


The first place to visit the city is the famous Natural Bridges Visitor Center, where you can explore the lush park and learn more about its history through video presentations and exhibitions.


Moreover, the natural bridges in this visitor center developed hundreds of thousands of years ago as water rushed through the creek bed of the canyon, slowly deteriorating the softer rocks and forming the bridges. 


Once you are done glimpsing this famous Natural Bridges Visitor Center, you can head straight to the Bridge View Drive, a gorgeous nine-mile loop with several explorers to marvel at three natural bridges — Owachomo, Kachina, and Sipapu.


Moreover, the distinctive names of the bridges reminisce the history of this part of Utah, refreshing hiking trails lead to each bridge, and an almost 10-mile loop links all three.  


Likewise, if you want to camp at the Natural Bridges campground, you can spend some amazing nights with your loved ones stargazing.


Since there is little pollution in this area, you will be able to glimpse innumerable twinkling stars. So, all in all, this is the perfect summer vacation if you plan to be one with mother nature. We love these summer getaways! 

summer getaways, sanibel islandSanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Island in Florida is a peaceful and undisturbed summer vacation destination that you can explore with your friends and family.


Also, while this island is situated off the shore of southwest Florida near Fort Myers, that’s incredibly busy during the summer season, this island is surprisingly serene.


Also, if you do not already know, Sanibel is a remote island (running approximately 12 miles long) with no high-rises and traffic lights, making it feel even more peaceful. In addition, even when the Sanibel Island is small, there is no shortage of adventures on this island. 


You can unwind on the beach, watch the breathtaking sunset over the ocean, search for shells, explore the scenic beauty, tour local shops or glide through the water on a paddleboard or in a kayak.


Perhaps best of all, you can visit tons of quirky eateries that serve excellent food. So, if you are planning a long summer vacation, visit Sanibel in the summer. It’s one of our top summer getaways! 

summer getaways, joshua tree

Joshua Tree, California

Next on our list of summer getaways is Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree is an exciting summer vacation destination for art and nature enthusiasts alike. While most tourists come to this place to witness the lush National Park, there are many intriguing things to do near Joshua Tree. 


The small town of Joshua Tree is loaded with a surprising number of unexpected art facilities, quirky sculptures, and vintage treasures. Apart from this, the famous Crochet Museum is the best place you can explore when in town.


Situated downtown in an ancient Fotomat Kiosk, the Crochet Museum is a small shrine filled with crocheted creatures of every color, shape, and size. 


Moreover, the prominent Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Museum features 10 acres of outstanding sculptures produced from junked materials for promoting art on a mass scale.


While you’re in Joshua Tree town, explore the Joshua Tree Farmers Market to connect with the regional community. You can hit the nearby town of Sky Village and Yucca Valley, well-known for art and recycled treasures that are undoubtedly a sight to behold. 

summer getaways
Extra Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Below are some things to keep in mind while planning big summer getaways this year. If you’re yearning for more tips, check out our number one rule for summer traveling without stress


Try to remain flexible. The one thing that the global pandemic has taught everyone is flexibility. This learning rings especially accurate when it comes to planning your summer vacation.


Furthermore, if you plan to take a flight, there are odds that your flights may get canceled or rescheduled. Also, you must make sure to go with the flow to ensure you won’t be dissatisfied when plans need to change at the last moment.


In addition, there may also be changes due to ongoing COVID-19 regulations and testing. Thus, it is imperative to remain flexible and understand there are plenty of things out of our control.


Pick your plans wisely! Make a comprehensive list of attractions you want to visit or day trips you think would be amusing. Google can be your best friend here or – even better – if you know locals in the city or your friends or family members who have traveled to the destination before!


Planning your trip will keep you more composed, and you might also discover hidden gems that you wouldn’t necessarily find otherwise.


Don’t forget about eco-friendly sightseeing! Public transport is an excellent way to tour locally, but it can sometimes make it more challenging to maintain your distance.


So to steer clear of such issues, you can hire a bike that will help you explore the city like a local. Narrow cycle paths will take you away from the crowds and close to nature to make your trip more memorable.


So whether you’re flying across the globe or staying local, hiring bikes is an eco-friendly, affordable, and safe way to travel.

summer getawaysThe Bottom Line

While we have covered only the top picks, there are many other places you can explore in the United States for a fun summer vacation that you ought to tour on your next family vacation to get some blissful vibes!


So why wait? Pack your bags and plan a trip to these magical places with your family and friends to experience your own and find out what these summer getaways have in store for you!

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