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9 of the Most Mind-Boggling Hobbies From Around the World

Hobbies are what people do so others won’t see them as boring or anti-social. They can be fun-filled and adventurous. Most of our hobbies are shaped by our way of life, friends, area of interest, or just something we liked after seeing for the first time. However, there are some activities that can definitely be considered the worst hobbies ever. 


While some hobbies like traveling and dancing are quite popular, it’s not uncommon to see some weird hobbies that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Here we would have a quick run-through of some of the worst hobbies ever.


Bear in mind that what’s considered the “worst” could be “good” to another, and there’s also the possibility that it wouldn’t be weird in another country or place. But if you are ready to read about some extremely shocking hobbies, then let’s get right into it. 

worst hobbies ever, cows

Top 9 Worst Hobbies Ever

Animal Sound Mimicking 

Yes, we are starting our list of worst hobbies ever with this. Have you ever seen a cow “moo”? The sound can be strangely satisfying, and some people have taken this liking to new heights by actually trying to mimic those animals. 


This hobby, though strange, is so widely accepted that there’s actually a competitive mooing competition. You can find such competition in a country like England, for example.


There have also been some barking competitions in the past, where the winners get to receive cash prizes for this absolutely ridiculous hobby. Social media hasn’t particularly helped, as there have been various animal sound mimic challenges.


It’s no surprise that this makes our list of one of the worst hobbies ever. Continue reading to find some more mind-blowing hobbies!

worst hobbies ever, chemistry, periodic table, elementsElements Collecting 

The next on our worst hobbies ever list might seem interesting, yet strange at the same time. It involves collecting various elements in their solid or liquid form and storing them as a collection. A lot of people actually collect them to study them, but for others, it’s just a fancy collection that they can show off to friends.


Most people involved in this hobby use the periodic table to guide their search, and it can be quite entertaining if applied properly. The danger is that a handful of those involved in this has no idea about the chemical properties of those elements.


This could create a problem, especially if an element is not properly handled or stored. On the flip side, there have been stories of people that got pretty lucky with the element they were able to lay their hands on, as they manage to sell some of the rarer ones for a good profit. 

worst hobbies ever, bugs, ants, fighting

Insect Fighting

The next contender on our worst hobbies ever list is surprising. Insect fighting is a range of competitive sporting activities, commonly associated with gambling, in which insects are pitted against each other.


It’s quite popular with some cultures even referring to it as a sporting activity. While any insect can be used, the rhinoceros beetle is the most commonly used insect. 


As the name implies, beetle fighting is all about putting beetles up against one another in tight spaces. This worst hobby ever is quite common in Asia, with a huge following in Japan and Thailand. 


Interestingly, there are also a lot of people that actually make bets to know which beetle would win, they’ve got others who train these beetles to be worthy fighters. Some of these fights are usually recorded and have managed to make their way to popular streaming sites like YouTube. 


However, the modern world now prefers gambling with no cruelty. That’s why many people start turning their attention to different options of online gambling, which are more humane and more fun! 


So speaking about beetles fights and betting on them, here’s an epic slot game called Battle Beetle. The slot is the one you can find in different online casinos. It also gives an opportunity to play slots online for real money or for free.


Moreover, we think that online slots can turn the worst hobbies ever into the best. Online slots are more humane, more fun, and have more variety. They have different kinds of slots to bet on, including dogs, roosters, and bulls. 

worst hobbies ever, train tracks, trains, railroadTrainspotting 

At first, this may not seem like it belongs on our list of worst hobbies ever. Trainspotting is for people who actually find it interesting to watch and wait for trains. They don’t stop here but go as far as writing down the numbers of the train. 


These people actually note down different types of trains, track trains in specific locations, as well as even see the rolling stock from a specific company. There are a lot of people who actually enjoy this as a hobby.


This is on our list of worst hobbies ever as trains do not pass regularly in most cases. In order to take account of a significant number, one has to sit at that specific location for hours. This time could have been used for something more productive, like painting or reading

worst hobbies ever, coffin, death

Faking Your Death

People have been seen doing crazy things, but is there anything worse than trying to fake your own death? It’s no surprise that this hobby has made it onto our list of worst hobbies ever.


The strange thing about this is that those that engage in it actually see it as something fun and interesting. Where’s the fun or excitement in faking your own death? While faking one’s death is definitely top tier in any list of worst hobbies ever, some people have found it to work out in their favor.


There’s a man called Chuck Lamb, better known as the Dead Body Guy, who has made something positive from this worst hobby ever. This man’s dream was to become an actor, but surprisingly, became proficient at playing the role of a dead body. 

airplane, worst hobbies ever, sicknessCollecting In-flight Sick Bags

This might be the strangest, and grossest, idea on our list of worst hobbies ever. Why would anyone want to collect another person’s sick bag for fun? We aren’t sure, but it’s definitely a shocking hobby.


This hobby is very easy for people who love traveling by air and enjoy collecting sick bags from every flight they take. They don’t gain anything from collecting in-flight sick bags, they just do it for fun and even keep records of how many they’ve collected.


Can you believe that there are also online platforms where people buy and exchange sick bags just to increase their collection? We were just as shocked, so we put it on our list of worst hobbies ever. 

worst hobbies ever, dirtDirt Polishing

Dirt polishing is also called Hikaru Dorodango. The hobby is simply all about the technique of polishing mud. This mundane hobby is #7 on our list of worst hobbies ever.  


People who engage in this hobby collect a little ball of mud, draw out the moisture, and continuously polish it with fine sand to achieve a fine shiny smooth sphere of dirt. 


While it can be a creative outlet, what will the polished dirt be used for? This hobby could definitely be seen as both intriguing and strange. 

worst hobbies ever, forks

Fork Bending

The second to last on our list of worst hobbies ever is fork bending. Fork bending simply means bending a fork to form new shapes or objects.


Fork bending is somehow believed to have originated from magic shows where they use the mind to manipulate a spoon or fork. Another school of thought suggests that it was gotten from the Japanese act of using the smallest form of physical strength to bend a fork or spoon.


Nevertheless, wherever this hobby came from there are actually people who engage in it as a form of relaxation. They bend forks as a hobby, and it’s just as weird as it sounds.

worst hobbies ever, news reporterNews Raiding

The last hobby on our list of worst hobbies ever is news raiding. We just can’t wrap our heads around why would anyone want to raid a live news location just to have their faces appear in the news. Well as crazy as it sounds, there are people who have this as a hobby.


News raiding or news bombing is all about finding locations of live news reports and appearing in the background as bystanders. It has to be continuously done to be considered a hobby.


It has also regularly featured in televised sporting games, where fans try to enter the pitch so they would be televised worldwide. Some betting companies offer odds if fans would be able to beat the stewards and invade the pitch during a particular game. 

To Wrap Up Our List  

While there’s no general consensus on what makes a “good” hobby or a “bad” one, one can’t help but agree that some of the activities on this list of worst hobbies ever are as bad as they are shocking.


Some are just an outright waste of time, with no apparent benefits, and others are just a bad joke taken too far. Now that you know the world’s worst hobbies ever, take some time to check out our list of best hobbies to pass the time

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Satyne Julianna Doner is currently a sophomore studying business management in sunny Tampa, Florida. A born bibliophile, she spends most of her free time curled up in a fantasy book or writing her own. When she isn't studying, reading, or writing, she is an avid equestrian and staunch supporter of rehabilitating retired racehorses. She owns one horse, named Hurricane, who keeps her grounded in all her endeavors.

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