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When planning a bucket-list-worthy vacation, it can be exhausting when trying to find the top travel destinations in the world. Each traveler has a different purpose for traveling. Some want to indulge in the cuisine; some want to soak up the sun, while many want to immerse themselves in the culture. 


No matter what your reason for traveling is, here are 6 of the top travel destinations in the world that are sure to tick more than a few boxes. 

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Top 6 Must-See Travel Destinations In The World

The Grand Canyon

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, The Grand Canyon should be on your list of top travel destinations in the world. Something that surprises most visitors is that it is even bigger than you can imagine, and in fact, no photo can really do it justice.


So when you add this to your bucket list of top travel destinations in the world, you should be prepared to be blown away by just how expansive the Grand Canyon really is. 


The Grand Canyon is believed to have formed between 5 and 6 million years ago, and the Colorado River flows through it. If you like to hike, then there are many hiking trails that start at the South Rim.


You can even stay nearby since there are plenty of log-cabin-style properties. If you’re looking to travel within the United States, this is definitely a top travel destination in the world.

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Las Vegas

Additionally, you can start in Las Vegas and head to The Grand Canyon or do it the other way around. It is about a two and half hours drive between the two and is second on our list of top travel destinations in the world.


If you have ever played at an online casino, heading to Las Vegas can bring this to life in a whole new way. But it is not just the plethora of stunning world-famous casinos that are ready to keep you entertained when you arrive in Las Vegas. 


The hotels themselves are packed with things to do, spas, top-class restaurants, and more entertainment than you can possibly fit in. 


If you’re a foodie, Las Vegas is one of the top travel destinations in the world. No matter what type of food you want to eat, from a hot grease-dripping juicy burger to a high-class award-winning Italian dish, you can find it here.


Traveling with children? Many of the restaurants are family-friendly too, so if you’re taking the children along, you’ll be accommodated. 


At night, when the sun goes down, and the lights come on, there are bars, clubs, and plenty of live entertainment. But if you are more of a daytime person, there are plenty of places to shop ‘til you drop, sightseeing and you can take a tour to see as much as you can. 


These are just a few of the reasons why Las Vegas is one of the top travel destinations in the world. 

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New Zealand

New Zealand is another one of the top travel destinations in the world. Have you ever watched a movie with stunning scenery and wondered – where is that filmed? Most of the time, it will be Ireland or New Zealand. The Lord of The Rings, one of the most famous movies, was filmed here. 


You’ll most likely start in Auckland – but from there you can enjoy some of the NZ cultures in museums and historic buildings. For those who love water sports, head to Waitemata Harbour, and you’ll be greeted by plenty of boats. 


New Zealand has lots to enjoy, from the history and museums and epic scenery. It’s definitely a must-see location to add to your bucket list, and one of the top travel destinations in the world!

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Hong Kong

Fourth on our list of top travel destinations in the world is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is packed with skyscraper buildings, and from the outside, it might look like it is all business. 


But the longer you stay and the more you explore, the deeper you will get into the heart of what makes Hong Kong incredible. Here is where Chinese culture meets modern-day, fusing the old and the new. 


Hong Kong is known as a shopper’s paradise, but there is more to do than just stock up on designer items. 


Hong Kong is one of the top travel destinations in the world because it feels like a multicultural melting-pot. It is a unique combination of temples and drinking coffee in a skyscraper. 


And, if you didn’t get the chance to perfect your Chinese before you go, many people speak English thanks to the rise of online TEFL courses, which can be such a helpful advantage! 


Of course, while you are there, you should get dim sum at every opportunity, and if you like seafood, try that too! 

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Cartagena, Columbia

Cartegena is bright, colorful, and brimming with things to do! It has rags to riches story and was only founded in 1533. Over the last few years, it has experienced more tourism and become more popular. 


The 16th-century buildings have been restored, and the city feels refreshed. You’ll still get to enjoy all of the original architecture, but with a fresh feel to it. 


The streets are narrow but packed with shops, restaurants, and historic hotels. You’ll most likely come away with a full tummy and a new piece of art. 


It has a Caribbean climate, making it ideal for those who like it a little warmer – and the internationally recognized symbol of the city is the Afro-Colombian women in bright dresses selling fruit. 


The pastel-colored buildings present the perfect backdrop for a million photos that are so picturesque you won’t know where to snap first. This is truly what makes it one of the top travel destinations in the world. 

top travel destinations, italy, rome

Rome, Italy

If you’ve never been to Rome, then it will feel like you have stepped into a living museum. It is steeped in history, and the monuments and buildings are a sight to behold.


Even just a few days here will give you enough time to book tickets to all of the must-see places


The outskirts of Rome are equally beautiful too. The tomb-lined section of the Appian Way, the aqueduct ruins, and the Roman superhighway are breathtaking. 


To truly eat like a local at this top travel destination, stray away from the bigger crowds, and look for a restaurant with locals chatting on the terras. Concerning food, Rome is one of the top travel destinations in the world. 


Opt for the traditional Rigatoni Carbonara or the Bucantini Amatriciana. If you find a stall offering Suppli, and there is a queue, you know it’s the best.


We recommend joining the queue and ordering a Suppli. It is a meat, rice, and mozzarella mix, deep-fried and crunchy. Not to mention delicious! 

Have You Added Onto Your Bucket List Yet? 

At the Fairytale Traveler, we understand how difficult picking the top travel destinations in the world can be. Whether you picked Rome or Las Vegas for your dream travel bucket list, we are confident you will come away feeling happy with your choice. 


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