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2021 Christmas trends

2021 Christmas Trends for All Decorating Styles

If you think the best part of Christmas is the preparation, you’ll love discovering all these new 2021 Christmas trends to inspire you. Especially since Christmas 2021 is shaping up to be a big one, from the tree to the table to the gifts to the home, and don’t forget the colors.


2021 Christmas trends are ideal for a maximalist, made of audacity, even a touch of decadence. We multiply the colors, flashy or traditional, the patterns that we mix and match.


When it comes to gifts too, we’re going all out. A health crisis has caused us to want to pamper our loved ones because family is our refuge in adversity. And for the meal, we prepare a festive table.


These trends are also accompanied by a desire for sustainable and local consumption.




2021 Christmas trends


2021 Christmas Trends for Decorating 


From classics to novelties, sometimes surprising, the 2021 Christmas trends for decorating are mostly based on the need to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the end of the year.


This guide will cover 2021 Christmas trends for decor, color, trees, food, and gifts so, read on!


What are some 2021 Christmas trends for decor?

Dried Fruit Garlands


Easy to make, economical, and fun. Dried fruit garlands are at the top of 2021 Christmas trends.


Tip: personalize the dried fruit garland with small decorative accessories like a pretty string and other nature-inspired elements.


Why it’s trending: Christmas 2020 was limited due to containment. So it makes sense to see the growing popularity of all the Christmas decorations to do as a family, as an activity that brings people together.


Personalized Decoration


Nothing like a 100% unique decoration to celebrate Christmas this year. We dare to leave the traditions to create a personalized decoration, with objects to recover or accessories that are not necessarily stamped Christmas.


Tip: take inspiration from the latest decorating trends and take the time to imagine your decor as an extension of your tastes, styles, and desires.


Why it’s trendy: we play the card of emotion, homemade and decoration that will please the whole family.


2021 Christmas trends


Retro & Nostalgic Decoration


Retro is making a comeback and it’s coming in strong as one of the most popular 2021 Christmas trends, with a touch of nostalgia.


Tip: retro and nostalgic decor can also be quirky and original.


Why it’s trendy: retro and nostalgic don’t mean sad; this trend will certainly surprise your guests.


Cheap Decoration (French vibes)


Spending a fortune on decorating the house for Christmas no longer seems to be the priority of the French, who prefer to invest in the party and the reception of guests, or even gifts to please.


As such, 2021 Christmas trends are leaning towards cheap decoration, without falling into the cheap for all that.


Tip: start by going around your house to note all the objects you can use for Christmas decorations this year.


Why it’s trendy: cheap decoration doesn’t mean cheap; with little, you can make very stylish decorations.


Recycled Decoration


What to let go and be creative. Recycled Christmas decorations have nothing to envy the decoration of Christmas stores.


Tip: there are hundreds of DIY ideas; check out some guides or essays on online paper writing service to make Christmas decorations. If this is your first Christmas decorating with homemade items, start with simple ideas.


Why it’s trendy: this trend is part of the approach to limit purchases and make your own, with things you already have or can salvage.


Gourmet Decorating


The temporary gourmet decoration is becoming more prominent with 2021 Christmas trends: Christmas ornaments to taste, edible place cards, garlands to eat.


Tip: gourmet decoration is both trendy and economical!


Why it’s trendy: we surprise our guests by offering them small gourmet table gifts that they can enjoy on the spot or take away.


Advent Calendars


This is probably the biggest of the 2021 Christmas trends: advent calendars are becoming more original and decorative!


Tip: make your advent calendar a fun and playful activity with your kids as Christmas approaches.


Why it’s trendy: the advent calendar tradition, stylish and modern version, there are plenty of ideas to patiently wait for the big day and get into the Christmas spirit in 2021.


Christmas Lighting


The garland is a great classic, but it is now available in many trendy models to illuminate your interior and exterior for Christmas 2021. What if the key to a warm Christmas decoration was the lighting?


Tip: string lights can be reused throughout the year to decorate your home.


Why it’s trendy: the light has this incredible power to transform rooms into warm spaces, perfect for getting into the Christmas mood.


Natural and Sustainable Decorating


The natural decorating trend is not new for Christmas 2021, but it is increasingly accompanied by a desire to be sustainable, especially in materials.


Tip: Use what you already have, recycle, transform, imagine and give yourself the freedom to create!


Why it’s trendy: each at his own pace, we are becoming more and more aware of the choice of materials and the origin of our decoration, even for holidays like Christmas.


Trendy and Cozy Decorations


We want to create a cozy and comfortable cocoon, even more so during the holidays. What could be better than a feel-good decoration for Christmas 2021 trends?


Tip: play with rounded shapes and comforting materials (natural and soft).


Why it’s trendy: the cozy decor is perfect for winter; for Christmas 2021, we’re going all out for wrapping.


2021 Christmas trends


What are the colors for 2021 Christmas trends?


From unexpectedly flashy to deeper and more sober colors and even monochrome. The fashionable colors for Christmas do not follow any rules.


Playful Colors


Flashy or pastel. The colors of 2021 Christmas trends are certainly not classic red! We dare everything that tends not to make you think of Christmas precisely.


Tip: which trendy colors inspire you the most? Dare! Unlike painting your living room walls, Christmas decorations are temporary, lasting only a few months.


Why it’s trendy: we dare to explore unexpected colors to surprise and get out of the sobriety of decoration.


Fruity Colors


Shades reminiscent of blackberries, vines, or even plums. Natural decorating is also a top trend for Christmas colors in 2021.


Tip: these colors can be intense, so don’t forget to provide good lighting with Christmas lights.


Why it’s trendy: the tendency is changing for Christmas color!


Gold and Silver Accents


A trend that has been following Christmas decorating for a few years now, gold and silver accents bring that chic, refined feel to your home for the holidays.


Tip: this trend can also be found in your Christmas table decoration through accessories and tableware.


Why it’s trendy: a trend that immediately brings a very refined look to your Christmas decoration.


One Color, Many Variations


This is the monochrome decorating trend, becoming increasingly popular for 2021 Christmas trends. The main color declined through the Christmas decoration in several shades.


Tip: afraid to adopt the monochrome trend? Dare! Even gray can be very chic, and if you think the decoration is too sad, add a few touches of color through accessories or lights.


Why it’s trendy: because of its very chic and refined look!


2021 Christmas trends


What are the trends for Christmas trees in 2021?


Dress the tree from head to toe, or replace it with an original, do-it-yourself alternative? The popular 2021 Christmas trends for the tree is to get creative.


Christmas Tree Skirts


If you opt for an authentic traditional Christmas tree in 2021, garlands and stars are not the only accessories to personalize and decorate. The tree skirt is becoming more and more trendy in 2021.


Tip: don’t forget to use a stable and solid tree base before dressing it in a skirt.


Why it’s trendy: we dress the tree from head to toe, the skirts on sale are more and more stylish, original, and decorative, but nothing prevents you from making it yourself.


Alternative Trees


Europe seems to get tired of the traditional Christmas tree. Ecological awareness is also part of the decision. Do you want to get rid of a tree after only a few months of use? The choice is personal, and ideas for alternative trees are becoming trendy, making your own or buying online.


Tip: make your own alternative Christmas tree with things you already have, books, jars, pallets, or even photos to hang on the wall with masking tape. Also, check out some Christmas tree ideas for small spaces.


Why it’s trendy: alternative trees are also part of the do-it-yourself approach with recycled objects.


2021 Christmas trends


What are the gift trends for Christmas 2021?


This year, the tendency to offer local and sustainable products is still growing for Christmas gifts. For 2021, we also enjoy experiences with family or friends, rather than giving objects that we get tired of much faster. This is also a trend for last-minute gifts.


Experience Gifts


After months and months of (un)confinement, we are looking to enjoy time with our loved ones. What better way to celebrate the end of the year than with experiences? An invitation, a workshop, a little trip. The ideas are numerous.


Tip: an experience can also be the organization of a workshop at home, precisely to make the Christmas decorations altogether.


Why it’s trendy: the vital need to get together and spend time together through activities that encourage us to be creative and share.


Local Gifts


Giving local gifts allows you to support the merchants in your neighborhood and finance the businesses you wish to help. In addition to being trendy for Christmas 2021, a responsible and ecological approach is pretty clever!


Tip: Finding some local websites or Instagram accounts is also an excellent way to support small local designers.


Why it’s trendy: people support local merchants, especially after the difficult months of the health crisis, and put their money at the disposal of companies that share the same values.


Sustainable Cards and Packaging to Reuse


What surrounds the gift is now almost more important than the gift itself! More and more care is being taken to make a neat package with a nice card. But the big trend for Christmas 2021 is to use sustainable, reusable packaging and cards.


Tip: discover the many tutorials on Youtube to make a sustainable and trendy gift wrap.


Why it’s trendy: no more paper to wrap your Christmas present; in 2021, we will replace it with a lovely fabric that will be used many times.


2021 Christmas trends


What are the trendy ideas for the Christmas table in 2021?


The most trendy decoration for the Christmas table in 2021 is the one that emphasizes personalization and small attentions for the guests.


A Personalized Christmas Table


The pleasure of entertaining is not limited to the meal served to the guests. The decoration and especially the personalization of the Christmas table plays a significant role in getting in the Christmas mood in 2021.


Tip: bet on small accessories that you can easily reuse; the sustainable decor is also trendy!


Why it’s trendy: little touches count a lot, and your guests will more and more appreciate them.


In Closing


2021 Christmas trends are proving to be about frugal extravagance, sustainability, and color. So, unpack those bins, take a step back, and see how you can tie in what you already have to the above guide. Make memories, be colorful, and personalize everything! Happy Holidays!

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