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4 Types of Travel Visas to Live in Spain for Your Next Adventure

Travel Visas to Live In Spain

Spain has become one of the most popular destinations in which to start a new life.


The excellent weather, the safety of its streets, the cuisine, its coasts, and the culture of its cities make it a great country with a high life expectancy.


That’s why many people opt to live in this country, but do you know about travel visas to Live in Spain?


If you’re thinking about moving, you should know that there are various options to choose from – bearing in mind that there are a few minimum requirements you’ll need to meet to proceed with your application.


At My Spain Visa, we can help you through the entire process of requesting your visa. We, therefore, advise that you read on to discover the different types of visas on offer to help you fulfill your dream of living in Spain legally.

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Travel Visas to Live in Spain

Spanish non-lucrative visa

The Spanish non-lucrative visa is a type of residency permit for non-EU citizens. Through this, they request travel visas to live in Spain for a prolonged period.


The non-lucrative visa is a non-profit visa, meaning that the holder cannot carry out any economic or professional activities in their new destination country.


In any case, they will need to prove that they have the financial means to live in Spain for a year without working.


This visa may be renewed after a year’s stay in Spain and once again for a further two years each time – giving a total of five years’ stay.


After this, the holder can request permanent residence and may even bring family members with them, as long as they can prove they have the financial means to look after them.

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Spanish golden visa


How do you get Spanish citizenship through investment?

The Spanish golden visa is a permit that allows you, as well as your family, to live and work in Spain without the need to return to your country of origin; what’s more, you can also travel to other countries within the Schengen area.


The Spanish golden visa is for all non-EU citizens. Its purpose is to allow people to obtain legal residency in Spain and start a new life within this European country.

Valencia Spain

Spanish freelance visa

The Spanish freelance visa is a residency permit that will allow you to work legally in Spanish and reside in the country for a year. In other words, it will enable the holder of the travel visas to live in Spain.


If you want to open a business in Spain, you’ll need your documentation organized and legally reside in the country.


Similarly, if you’re looking for work, you’ll need a visa of this type to avoid any possible problems.


What’s for sure is that any of these visas can be an excellent option for you to start your new life in Spain.


In any case, to carry out all the formalities and make it official, we recommend our law firm, My Spain Visa – where you’ll find the very best professionals in the sector.


If you’re looking for advice and want to have someone carry out the entire process for you, we are the solution.


Also, if you are looking for a job, it is convenient to have a visa to avoid possible problems.


Keep in mind that the immigration situation in Spain is increasingly complex. Therefore, it is essential to have an official visa to avoid any legal complications in the country.


Whether you do not have a job or want to look for a new one, opting for a visa of this type is essential to have more chances of regularizing your situation in Spain.

Educational Things to do in Spain, Travel Visas to Live in Spain

Schengen​ Visa and Agreement

In addition to the visas we have just mentioned, you should know that there are other travel visas to live in Spain.


The Schengen visa is a short-term visa, maximum 90 days, designed for three months for those who visit the country. You may have to go to Spain to live temporarily and, in these cases, this visa is the most indicated.


It is commonly known by the name “Schengen Visa” because it is a type of document that adopts the name of a treaty signed by some European countries. This agreement is currently in force since 1995 and includes these countries:

  •       Germany
  •       Austria
  •       Belgium
  •       Denmark
  •       Slovenia
  •       Spain
  •       Estonia
  •       Finland
  •       France
  •       Greece
  •       Netherlands
  •       Hungary
  •       Iceland
  •       Italy
  •       Latvia
  •       Liechtenstein
  •       Lithuania
  •       Luxembourg
  •       Malta
  •       Norway
  •       Poland
  •       Portugal
  •       Czech Republic
  •       Slovak Republic
  •       Sweden
  •       Switzerland


This agreement allows citizens residing in these countries to travel freely between them, with a visa that will enable them to stay in the territory for 90 days. In addition, it also aims to ensure security, immigration and eliminate borders between these countries that are some of the most important of the European Union.


We hope this information on travel visas to live in Spain has helped make your plans to move easier. We hope you truly enjoy your time in Spain!

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