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Easy Puppy Checklist And Dog Name Tips

So, you have considered all of your choices and selected the companion that’s best for your family. Congratulations! Before you do anything else, make sure you check everything off our easy puppy checklist, and of course, pick a dog name for your new best friend. 


With this new puppy checklist and tips for picking dog names, you’ll be off to a great start!


puppy, new puppy checklist


New Puppy Checklist


There are many things to consider if you are a first-time puppy owner. Let this puppy checklist take the guesswork out of being a new dog owner so you can focus more on capturing their cutest moments.


Do Research


Before getting your first dog, thoroughly research every aspect, including food, habitats, toys, and more. This is especially important if you have a rare breed.


Choosing a Breed


There are many breeds to choose from, so researching all the breeds is necessary before getting your first fluffy companion.


Foods for Your Puppy


High-quality foods are not cheap, so set a budget for their food and know and get accustomed to their food habits. Also, be sure to read the reviews online before you buy. 


There are some food items that are toxic for dogs, like alcohol and apple seeds. So do your research on what things you should not give to your dog.


Get Vaccinations and Neutering/Spaying 


Timely vaccination can save your dogs from getting risky diseases. Also, neutering or spaying your dog is essential if you do not want a lot of fur babies.


Figure Out Potty Training


After getting the pup, potty training is important so that they do not mess up your whole house with poop. There are many methods of potty training a dog. Find one that’s right for you and your furry friend.


Choose the Right Toys


Getting your pups some toys is a great approach. Dogs love playing with toys. Though sometimes they chew them and destroy them, they get happy doing it.


Dealing with Unwanted Behavior


Some dogs might have unwanted behavior, so consulting with a veterinarian is recommended.


Crating (When Traveling)


Train your dog to use a crate beforehand so that you do not have issues while traveling. And if you travel with your dog frequently, get a proper travel crate for dogs.


Hire a Dog Sitter


Referrals are the most effective method of finding a reputable dog sitter. Ask your family members and friends if they can suggest someone or if they have hired someone before.


Pick a Name


If you use the tips and insight below when naming your pup, you’re sure to find something right and true!


golden puppies, dog name
Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels 


Some Insight On Dog Names


Probably the most important thing on your new puppy checklist is picking out a name. Naming a dog is much more enjoyable than naming a child. When you have a kid, you know that the person who receives your name will be evaluated for years to come by classmates, interviewers, and dates.


However, the stakes are smaller when dealing with a dog. Whatever you select as a dog name, everyone will think it is adorable.


So, you can as well push it to the limits and choose an unusual name. After all, you are not looking for every dog in the park to answer your call.


If you are confused about puppy names, an animal name generator can solve this problem. The procedure is very easy.


Depending on the generator, you will just need to choose your dog’s sex and perhaps tick a box for some of their characteristics. Then, a list of possible ideal puppy names will load.


In addition, certain dog name generators allow you to choose the list of dog names. They can be inspired by a book, a famous historical character, food, or even comic characters. 


With all the fictional characters and historical people, you have complete creative control to create the prettiest and the wittiest name. These adorable names will thrill your friends and family and will bring a smile to your face whenever you call your dog’s name.


Now that you have a handle on naming your new friend, it’s time to explore our new puppy checklist and you’ll be well on your way to dog parenthood!


Happy Dog in the car, driving with a dog, dog names


Dog Naming Tips

Name Appeal


Choose a dog name that is really appealing to you. Because you will be using it often, you should appreciate the sound.


Syllables Matter


Choose a one or two-syllable name. Longer names can be confusing for your dog to comprehend and a bother to repeat. Allow your dog a few days to adjust to the new name and observe your dog’s reaction.


A Name is Not a Command


Choose a name that does not sound like a command you want to teach your dog. It would be difficult to teach “Fletch” to fetch, for example.


Be Easy, No Embarrassing Names


Avoid giving your dog an unpleasant or humiliating name. It includes possible racial or cultural slurs, general insults, vulgar slang phrases, and anything else that contains a curse word. 


You do not want to nickname your dog “Poopface” in front of the whole neighborhood, do you? What would your veterinarian refer to your dog if you nickname him “Poopface”?


Keep it Simple


Choose a simple name such as “Mr. Fluffy” unless you want to use a longer name like “Fluff Prince of Jotunheim.” Avoid altering an adult dog’s name if the dog is already familiar with it.


Similar Sounding (If You Rescued)


If you must change the name, pick one similar to the current one. But we suggest not to do so. 


Choosing the best dog collars


Examples of Unique Names






Avocado (Avo)



Hairy Potter

Fluff Lord








Bark Twain

Furlock Holmes

Winston Furchill

Linkin Bark

Fluffy Yoda


If the puppy’s name does not sound like a command, they will have an easier time learning and obeying. Similarly, the name should not be amusing.


Dogs are very perceptive and sensitive. They are capable of identifying and comprehending a person’s mood and the emotions expressed in speech, regardless of whether the words are said by the master, family members, or an outsider.


You can also pick a dog collar and engrave their names on it.


In Closing 


Choosing a dog name and getting your new friend all set up is not as hard as it seems. With this new puppy checklist and all the dog name tips above, you will be dog parenting like a boss in no time.


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