Best Way to Travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai for a Day Tour

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is considered one of the richest and most beautiful cities in the world. It is a city filled with lots of sightseeing areas which attract thousands of tourist each day from all over the world. It’s also common for many tourists to group nearby cities in their trips. With that in mind, we’re going to share with you the best way to travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai and how to make an awesome day trip out of it.


Abu Dhabi is approximately one hour and 50 minutes away from Dubai via Sheikh Zayed Road. That’s not a bad trip, especially with the use of private chauffeurs. In fact, many of Dubai’s regular residences visit Abu Dhabi on Friday or Saturday with their family and friends as a way to spend their off days with fun and joy as well as to relax. The fact is, Abu Dhabi warmly welcomes visitors and offers great entertainment opportunities for people of all ages.


Places to visit in Dubai, Al Fahidi district


Best Way to Travel to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Day Tour from Dubai


Are you planning to spend your days off or holidays having a grand adventure? Then visit Abu Dhabi and explore the top tourist attractions in the city.


If you are wondering how to explore Abu Dhabi from Dubai with ease while also staying on a tight budget, then book a private Abu Dhabi city tour with tour guides from Dubai-based tour operator companies. That way you can sit back in your tour bus, relax, and let the driver get you to the top tourist attractions within Abu Dhabi city.


Some tour operators have their own default Abu Dhabi tour itinerary while some companies offer customized tours. So if you are familiar with Abu Dhabi, then the best option is to prepare your own itinerary and hand it over to the tour guide at pickup time. The driver will use your itinerary to take you to your desired destinations accordingly.


best way to travel to abu dhabi


Best Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi on a Day Tour


Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE and the government has always been focused on the tourism sector. The tourism department is very activate and continuously struggling to boost tourism by developing new entertainment and leisure places such as parks, resorts, cinemas, beaches, etc…. 


There are lots of leisure and tourist destinations which cannot possibly be covered in one day. However, a one day Abu Dhabi city tour can cover the top eight tourist attractions found there:


  1. Ferrari World
  2. Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi
  3. Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi
  4. Heritage Village
  5. Dates Markets
  6. Abu Dhabi Beach
  7. Iranian Market
  8. Abu Dhabi Mall


As with any foreign travel, be sure to familiarize yourself with the customs and expectations of the areas you are planning to visit. For your own safety, make sure you know what you can and cannot do.


best way to travel to abu dhabi

Dubai to Abu Dhabi Transfer Options

Travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is easy enough as there are many transport options available. A few of the best Dubai to Abu Dhabi transfer options are highlighted below which you can consider before heading to Abu Dhabi. Just choose the best transport option according to your group size and budget and needs.



Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Private Vehicle


Hiring a private vehicle is probably the most reliable and best way to travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai if you are with a big group or have a big family with kids.


The private van or bus with chauffeur will be reserved for your group only and you can go anywhere within Abu Dhabi city without the worry of a taxi meter counting down since the transport companies offer these services on daily basis rental.


It’s important to know that the day time limit of renting a private vehicle with a driver is a maximum of 10 hours. If you exceed the 10 hours, then they will charge overtime. But since it is not a big city and most tourist attractions are located near each other, 10 hours is more than enough to explore the best tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi.


The cost of hiring a private vehicle for an Abu Dhabi tour is slightly costly compared other transport options but it’s more reliable, hassle free, and customizable.


Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Taxi


Taking a taxi is the most economic and best way to travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai if you are traveling with less than four people in your group and you only want to visit one or two places max. For example, you may only need to go for a meeting or want to meet friends and family for a short visit in Abu Dhabi.


The taxi takes around one hour and 50 minutes to reach the Abu Dhabi main city areas from Dubai and the taxi fare is approximately 200 AED ($55) one way.


Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Intercity Bus


Riding the intercity buses is the cheapest and best way to travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai for those who travel to Abu Dhabi daily, such as for work. The public transport bus fare is 30 AED (about $8) one way per person and it takes up to three hours to reach Abu Dhabi that way.


The negative point of these buses is that you might need to wait for up to 20 minutes in a bus station until a bus departure time. Also, these buses cannot drop you at your doorstep, so you will need to get off at the nearest bus station and go to your office or other destination either by walking or taking a local taxi.


As you plan your UAE trip, keep in mind that the best way to travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai depends on your travel group and purpose. If you can fit a one day tour of Abu Dhabi into your itinerary, then you should definitely include it!

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