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The Best Jobs for Travelers This Decade

People who telecommute have not always been looked upon favorably, but jobs for travelers have continued to grow anyway. And, the current global health concerns have awakened many people to the value of remote work and virtual conferencing.


While we may be living through a veritable nightmare right now, as time goes on and we come out of this phase, we are likely to see an era of remote careers that will embolden a whole new generation of traveling workers. 


There’s no rule that says you have to spend your whole life working out of an office. In fact, more and more high earners are finding that they can do their jobs while traveling around the country or world. 


There are already lots of jobs for travelers. Some of these are careers that are more ideal than other job options. 


computer, programming, coding, web design


Jobs for Travelers – Best Options Currently Available

Programming, Coding, and Web Development


Programming, coding, and web development are all used interchangeably for careers that involve using a programming language or code to design a user experience online.


It’s an industry that has risen exponentially since the early 2000s and continues to grow as the internet becomes the dominant prism through which we experience modern life. 


By 2028, the field is expected to grow by another 13 percent which means the addition of tens of thousands of new jobs. It’s an ideal career for travelers since it can be done remotely.


Many people are recognizing the value of learning to use programming languages, whether for their own graphic design projects or freelance side hustle jobs. 


Web development has traditionally been frustrating for beginners, but newer curriculums that teach coding for adults offer better learning support and higher success rates. This makes it a more viable option among the list of jobs for travelers.


SEO, jobs for travelers


Social Media Management, Copywriting, and SEO


Usually, you wouldn’t group these three together because they are very different (though they can overlap), but for our purposes here, their similarities are more important.


Specifically, these can all be very lucrative jobs that you can perform flawlessly while on the road or traveling, and the only core requirements are a computer and internet access. 


Social media management can involve producing and organizing a company’s or client’s posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Platforms like Hootsuite allow you to synchronize your social media messages across multiple social media sites at once.


Because of the growth of social media in advertising and marketing campaigns, freelance social media directors can earn a highly competitive salary. 


The same goes for SEO account managers who help their clients optimize web content and rank higher in page results on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


Copywriting is also included in these campaigns, as link building and strategic blog posts help with both SEO and social media success.


Granted, all of these tasks require that you have a strong internet connection. Usually, whatever hotel, motel, or Airbnb rental you’re staying at will come with free wi-fi, but the quality is not guaranteed. 


As a result, it’s important to know in advance if the location you want to travel to is one that will support your ability to work efficiently and on time.


After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to research online or submit assignments when your mobile “hotspot” keeps dropping out.


There are scores of new jobs in the social media sphere, as well as SEO. And copywriting has consistent work. Your employer or client may occasionally want to do a Zoom chat or remote conference (another reason why you need reliable wi-fi), but chances are, they will not require you to come into an office – especially during current health concerns.


safety measures for kids with cellphones




Consulting jobs are competitive but, once you land them, they can last for years and provide a stable income for a relatively small amount of labor.


Consulting jobs are available in pretty much every major industry – financial, advertising, legal, medical, etc. If you’re an expert in a certain field or niche and have a strong resume and portfolio to prove it, you can start building a client base as a consultant. 


In 2020, management consulting has been one of the top freelance careers. However, there are many other high-paying consultant jobs available, including marketing, associate consulting, HR consulting, technology consulting, investment consulting, etc.


The list of consulting jobs for travelers goes on and on. Basically, any industry that routinely grosses a billion or more a year will have a steady stream of consultants.


While consulting requirements will vary widely between different businesses and clients, it’s not a typical job – meaning, you’re rarely required to go to an office every day and clock in.


Especially considering current global conditions, the vast majority of consultation work is done remotely via virtual conferencing. Consultants are therefore free to travel all they want, so long as they retain communication channels and a steady internet connection.


With so many varied jobs for travelers currently available, the option of becoming a digital nomad is more viable for a larger number of people. And these job opportunities will most likely continue to rise. Maybe now is the time to follow your dream of traveling while you work.

Carissa Shuman

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