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Cities To See When Visiting Sicily

If you are interested in traveling to an Italian Island which is both an exotic and exciting place for couples, friends, and individual travelers as well, try visiting Sicily. This place is full of destinations and ancient landmarks.


There many archaeological sites as well as popular beaches, islets, and archipelagos to explore. In addition to its rich history, Sicily tends to have a mildly pleasant climate and atmosphere, which makes it an interesting place to visit.


Also if you are from another country and planning a drive then you need to get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) from the International Driver’s Association.


You can find amazing cuisine in Sicily, followed by an exciting and vibrant nightlife. There are private villas across the island which make a great place to retire to after a long day of adventuring.


Now, you just need a few tips on some of Sicily’s top spots.


Noto, Sicily, Italy


Visiting Sicily – 3 Must-see Cities



Noto is one of the eight amazing towns that give Sicily its charm. It is located in the south-eastern part of the island. There are a lot of popular tourist attractions there due to its long and exciting history which, of course, includes plenty of architectural attractions.


In fact, many consider Noto to have the best samples of Sicilian architecture. A prime example is the Cathedral of San Nicolo. This impressive structure is an amazingly beautiful place.


Another excellent example of the breath-taking architecture in Noto is the Arco di Trionfo, also known as the Royal Gate. It marks the beginning of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele in the eastern part of the city. 


The Corso Vittorio Emanuele is a tree-lined thoroughfare perfect for a long stroll amidst modern shops and historic churches. Indeed, it is a place full of artistic aura. 


The Arco di Trionfo is a triumphal archway meant to be a symbol of the strength of the city. It has a tower on each side of the arch designed in the neoclassical style by Horace Angelica.


One of the churches you can see on the Corso Vittorio Emanuele is the Church of San Francesco d’Assisi all’Immacolata (the Church of Sait Francis of Assisi Immaculate). If ascending the dramatic staircase at the entryway isn’t enough to impress you, the interior definitely will.


Inside the Church of San Francesco d’Assisi all’Immacolata there are original 16th century Virgin Mary and Child paintings and a wooden carving of the Immaculate Virgin sculpted by Antonio Monachello.


Another holy place of interest is Noto Cathedral, which is popular with fans of both classical and baroque architectural design. Along the bottom of the facade, there are eight columns with Corinthian capitals framing the entryway. 


You can also visit the Palazzo Ducezio, (now the town hall for Noto) located in the Piazza Municipio, Noto’s main square. The Palazzo Ducezio is designed with arcades at ground level and Rennaisance-style windows lining the upper level.


If gawking at the intricate architecture while visiting Sicily isn’t your favorite thing or you just want a change of pace, then check out Lido di Noto. This beach is the perfect place to book a private villa for a relaxing break.


syracuse, sicily, italy
Image by Anna Vicentini from Pixabay




This beautiful and stunning town is also found in the south-east corner of Sicily. Syracuse can be split into two areas which can each be toured individually.


Ortigia Island, known as the old town of Syracuse, boasts several ancient Greek temples. Their historical significance has led Ortigia to be included on the UNESCO’s heritage list.


The city has become a mixture of cultures and architectural styles but hasn’t lost the magnificence of its past. It is best viewed by walking along the streets.


Across the bridges, back on the main island of Sicily, Syracuse is home to more Greek monuments as well as the Archaeological Park Neapolis, where you can find both a Roman amphitheater and a Greek theater.


The Greek theater in Syracuse is the largest one in Sicily. Formerly, this was the center of the political and cultural life of the ancients; today hosts several events and performances.


Another place of interest in Syracuse is the Catacombs of St. John. These catacombs are inclusive in the complex which consists of Basilica and the Crypt of San Marciano.


The Catacombs of St. John also consists of underground passages and tunnels, gravels, chapels, and other ancient accessories to the place. It tends to be a great place for those who desire an atmosphere of mystery. 


Ragusa, Italy




Ragusa is one of the most alluring towns you can see when visiting Sicily. The view it has from the upper town and the hilltop is out of this world. In fact, Ragusa tends to be a favorite place for principal filming locations due to the beautiful scenery and views.


Ragusa is located within the Monti Iblei, which is a high ground area. This area is surrounded and divided by dry stone walls as well as incised with ravines.


One of the best sights there is the Castello di Donnafugata, which is a pseudo-Venetian Gothic countryside villa. Another similar villa in this seaside village, the Marina di Ragusa, has amazing views of the sea.


Like Syracuse, Ragusa is divided into two parts, the older one and the newer one. The older part of Ragusa is known as Ragusa Ibla and the newer part is the Ragusa Superiore.


Ragusa is also a place full of historic sites. For instance, the church of Santa Maria Della Scala was built in Norman times. After the 17th century earthquake that devastated Sicily, it was rebuilt.


There is a very beautiful valley in Ragusa that has several wonderful monuments, including the Church of Anime del Purgatorio, the Church of Santa Maria dell’ Itria as well as several palazzos.


Ragusa has various impressive and wonderful views that enhance the beauty of the place as well as attract tourists to visit.


For further information about the places in Sicily, as well as for booking a private villa in the surrounding, contact the travel agency Select Sicily for a full-blown experience


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