Tours in Italy To See it All, From the Alps to the Sicilian Sea

Tours in Italy have a lot to offer from the North to the South, from the Alps to the Sicilian sea. The most characteristic places of the Bel Paese between culture and nature, art and architecture. The reasons that lead us to affirm that Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world are many. Spending a holiday in Italy turns into an extraordinary experience.


Tours in Italy


The thesis is supported by the possibility of enjoying a cultural, historical and landscape heritage that has no equal in any other part of the globe. Italy boasts the highest presence of places included in the UNESCO’s heritage list and a territory with a variety of fashionable landscape and nature. The country stands from North to South, from the Alps to the sea of ​​Sicily, passing through the beautiful art cities, between archaeological sites, natural beauties and valuable architectural proposals, all located in a strip of land of just over 1000 kilometers.




The choice between short routes, weekends or long vacations


In Italy the proposals on where to go on holiday are many, and each will take you to discover corners of unprecedented beauty. You have to consider how much time you have available to be able to choose the appropriate tour among short itineraries, weekends or long vacation periods. You can enjoy unforgettable moments like the one-day tour to the Cinque Terre, the guided tour of the center of Milan and then go to the Lake of Como, Bellagio, and Varenna, or schedule the discovery in a whole day of the main attractions of Venice.


In a vacation package such as those offered by ItalyXP it is possible to aggregate a holiday tour in a week which includes Venice, Milan, Florence, and Rome, but also a less demanding itinerary that guarantees the opportunity to visit Pompeii in an afternoon and day after being at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.


San Gimignano, Italy, tours in italy


The most popular tours to discover Italy


The geographical conformation of Italy and the fact that the surface is not so extensive allow you to organize tours that include the main attractions of the Bel Paese by visiting in a few days a wide selection of locations.


Among the most popular tours to discover Italy, you cannot miss the experience of Rome, as a starting point, to then reach and visit Assisi, Florence, Bologna, and Venice, relying on the proven expertise of sector professionals.


Starting again from Rome in 11 days it is possible to explore Tuscany and appreciate the valuable historical and regional food and wine traditions, and then go as far as Bologna, Padova and arrive in the lagoon in Venice. Once back in Rome you can head for southern, integrating the tour with a visit to Naples and Sorrento.

For people who love the sea, without renouncing the beauty of the area, the perfect solution is the one that allows you to see Sicily, closely followed by Capri and the discovery of the jewels of Campania, starting from the extraordinary views of the Amalfi coast. 


In 9 days, with departure from Rome and relative visit of the city, you can opt for the itinerary that includes the historic cities with interesting stops in Milan, Venice, Florence and a visit to Siena, Sirmione, Verona, Padua, Ferrara, Perugia, and Assisi. In travel experiences can not miss the food and wine tours, which allow you to appreciate the area and the valuable fruits of the earth and the kitchen.

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