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Pet Friendly Places in Canton Georgia

What To Expect From Professional Dog-Friendly Cottages

Dogs are naturally playful creatures. This, as well as their loyalty, makes them a favorite companion among many people. All dog owners know how hard it is to leave their furry friends behind whenever they go on vacation, which is why many are now going to professional dog-friendly cottages.


Leaving your dog to neighbors or family members is a hard decision to make. The great news is, with the availability of dog-friendly cottages, you and your pet can spend some time together even when on vacation.


A recent study found that over a third of UK people surveyed said they preferred taking their pets with them on holiday. Dog-friendly cottages or lodges offer a great way for you to travel with your dog.


One important thing to note before making a trip to a dog-friendly destination is that the word ‘friendly’ is often wrongly used in such places. What you and Fido find upon arrival may be totally different from what you had in mind.


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Professional Dog-Friendly Cottages – Five Things To Expect

A Collar ID Tag


There is no telling where your pet may end up in an extensive stretch of land. It may be easy finding them when they wander off in the neighborhood while at home, but how about in the unfamiliar confines of a dog chalet?


Professional dog-friendly cottages know this and see your precious furry one as more than just another number in the crowd.


Most cottages provide a local name tag that has all the relevant cottage information on it. Some of this information includes contact details and the name of the facility.


Many facility owners even make you a copy of the tag and allow you to have the other for the next time you stop by.


professional dog-friendly cottages, dog treats


Doggie Welcome Packs


Canines embrace a new environment differently. Some sniff around while others are hesitant to step out and explore. Whichever the reaction, a welcome pack is an excellent way to ensure a dog that it is in safe hands.


Ordinarily, welcome packs comprise a dog bowl and three doggie treats. However, many professional dog-friendly cottages also offer a dog ball and a doggie neckerchief.


Though it is a kind gesture, always find out what the treats are. They may not go well with your dog’s system or may not fit with its regular dietary regime. The last thing you want on vacation is a bloated dog.


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Washing Facilities


Dog-walking is one of the things you should be able to do in any legitimate dog-friendly destination. After a nice walk in the woods or open land, your pet will probably have muddy paws when you both arrive at the cottage.


A number of dog-friendly cottages provide towels specifically for wiping mud off. More professional lodges have equipment for splashing dirt away, such as a hosepipe or outside tap.


This is one of those things you should inquire about before booking a particular cottage, as it may come in handy later on.


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The Small Print


Every dog-friendly cottage has its rules and regulations. The difference between a professional cottage and an ordinary chalet is expert dog-friendly cottages ensure you read their terms and conditions before you can sign on the dotted line.


What type of dog do you have? Does your dog react well to changes in routine? How do they behave around strangers? This is the main factor to put into consideration if you want a stress-free holiday.


By signing the papers without reading the fine print carefully, you may have to pay for accidental damages or end your vacation early to take your dog home.


professional dog-friendly cottages with fenced yards or gardens


A Secure Garden


When you go to preview a dog-friendly cottage, you will want to scan the inner parts of the cottage, but don’t forget that you need to check out the outside surroundings too.


Even if the lodge has all the amenities and friendly staff, that will not do much good if Rover has to stay locked in due to unsafe conditions outside.


Professional dog-friendly cottages should at least have a secure garden. The safety bit comes most into consideration if a grazing field surrounds the garden for cows or other livestock.


It is also essential to question the state of security if the garden has fences to leap, small but dangerous creatures like porcupines, lakes or ponds to fall in, or, worse, cliffs to fall off.


An ideal dog-friendly chalet is positioned in a strategic area with sufficient space for your dog to play around.


If it has a garden, check if all the plants are safe just in case your little companion gets hungry or a little naughty.


Professional dog-friendly cottages have trained staff who work around the clock to ensure that your pet is safe and your vacation is a success. If all these checkboxes are ticked, then you are in the right place. Go for it!

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