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5 Awesome Travel Experiences to Have With Your Dog

Are you planning on traveling with your dog? While they are not only absolute lords, but they’ll also help push you in the direction of a healthier lifestyle as well.


They’ll eventually force you to have to exercise a bit more as well as spend a lot more of your time outdoors in the fresh air. In fact, they can actually prove to be good for your heart and can get you to naturally socialize more.


Truth is, people love dogs and that’s a science. Now, traveling with your dog can sometimes be an even better experience. Below are 5 things to try and experience with your dog when you travel together.


Camping on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Kia Niro


Things to Do When You’re Traveling With Your Dog


Backpacking With Your Dog


Just like people, dogs also love to take a break from it all. A backpacking trip is something your dog can really enjoy, however, you’ll need to plan ahead.


Hitting the trail with your dog without some kind of fitness conditioning or training can be detrimental to the health of your dog. You can’t get fitness overnight, so remember to begin the process way before the trip.


Oh, and don’t forget to carry for your dog enough water.


Dog Parks


These are designated locations that allow dogs to roam freely and is fast becoming a commonality in most cities across the globe.


Most have safety signs with park rules posted on them, are securely fenced and require you to clean the mess your dog makes.


Dogs that are naturally social love meeting other new dog friends. They also like coming back to see those new friends time and again.


Furthermore, they might not be the only one that gets to make a new friend. You yourself just might make a new friend as well.


Kayaking With Your Dog


Have you ever thought of whether you can kayak with your dog? Well, guess what? You definitely can. We know our furry friends make great companions when on dry land, however, they kind of can do the same even on water too.


Many people have started taking their dogs out kayaking with them. Of course, it takes a lot more than just placing them on board and shipping out.


It takes a lot of training and preparation. There are many websites where they ranked the 8 best kayaks for dogs. Make some time and check a few out.


Flyball With Dogs


Flyball is basically relay racing that will require your dog to race over around 4 hurdles, catch a ball (a tennis ball for that matter) that’s been released via a spring-loaded launcher and once they catch it they race right back over all the hurdles once more.


Frisbee With Your Dog


Most dogs love playing Frisbee. It’s something most of them are widely known to enjoy. The ones that love to play this game either do it purely for competition or pleasure.


Another good thing is that it also happens to be quite inexpensive and can be done in literally any location you travel to that has some little open spaces.


Keep Your Dog Calm


It’s always a good idea to choose supplements that keep your dog calm. Traveling, new places and vehicles can be stressful for a pet. 




Traveling with your dog can be an awesome thing for both you and your dog. Your dog will always love the time spent with you and the more of that it gets, the happier it generally becomes. Take a trip and give both you and your dog a well-deserved treat. If you love reading about pets, be sure to subscribe so you can get all of my pet related articles to your inbox!


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