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9 Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

There are some features that can be useful to increase your profile and get more followers on Instagram as well as reach more people who might be interested in your posts.


Actions such as organizing the feed, editing the bio and highlights, or using strategic hashtags and marking the location on posts can make your account more attractive and make your publications stand out on the platform.


Here are nine tips that can help you get likes and get free Instagram followers, which will make you more noticeable on Instagram.


Instagram Hashtags
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Get More Followers On Instagram Using These Tips

Insert Hashtags in Photo Captions


Using hashtags about the elements that appear in the photo can make your post be found by people interested in this type of publication. Thus, the search for terms would become likes and new followers for your profile.


Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post, but the idea is to use a few in the caption, and only those that really have to do with your photo.


For this, it is important to know which tags related to your photos are most sought by users. Currently, there are some tools that help you find the best words for post hashtags.


Choose the Best Time to Post


Although Instagram uses algorithms to display specific content according to the profile of users, each account has an ideal peak time to publish its photos.


It is at this time that followers are most active and most people can view your photo, which can result in more interactions.


It is possible to find the best time to post using the Insights tool, available on company accounts on Instagram, or with external applications, such as UNUM.


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Post Beautiful Photos to be Displayed in the Explore Tab


The Explore section shows photos and videos that may be of interest to each user, according to their behavior on the social network. Instagram’s algorithms understand what each person likes and only show publications considered interesting.


In order for your posts to appear on that tab, you need to interact with accounts similar to yours (and, preferably, those with high engagement) and use geolocation in your posts.


In addition, it is important to publish good quality photos, so that people feel interested in opening your publication when they access the wall. Recently, the Explore section was redesigned to show more and more specific posts for each user’s taste.


Mark the Location Where the Photo Was Taken


It is important to mark the location where the photo was taken in all your posts, be it a city, country, or establishments, such as restaurants, museums, and hotels.


This way, when a user searches for that location in the Instagram search, your photo will be displayed among the results, giving potential followers access to it.


If your location is not registered on Instagram, you can create a new location to include the tag.


free Instagram followers

free Instagram followers

free Instagram followers


Use a Good App to Get Followers

You can find some apps that can help you get followers. However, some apps use robots to do this. It is dangerous and your Instagram account might be banned if you use a robot.


GetInsta is a great app that helps you get free Instagram followers, and the most important part is that all the followers are real Instagram users. With GentInsta, you can get followers and likes free of charge.



Using GetInsta is easy. Sign up for a GetInsta account, add your Instagram account to it, and choose a task to earn “coins” and get followers or likes.


You can earn coins by following and liking other Instagram users’ accounts and posts. Then, you can publish your tasks to get followers and likes with the coins you’ve earned.


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My Instagram page @heroesandunicorns made with A Color Story


Organize the Feed


The practice of organizing the photos in the feed is very common among celebrities, personalities, and digital influencers.


In these cases, the page can have the same color tone in all the photos, maintain a different aesthetic pattern for every three figures, present a mosaic, or complement each other.


Some tools help the average user to easily create an organized feed, with effects such as Lightroom presets and the combined edges of the UNUM app.


Other applications allow you to create a feed plan, being able to preview how the profile will look after publication, and issuing alerts with the times to post the images.


Edit Your Bio with More Information


One of the first pieces of information that the visitor will see on your profile is your biography. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it updated with complete information.


To create a personalized bio, the user can change the font, special emojis, links, and mark other profiles. It is also possible to create a centralized bio, to draw even more attention from the visitor.


Instagram Highlights, phone


Use Highlights to “Present” the Account


Instagram Highlights can be organized and used to present your account, separating each Stories item with different themes from the profile.


With this feature, in addition to showing your old stories, the user can also gain followers interested in video content. To make the profile even more harmonized, it is possible to customize the covers of the Highlights using custom icons.


Follow Famous Accounts


When you follow the accounts of famous people with many followers, like Selena Gomez or Beyoncé, for example, your profile will be displayed in the list of people who follow that personality, giving more visibility to your account.


In this way, fans of that celebrity can see your account and see that you share common interests. It is also important to make a habit of interacting with these accounts, enjoying and commenting on your photos.


Although this might seem like a lot to do to get more followers on Instagram, it’s really not. Just take it one tip at a time.

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