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The history of Europe is rich with fantasy and accounts that borrow from both truth and fiction. As such, there are many eerie and unusual locations in Europe that you can explore.


The elements of the supernatural and the fantastic were part of literature for centuries and with the passing of time, they have also become part of the popular culture, including music and cinema.


While many travelers visit Europe to experience sites that they have seen in textbooks and documentaries throughout their lives, some are interested in diving into the more haunting and dark side.


If you are looking to see some of the more frightening attractions, here are a few of the most unusual and eerie places to visit in Europe, locations that will be sure to leave you with a lasting impression. 


eerie and unusual locations in Europe



Eerie And Unusual Locations In Europe To Explore



If you love to research the lore behind famous castles and take a tour through history, Romania is truly one of the best locations on earth. The legend of Dracula was born here, and there are many castles and medieval structures that are still standing today.


Outside of these sites, there is a lot to keep you occupied when you visit this wondrous country. Whether you are looking for art, history, food, or a show, many guides include excellent attractions you can enjoy to make the most of your stay


To start, Bran Castle is perhaps the most famous castle in Romania. It’s known worldwide as the residence of Dracula. With regard to the alleged connections to the Romanian royal family as well, the castle is truly the place where legend and history meet, and it is a captivating sight for many visitors to the country.


There are many more to see around Romania, most being absolutely stunning with an eerie facade. Other popular castles include Corvin Castle, named one of the spookiest places in the world by Lonely Planet, and Peles Castle, a more modern and ornate structure.


After you get your fill of castles, you can check out Hoia-Baciu Forest, if you dare. Locals will tell you that it is one of the most haunted places in the world, so much so that it has been dubbed “The Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania.”


Here, stories of UFOs, ghosts, malfunctioning electronics, and voices calling out are common. Make no mistake, this location is not for the faint of heart.   


Crooked Forest, Poland, Europe




Poland is often overlooked by travelers interested in fantastical locations, but you will not be disappointed if you venture here. To begin, Poland has a naturally occurring phenomenon known as Krzywy Las or The Crooked Forest.


This area contains several hundred trees that grow in a natural J shape. It’s fascinating as researchers have been unable to explain it, and the result is this eerie section of land that is enveloped by a larger forest with trees that grow normally. 


In macabre fashion, Poland is also home to Kaplica Czaszek, or The Skull Chapel. While the outside of the chapel looks ordinary enough, the inside is covered with skulls and bones over the entirety of the walls and ceiling.


This location is the mass grave site for many people that died during several wars, as well as from plagues and illness.


Another popular location in Poland is the Wieliczka Salt Mine. When you visit this World Heritage Site, it truly feels otherworldly and is nothing like what you have ever experienced before.


It was one of the world’s oldest salt mines and it continuously produced until 2007. What makes it a must-see destination is that the workers of the mine essentially carved a “city” in it.


Entire chapels and sculptures were created, as well as a winding labyrinth of passageways. If that is not enough, traveling through the countryside in Poland will be a treat in itself with the gorgeous rolling hills and mountains that are reminiscent of medieval times. 



eerie and unusual location in Europe




Travelers who are interested in unusual and outright frightening places in Europe know that France cannot be missed. Paris may be called the “City of Love” but historians know it as a place filled with elements of horror and supernatural activity.


Most famously, Paris is home to the Catacombs, one of the largest graveyards on earth that is the final resting place of over six million people, and actually runs beneath the streets of the city.


Along the walls everywhere are skulls and bones, and the entire structure is one dark winding maze of chambers and walkways. What could be more horror worthy than that? 


Staying true to its reputation, Paris is also home to The Museum of Vampires, France’s creepiest museum. Here you will find all sorts of oddities from vampire protection kits to mummified cats.


Across France, there are many more eerie and outright haunted locations to explore. If you read up on the history of this country, you will find many legends, some that date back decades or even centuries. 


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