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Lake Hillier, Australia, weird places in the world

Weirdest Places in the World You Didn’t Know About

If you are ready to go on your next travel adventure, you should look to visit these weird places in the world.


Traveling is one of the best ways you can experience new cultures, marvel at the beauty of the world, and find out more about the strangest places to visit. It’s also the perfect way to explore the weird places on Earth as a traveler.


But, before you pack your bags and run to the airport, you must first find out and know which these strange places on Earth are. And in this post, I’ll walk through a list of some of the most mysterious places on Earth.


weird places in the world, blood falls
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Check Out These Weird Places in the World

Blood Falls, Antarctica


Water from these falls is red, thereby covering the surrounding ice. They were first discovered by geologist Griffith Taylor in 1911, and he thought that red algae caused the coloration of water into the red.


But, the red color is as a result of oxidized iron in the water, coming into contact with oxygen like rust, thereby you have the Blood Falls of Antarctica being created. Water in the falls comes from the Taylor Glacier and onto Lake Bonney.


These unusual waterfalls can only be reached and seen from the air using a helicopter.


pamukkale, turkey, weird places in the world


Pamukkale, Turkey


This is a major tourist attraction in the country and popularly known as “cotton castle” by the locals. Here you’ll see white limestone walls that were formed by calcium-rich water, flowing from the springs. This leads to pools being created.


You can take a dip in this mineral-rich water. They are well-known for their healing properties or health benefits where people with high blood pressure, eye, and skin disease come for a swim or dip.


You not only get to experience this place but it’s near the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis, which was a spa city. You get to see and admire some of the most amazing places in Turkey.


Roopkund Mystery Lake, weird places in the world
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Roopkund Skeleton Lake, India


This glacier lake in India is famous for its numerous or many human skeletons that are found at the edge. The skeletons are thought to be around 300. Such a high number of skeletons in one place made many to believe that they were Japanese soldiers during World War 2 that died of extreme weather.


But this was disputed because the skeletons were 1200 years old. But the more accepted tale or truth is that they were pilgrims who tragically died of killer hailstorms. These hail storms were huge the size of rocks because the skeletons had evidence of fractures on the skull.


Also, you can only see the skeletons when the ice melts in summers because it’s mostly frozen or covered in snow for the rest of the year.


Richat Structure, Mauritania Africa
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The Richat Structure, Mauritania


It is commonly referred to as the Eye of Africa or Eye of the Sahara. It’s still considered a mystery because it was only discovered once humans started going to space. It is a rock formation that’s in a circular format and generally blue when seen from space.


But some theories explain that an asteroid or meteorite hit that part of Africa forming the Richat Structure. But the more accepted theory is that it’s the result of erosions of a volcanic dome for over thousands of years.


Although some people do believe that it’s the ancient city of Atlantis that Plato described in his writings.


Thor's Well, Oregon
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Thor’s Well, Oregon USA


It’s usually referred to as the drainpipe of the Pacific Ocean. It is 20 feet in depth large natural hole in the rock bed along Cape Perpetua in Siuslaw National Forest.


It always seems like it’s swallowing the Pacific Ocean.


Water from the ocean fills it up and then shoots out, creating a fountain. You can witness for yourself how the water fills and shoots in high tide, but it’s advisable to keep a distance.


But at low tide, it’s less dangerous and violent. This place attracts photographers and tourists alike, trying to get a glimpse or picture this sinkhole.


Lake Hillier, Australia, weird places in the world
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Lake Hillier, Australia


The pink lake of Australia was discovered by Matthew Flinders in 1802. But the reason for its pink color is because of microorganisms that are living or surviving in this salty lake.


But its remoteness and location on an island in Western Australia make it only reachable by air.


You can, therefore, take good aerial photos. If you get the opportunity to land on the island, don’t drink its water, although the pink lake might seem like melted ice cream. But you can swim in it, and you’ll have some great photos.


mount roraima
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Mount Roraima, South America


It looks like a tabletop and mostly referred to as the floating island plateau. It covers and borders Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil, but 75% of it can be found in Venezuela.


It is about 1,300 feet high and home to various wildlife and vegetation.


The life here is one of the rarest flora and fauna which can be only found on this mountain. The indigenous people have always viewed Mount Roraima sacred, and to scientists, it’s a mountain with a unique ecosystem.


If you are to climb the mountain using the Venezuelan side, it is a bit easier compared to the Brazilian and Guyana side, which will require real skill to climb.


 Some of these places have inspired movies, films, and books. They are some of the best places travelers dream of visiting and exploring.


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Therefore, get your travel bag ready and discover these weird places in the world.

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