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Things You Should Know for a Successful First Relationship

“Finally, it happened to me! I have a real serious relationship! And, in truth, it… drives me crazy.” This is an exceptionally truthful thought that inevitably arises in the head of everyone who is beginning their first romantic relationship. But do not be afraid!


We get so nervous when starting a new relationship, especially if we’ve never been in one before. Social media and friends can make relationships seem like a game of deceit, where one has to outsmart their partner to stay ahead.


But nothing could be further from the truth, especially with healthy relationships. Things like respect and excellent communication make relationships tick, which is why Japanese brides are renowned for having long marriages.


So if you are getting into your first relationship, don’t get swayed by the challenges you have heard many relationships face; just believe in the power of love. 


Love is an amazing feeling! However, there are some important things you should know to make the first relationship successful.


first relationship


First Relationship

Everything is fine, even if you are not madly in love.


Do you have the idea that you can only enter into a relationship if your feelings have reached a degree of burning passion? Get rid of that idea!


Instead, ask yourself if you feel interested and easy together. Are you okay with this person? Do you enjoy spending a lot of time together? Do you want to know this person better?


If you find yourself answering “yes” to these questions, that’s excellent! This is a healthy relationship. You do not have to lose your head to be with someone. Look at things simpler.


If something goes wrong, you will feel it. In the meantime, take delight in the relationship you have.


first relationship


Do Not Think About How Long it Will Last


Live the present! All good things come to an end some time, and not all romantic relationships last forever. And this is normal.


Do not think about how you will live happily ever after until death do you part. If you do, you will miss the most important part of the relationship, the magic of the moment, the enchantment of the minute, and life itself.


Go to the cinema, eat pizza, blowing dandelions into each other’s face, and enjoy a loved one!


There are so many joyful affairs for every age, especially things to do when you are retired and bored.


first relationship


Make Your Dates Fun and Unusual Not Stressful


No, you should not come up with an exact plan for a date each time. Just try to relax and swim along the waves of your mood. Listen to yourself and do not be afraid to seem stupid, ridiculous, or funny.


Also, do not hesitate to take the initiative into your hands. It is better to take a walk around the city than wasting two hours watching a movie that neither of you like.


first relationship


Do Not Start a Relationship Just Because Someone Puts Pressure On You


There is a guy who likes you. All your friends are in relationships. Mom always says that she already had a gentleman at your age. If you are going to start dating someone just for such reasons, stop.


Nothing good will come of it. And, most likely, the relationship will end with emptiness and pain. Always focus only on what you feel.


woman, confident


Be Confident in Yourself Don’t Be Afraid to Show Weakness


Self-confidence looks very attractive, even if you just pretend. But do not be afraid to open your heart to a person you love. Otherwise, you will never be able to become close to someone.


first relationship


Healthy Relationships Show Vulnerability


You should not spend 24 hours a day, every day with your partner. This is one of the most important tips on how to build a successful first relationship. You should not think that you need to be together with a loved one here, there, and everywhere. Seriously!


It is normal if you go to a movie without a partner. At the same time, you should not run to the other extreme either. You should not constantly think that you are foisting yourself on the loved one.


If your beloved invites you to go somewhere together, it speaks about the desire to be and spend time with you.


friends, women


Do Not Forget About Your Friends


They were with you before your relationship started. And they remain there for you in case it ends. Of course, all you want now is to spend more time with a loved one. But remember our advice, do not forget about your friends.


After all, if they left you, how would you feel?




Do Not Panic Over Trifles


And indeed, take it easy! Do not fall into panic only because a loved one does not answer your message for a long time. Or, in case the partner did not take your hand in the tram. Stop sweating because of stupid little things.


This is not a reason for concern at all. Life is beautiful! Take time to enjoy getting to know someone you care about and work with them to achieve what you both agree is a successful first relationship.

Christa Thompson

Christa Thompson is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Fairytale Traveler. She started traveling the world in 2003 when she attended a summer abroad study at the University of Cambridge in England. Since then, her wanderlust has been fierce. Her three passions in life are her son, traveling, and being creative. The Fairytale Traveler brand gives Christa the opportunity to do all of these things and to live intentionally every day. "It's never too late to believe in what you love and to pursue your dreams." -Christa Thompson

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